Ivan R.

Missouri Meerschaum - Luminaire 2oz
Well balanced
This broken flake blend is mildly moist, and I saw no need to dry them. A fabulous blend. Room note is tolerable, and aftertaste is great.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake 50g
Not quite an all day smoke
The chocolate flavor has a deep richness, but is mild enough that it won't steamroll over you. Be sure to give it a solid time to dry as it arrives quite moist.

Cornell & Diehl - Steamworks 2oz
The strength and taste are fulsome
No chance of bite or harshness. This Flake is very smooth but at the same time very hearty , tangy , spicy and crackling with flavor. Steamworks smoked as advertised, cool and slow.

Kramer's - Blend for Cary Grant 50g
Requires few relights
The Virginias are the most obvious component and are grassy, tart and tangy citrus sweet with a touch of earth and wood. It's an English blend with some mild aromatic qualities to it. Cary Grant burns very well, but it can bite.

Captain Earle's - Diamond Head 2oz
A multi shaded kake which crumbles with ease. Its smoky and creamy.Full of earthy taste and pleasant.

Mac Baren - Burley: London Blend 3.5oz
They mildly toned down the burleys
Overall a superior smoke for burley lovers. MacB Burley London Blend is a wonderful smoke.

Cobblestone - Chess Bishop 1.75oz
Burns cool, clean and slow
The strength and taste levels are a couple of steps short of medium.

G. L. Pease - Abingdon 2oz
Abingdon, for such a full-flavored
FINALLY I've found the right Pease blend for me, in Abingdon. Warrants a category higher than "highly recommended" Perhaps "enthusiastically" or "fanitically". Burns very slow, cool, clean, smooth and a little creamy with a mostly consistent flavor (gets less sweet near the finish), and won’t bite or get harsh.

BriarWorks - Country Lawyer 2oz
This stuff is GREAT
There is a constant sweet and smoky flavor that comes through, all the way to the bottom of the bowl. The spicy, woody, earthy, floral, dry and sour Izmir is often the lead component, but it gets strong competition from the earthy, woody, herbal, leathery, musty, smoky, lightly sweet cigar leaf. A fairly stout and tasty blend.

Low Country - Black 2oz
Won't bite or get harsh
The red Va. is a tad more obvious than the other Virginias, and offers tangy, dark fruit and a little earth. If this blend were a woman I'd marry her. Black is sweet, musty, and strong.

Sutliff - Pipe Force Episode I 1.75oz
Deeply rich and nuanced
No chance of bite or harshness, and the rough edges are light. The room note is tolerable.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
It won't bite or get harsh
The Cyprian Latakia is smoky, woodsy, earthy, musty sweet, and is a team player with the Orientals and Virginia even though it is the lead component. After drying Plum Pudding, I break up the kake into smaller chunks being careful to not turn it to dust. An outstanding blend!

Sutliff - Blend No. 5 1.5oz
Has a very pleasant
Can be an all day smoke for the veteran, and repeatable for the less experienced.

Sutliff - Cringle Flake 2023 1.5oz
The rough edges are very minor
Some dry time may create an easier burn rate, but there’s a risk of altering the delicate balance of fruit flavors if you do much of it. Strength is about middle ground and it smokes cool overall unless pushed but doesn’t bite at all and it’s smooth. The tins is cool looking, definitely festive Christmas design.

Capstan - Ready Rubbed Blue 1.75oz
Leaves very little moisture in the bowl
Slight citrus, fig, and a little grass/hay and a more earthy, woody, breadiness with a nice mild to medium tangy dark fruit Virginia flavor. I like this a lot.

Captain Earle's - Mystic Blend 2oz
Highly recommended
Deep and rich Latakia combined with sweet Red Virginia that is readily tasted. I get a more than medium amount of nicotine, and the room-note's only pleasant to tolerable.

