Sampler Packs - RoMa Craft Intemperance Sampler (4 Pack)
Low quality
Smoked two out of the four in the sampler. Both were plugged, and one had burn issues as well. I dont recommend.

Sampler Packs - Mystery Cigar September 2023 (5 Pack)
I got the Padron!
I do like the concept of variety, where I dont have to pick, so I went for this sampler. Didn't smoke any of the cigars yet, but I got the 1 in 10 Padron! Very excited

Sampler Packs - Starter Pack (5 Pack)
Solid sampler, good value
This is a good and varied sampler, ordered it more than once.

Sampler Packs - Perdomo Connecticut (4 Pack)
Amazing sampler
You can argue about flavors, but the construction on those Perdomos is impeccable - holds well, draws super well, produces a lot of smoke. Regarding the flavors, I find them mellow but not weak - it has enough kick to drink with a beer or a low proof whisky. The Lot 23 is my favorite, but the other ones are also good, each stick holds for 2 episodes of your favorite show.

Oliva - Serie V Double Robusto
Awesome stick
This is a great smoke. Very good construction, amazing flavors. Shaved off half a star because wasnt enough smoke to my taste. Except for that very ggod.

E.P. Carrillo - New Wave Connecticut Stellas
This is an awesome smoke. It's not big, and not too strong, but it's very flavorful for it's strength and produces a lot of creamy smoke. I recommend.

H. Upmann - 1844 Reserve Aperitifs (6 Pack)
Good flavor, unacceptable construction
It's 11pm, and I'm writing this because out of the 3 cigars I've tried so far, all 3 were plugged. The price does not justify the effort of unplugging them, and so I must say, sadly, this was a waste of money for me. Gave 2 stars instead of 1 because the flavor indeed is great, but it's hard to get these going.

Southern Draw - Peccadilloes (4 Pack)
Southern Plugs
Punched one, was plugged on cold draw. Punched another one, was sort of okay on cold draw, but un-smokable when lit.

La Palina - Fuego Verde Robusto
A pleasant surprise
Was my first candela, got it as a part of sampler. The construction was great, good draw and a lot of smoke. Didnt know what to expect flavor wise, but was surprised for the good. Its grassy, not in a bad way and also a bit sweet. Id say its flavorful but not strong. I'll definitely get back to it.

Southern Draw - Rose of Sharon Perfecto
Ordered one of those to check out the brand. Construction was bad. Burned very uneven, at some points had bad draw. Unacceptable for a 12$ stick. Would try again but the flavor was flat and isn't worth the risk.

Oliva - Serie V Melanio No. 4
Very good smoke
Ordered one of these to see what all the fuss is about with the Melanio V series. The construction is good, the flavor is great. A bit strong for me, and a bit expensive too. A solid smoke though.

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