Arango - Balkan Supreme
Rich, creamy smoke that is comforting and down right good from start to finish.

Low Country - Natural Virginia & Oriental
Subtle & Sweet, nice caramel aftertaste
A subtle sweet Virginia blend, with just a hint of spice from the Oriental. After 12 months of aging the flavor improved, thus making a perfect simple, smoke for the spring and summer seasons. The aftertaste is lovely and for the price point, don’t overlook this blend, bargain.

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus
Warm Salted Pretzel
Smells and tastes like a warm salted pretzel straight out of the tin, which is not bad but not great either. I’m going to pass and allow others to enjoy.

Cornell & Diehl - Tuggle Hall
Old English, Truth
A superb burley and latakia forward English blend, well balanced.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #25 Mixture
Mild English, top quality
A very nice well balanced blend of tobaccos. A mild, everyday English blend that is truly top notch in quality.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Modern Day Ol' Codger Blend
Modern day version of an ol’ codger blend increased one step forward in all its components, flavor, nicotine, cut, and lets face it, the name. As long as Cornell & Diehl remain in business, this pipe tobacco is going to be made whether you like/love it or not. It is an ok burley blend, not great. The aftertaste is like a high sugary syrup soda, no thanks.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Kentucky Vintage Cut
Quality DFK, Bold & Strong
The quality of the blend provides of cool burning experience with zero bite, along with an outstanding aftertaste. This is a keeper, Dark Fire Kentucky at its best.

Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
Stands Alone, Winner
This is quite nice but I am not sold on the strength that is mentioned. I have much stronger tobacco than this could ever give, but that is not a bad thing. The balance of spice from the Perique and the sweetness of the Virginia is quite comforting, unlike any other VaPer tobacco that is currently available. This is a winner in my book and shall keep on hand; fantastic aftertaste, ages well.

Cornell & Diehl - Constellation
Very, Very Good American English
This English blend is very floral and quite pleasant. The sweetness through out reminds of very fresh ripe green apples just picked from a tree.

Cornell & Diehl - Stratfordshire
Superb English, Strong Flavors
A fine English blend filling the mouth full of banana nut bread and blueberry muffins. Those are the flavors pulled from this tobacco after cellaring for about 8 months, delicious.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey 50g
Delicious Berry Whipped Cream Dessert
Smoking this blend is like having a very delicious berry whipped cream dessert; the aftertaste is amazing, too.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye Vintage Cut
Love this tobacco, the KDF chosen paired with the Virginia's is spot on and perfect. I will be buying more and storing back.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
Country Gent Cob Delight
Sweet, hay like citrus notes with a little bit of spice throughout, even with age. I thoroughly enjoy this tobacco, hits the spot.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Gold Vintage Cut
High Quality Virginia
A very high end Virginia loaded with rich citrus taste once it has aged, very very good.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Perfect English Blend, Ages Well
One of the most perfect English blends currently available and I absolutely love it, all day.

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany
Enjoy this tobacco on its own as it stands and ignore the description as it is not like the old Revelation. That being said, this English blend is good but not great.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
J4 Burley-Very good.
Rich, dark chocolate goodness that matches the finest cocoa on a winter morn/evening. The room note is mouth watering good.

Ashton - Half Corona (5 Pack)
Good flavor, construction, and draw
I did not fall in love with these cigars, but also did not hate it, Ashton Classic Panetela is more preferred.

Tatuaje - Cohete Habano
Cohete Habano
Plugged, bad construction. I would not have another one of these cigars even if offered as a gift, garbage.

Books - Still Searching for Pipe Dreams (2 Bonus Chapters)
Snooze Fest
The book reads like a diary, an uninteresting one. Thanks, but no thanks :(.

Books - The Pipeman's Daily Fare
Horrible, not poetry
Written by someone who is not a poet, waste of money.

Sir Walter Raleigh - Regular 1.5oz
Ol' Trustworthy Pal
One of the brands started out with long time ago and still rely upon to this day as a trusted, everyday smoke. It is a brand that is reliable and savory straight from the can without much attention, just like an ol' trustworthy pal. I shall never get tired of this cut or its flavor.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Dark Vintage Cut
Very Strong Floral Virginia Blend
This is a nice find regardless of your palette, floral accents thru out.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Regular
Christmas in a pipe
This is the only aromatic pipe tobacco that I smoke, truly love this blend.

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
5 Brothers, Five Stars
A no fuss, no nonsense burley tobacco that is a plus for all burley lovers. I truly cherish this shag cut blend and will keep around.

Debonaire - Daybreak Sagita
Good, another sleeper
Here is a cigar with a very spot on construction and draw. The grassy taste that is hinted throughout is one element that might turn people off to this cigar if smoked right out of the box.

