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Erinmore - Erinmore Flake 50g
Not bad
This doesn't taste like juicy fruit. I dare say it isn't sweet at all on my palate. To me, this tastes like tea mixed with a bit of hay. Now and again I may get a whisper of what seems to be orange peel (this is the second time I've tasted oranges in a smoke and didn't mind it) but it was just that - a whisper. To me, this blend tastes like what I thought Virginias were supposed to taste like when people kept telling me they were "citrusy" or like "hay." For a while there I thought I was getting tins that were duds or even had a poor palate - especially when considering the monster reviews left by JimInks. I go as far as to say this has become my favorite smoke and I look forward to smoking it. Because I prefer aromatics I don't reach for it that much but when I do it never disappoints. I look forward to trying the Mixture version of this to see if it lives up to the "juicy fruit" hype.

Warped - Saint Espresso 2oz
Tastes like Coffee
Not a coffee drinker or a fan of burley but this right here tastes exactly as it should. I'm surprised Warped hasn't made this a regular for their line-up but maybe it's for marketing purposes (as in this sure did sell out within hours of its release). The room note is loud but not in an unpleasant way. I've been mixing this with Black Arrow from Country Squire, it adds a touch more sweetness to this blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Corn Cob Pipe and A Button Nose Ready Rubbed 2oz
This did not taste how it smelled for me. I really wanted to like it because I am a fan of aromatics and wanted a marshmallow-flavored one. This right here isn't it. Maybe an older tin will taste better but my fresh tin wasn't all that. I gave this 3 stars because it MIGHT blend well with something else because it does have some sweetness there. It just doesn't taste much like hot coco to me.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Bamboo Breeze 13oz
works depending on the type of tobacco
I agree with C. Willoughby's review. Personally, I don't quite like this candle scent (more of a fan of this brands nag champa candle) but it gets the job done (I do smoke indoors some times). One thing I will note about this candle is that depending on what you are smoking it might "mix" with the scent instead of eliminating it. Smoked some Erinmore flake around this and it just made my house smell like a fancy tobacco-scented cologne. If I smoke Cavendish around it, that seems to disappear completely.

Home Fragrance - Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle Cool Cucumber and Honeydew 13oz
jolly rancher
this smells like how I would imagine a melon jolly rancher would smell. It's very sweet but light at the same time. I use this candle to help "remove" bad odors (say we cooked with too much garlic the night before). So far, so good.

Warped - Cloud Hopper 2oz
cigar fans rejoice
I don't smoke cigars because they kick my ass. That said, I don't know why I tried this blend because the review clearly stated it has cigar leaf. If you are a cigar fan, you will notice immediately that this taste just like a cigar but you have the luxury of smoking it out of a pipe (though you can smoke a regular cigar out of a pipe if you wanted). The nic is strong with this one, my lids were low and my belly was flipping about 10 mins into smoking a bowl. I have allowed this tin to sit (opened but with the lid on) for about 4 months. In that time period the smell and taste morphed from milky (and truthfully, sour milk scented) to a smooth vinegary taste and scent. My place is rather humid so I am convinced just sitting in the room had a humidor effect on the tin. Because I am a cigar lightweight, I prefer to blend this with vanilla black Cavendish or Country Squire Treasure Island (rum black Cavendish). It's a pretty tasty smoke blended or by itself. I took some of the points off because it tastes better after it sits.

Cornell & Diehl - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 2oz
Maybe age did the trick
Before purchasing this, I read a lot of reviews that stated the flavor disappeared or there was little flavoring as a whole. When I received my tins, I did not smoke them for a good 6 months or so (I bought mine in 2022 and didn't try it until 2023). I don't know if my tins were very flavorful because they got to marinate or because they were more flavorful to begin with. All I know is that I got a burst of ginger and orange the moment I lit this sucker up! I dislike orange tobacco (per my review of Rattray's Exotic Orange on Tobaccoreviews) but was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to overlook my disdain for orange flavoring because the spices (ginger and more ginger) delighted my tongue. Highly recommend if you are looking for a spicy yet sweet smoke.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
To me, this tastes and smells like grilled chicken. Salty, black pepper covered, juicy grilled chicken. The latakia sings in this one. Check it out!!!