Oliva - Connecticut Reserve Petit Corona
It's a sleeper, there really is not anything else to say.

Romeo y Julieta - Reserva Real Corona
A very pleasant, mild cigar that you will smoke down to the nub, highly recommend.

Ashton - Classic Panetela
Classic Panetela-Very Good Draw
A mild cigar that is lively and well constructed, all day choice every time and smoke quite often.

Serino - Elenor Rose Lady
Elenor Rose Lady
I enjoyed this cigar better than the Serino Elenor Rose Eagle based mainly on the extra length and smaller ring gauge, strong 4 star cigar.

San Cristobal - Elegancia Corona
Amazing, Great Mild Cigar
The draw was perfect, the construction spot on, and the burn was even down to the nub.

Oliva - Serie V Belicoso
This is a very good, full strength cigar with perfect draw and flavors. I found throughout smoking this cigar, the richness and body just kept getting better.

Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
Old Professor, an acquired taste
What is present here is a well complex blend that has a unique balance. The words that come to mind is stubborn refusal to fail and appease. That is the beauty and the joy of the blend. The name fits the tobacco, Old Professor, acquired taste.

Herrera Esteli - Habano Robusto Grande
Decent, middle of the road, nothing fancy
If you are looking for a good middle of the road cigar that smokes decent at a great price, then this is a good pick. As far as, something magical to happen on the lines of hidden flavors, look towards something different.

Cornell & Diehl - Billy Budd
Tranquil, Cool Burning
A strong and well balanced latakia forward tobacco, thank you Cornell & Diehl.

Amphora - Virginia Blend 1.75oz
Balanced Virginia, Relaxing
A lively Virginia full of flavor right out of the pouch. After 5 months in an airtight glass jar, liveliness gone and only hints of citrus throughout; zero bite. If that is what you are looking for in a Virginia, this tobacco will work.

Books - The Peterson Pipe: The Story of Kapp & Peterson
Peterson Pipes
A very nice history into the company of Peterson Pipes and a must have for anyone who loves Peterson pipes. This edition is well written and very captivating in its dictation, and leaves the reader understanding, clearly why this is an award winning piece, thank you.

Books - About Smoke: An Encyclopaedia of Smoking
Dunhill Pipes, nice edition
This edition, is well presented and thoughtfully composed to give everyone, regardless of your knowledge about pipes, a very good understanding about the history of Dunhill, then and now.

Davidoff - Primeros Classic (6 Pack)
Primeros Classic
Very simple, nice taste.

Serino - Elenor Rose Eagle
Elenor Rose Eagle-Not too strong, not too mild
I really enjoyed sitting with this cigar. The subtle floral accents and smooth draw made it a solid 3 3/4 to 4 star cigar.

Books - In Search of Pipe Dreams - Rick Newcombe
Good Read
A nice, easy read for anyone interested in pipes in general, thank you.

Books - Pipes and Tobacco - J. W. Cundall
Pipes & Tobacco
Throughly enjoyed being with this book and looking at all the old advertisements from the period, thank you.

Peter Stokkebye - PS17 English Luxury
PS17 English Luxury
A well rounded blend on its own, mixed with other Virginia and Burley tobaccos makes a bold, yet savory smoke that is perfect for all day.

Cornell & Diehl - Bright Virginia Ribbon
Solid, true Virginia
A good strong, natural Virginia, very nice.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Burley
Solid Burley
Strong, solid burley at a very low price.

Low Country - Natural Virginia & Burley
Simple, Nice, and Basic
Good solid smoke on its own and nothing else. Most of the time house blends are just that, simple, nice and basic.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
Small Indulgent
This is a blend that I like to grab from time to time and it is a pleasure to enjoy.

Cornell & Diehl - White Burley
White Burley, nice
Being a lover of all burley as a whole, I found this to be bold enough tobacco to start the day with straight or used as a blender.

Low Country - Natural Virginia
Natural Virginia
Pleasant smoke that is good straight or used as a blender. The price that it is offered you cannot beat and it is a cut that is easy to load.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
Old Codger talking
Grew up with this blend, smoking and being with others who chose nothing else. It is an old time classic and classics never die.

Peter Stokkebye - PS701 Virginia
PS701 Virginia
Nice everyday Virginia that burns evenly with a good aftertaste. I really love the color and the aroma, too.

Sir Walter Raleigh - Regular 7oz
Ol' Trustworthy Pal
One of the brands started out with long time ago and still rely upon to this day as a trusted, everyday smoke. It is a brand that is reliable and savory straight from the can without much attention, just like an ol' trustworthy pal. I shall never get tired of this cut or its flavor.

Carter Hall
Carter Hall 14oz

$51.20 $38.75
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