Cornell & Diehl - King Cake 2oz
Taste like it smells
I made a King Cake, ate the King Cake, and figured try this tobacco. Tin note is a freshly baked King Cake with icing and sprinkles. Kid you not. The taste is bready virginias, raisins, and sweet and spice (like cinnamonish), just like a King Cake! I kept this in the tin, cellared, for 7 ish months. I can't tell you what it would have tasted like brand new but it tastes just like it should after sitting. Highly recommend!

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
Sweet but not my type
I get why people like this. It is sweet - a sugary caramel and vanilla taste to me- and is one of those rare aromatics that manages to taste like it smells not just "hot air." Personally, this wasn't my cuppa. After a few puffs the flavor was too one dimensional for my liking (hence the lower rating). Also, I didn't like the slight chemical aftertaste. It was very goopy (as many reviews mentioned), and required a few more relights (even in a meerschaum). It didn't bite me. If you want to try an aro that actually has flavor give this a go.

Cornell & Diehl - The Beast 2oz
My own two cents on the comment section
I think it's funny some people were complaining about missing out on this in '21 and now it's here again in '23, the tins are still available two days later! Maybe they were still overwhelmed by the Anomalous release from last week LOL This could be good for mixing. It definitely sounds like a pinch of it could knock you on your arse.

Cornell & Diehl - Apples & Cream
don't waste your money
Horrible. I wanted to like this but it was terrible. I am jarring it for a few weeks to see if it tastes better.

Sutliff - Eastfarthing 1.5oz
Good Stuff
I've never tried Frog Morton so can't vouch for if this tastes like it, but to me Eastfarthing tastes like a smoother and sweeter Bengal Slices Original. The latakia is less overpowering in this and mid-bowl it gets sweeter and ends with a nice kick of spice. I drank a Pepsi before smoking this, but I swear something about this reminded me of chocolate milk midway. UPDATED: SECOND REVIEW: So far, I've tried this fresh out of the tin and dried it for two days sitting on a paper towel (yes, it sounds barbaric). Fresh out of the tin, the Latakia was strong but less loud than Bengal Slices. The taste was very leathery, with sweet vanilla cream and chocolate milk, and it had a peppery throat kick by the bowl's end. When I tried it dry, the latakia was barely present - just a subtle whisper of leather in the background- and it tasted dark chocolatey with a more robust molasses bbq taste. I LOVE THIS BLEND! I was iffy about Bengal Slices (it was too floral tasting, imo), but this one smoothes out all the roughness of that blend. I smoked this in a Meer when out of the tin - it burned beautifully; I only had to relight it once. To me, the room note smells awesome - it doesn't overpower the room with a "campfire" or incense scent like Bengal Slices - it just smells like a sweet bbq sauce.

Missouri Meerschaum - Orchard Mist 1.75oz
The initial smoke of this was "blah." I didn't get the flavors, it was just steam. This happened dried or fresh out the tin the first day I opened the tin. I jarred it and tried again 4 months later....Wow! The flavor was there, sweet and fruity. I immediately regretted that I only purchased one tin (and I wasted some on the floor!). It paired amazingly with Sprite (coincidentally was drinking one prior to lighting up). If they bring this back, two tins next time!!!

Mac Baren - Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz
quality - not very sweet
I made the mistake of smoking some Boswell Christmas Cookie before smoking this. The comparison was night and day. This is high-quality tobacco, but it is not very sweet. It's more lightly sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, Boswell Sugar Cookie is something you will prefer. I rated it a 4 for quality but would not recommend it as an aromatic alone.

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