Mac Baren - Royal Twist 3.5oz
Burns clean
It provides a lot of tart and tangy citrus, grass, bread, sugar, vegetation, light floralness, spice, and a touches of honey and acidity. Excellent. Love at first light!

Charatan - First Bowl 50g
Very agreeable, very satisfying
The tin's aroma is one of a mild English, I feel no inclination of a forthcoming Lat Bomb. It's a mix of bright to dark leaf, and the aroma is woody, incense like and subtly smokey, with that dreadful icing sugar sweet aroma which every Charatan English Mixture seems to have. Highly recommended

Low Country - Waccamaw 2oz
The nic-hit is almost medium
No chance of bite, harshness, or dullness. When I popped the tin of this blend I was greeted by a wonderful smell. Sweet, sour, spicy, with lesser notes of fruit.

G. L. Pease - Quiet Nights 2oz
Burns cool, clean and even
None of the components drown each other out, providing a well composed all day smoke if you wish it to be. My new favorite Pease blend.

Ashton - Gold Rush 50g
Nicotine content is low
Light, grassy and - yes - lemony leaves which burn smoothly and easily. The tobacco it contains is all Virginia and it is mildly flavored with Lemon and honey.

Cornell & Diehl - Strathspey 2oz
The true Scotch quality
There is more than a wee dram of scotch added, but unlike most other liquored blends I've tried, C & D has the mastery to marry fine whiskey with an excellent tobacco product. A unique sweetness to go along with the Latakia. Definetly not a blend for all.

Sutliff - Pipe Force Episode VI 1.75oz
It burns slow
In basic terms it’s a crumble cake based on Virginia leaf tobacco, but not just one type nor is it just Virginia! The end result is a very enjoyable complex flavor that is balanced and easy going as it will not bite or burn hot but it is no lightweight in that’s strength and nicotine levels are both on the solid side.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Red Virginia 1.5oz
Strength is mild
The various aged, fermented red Virginias provide tangy dark fruit, quite a lot of earth, some bread and wood, a fair amount of tart lemon and tangy citrus, a little sugary stewed dark fruit, mild grass, a couple pinches of spice, and extremely light floral and sour notes. It’s soft, very sweet, fragrant, and easy to prepare and smoke. This is a remarkable smoke.

Missouri Meerschaum - Drawdown 2oz
The strength is in the center of medium to full
No chance of bite or harshness. Deeply rich with some piquant zest, it burns cool and clean at a moderate pace with a very spicy, rather sweet, floral, mildly sour, campfire flavor that extends to long lingering, pleasant after taste.

Warped - Until the End 2oz
No Latakia in this blend
Until the End surprised me a little, as I was expecting something stronger and bolder. The Burley is very nutty and chocolatey, the cigar leaf adds earthiness, while black Cavendish adds some toastiness and sweetness. Icy-cold, thick and totally free from bite; to my palate.

Mac Baren - HH Pure Virginia 3.5oz
It doesn’t have much complexity
Like other flakes in the HH series, it breaks apart very easily, and is moist, but not overly so. This is a very fine Virginia and as deeply rich and earthy as the best Virginia blends on the market today. I love EVERYTHING about this blend!

Seattle Pipe Club - Virginia Jazz 2oz
A little smoother than expected
The ten year old matured red Virginias provide a lot of tangy fermented dark fruit, earth, wood, bread, some floralness, vegetative grass, mild tart and and tangy citrus, sugar, light vinegar, spice, peat and a touch of herbs. The tin doesn't contain only a single piece of kake, rather there's 7-8 slices in there, and a little that's already crumbled in transit. The scent that greets you is a tad tart and spicy and the scent of baked dark bread. This is a very Virginia rich blend with the Virginian making up the majority of the flavor.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 2012 Anniversary Blend 1.75oz
A nice accompaniment for today's afternoon walk
There's a very delicate touch of pear to the aroma but nothing too suggestive. It burns nicely, from start to finish, giving a smoke which only bites when put under strain. Just great stuff. The Virginias offer plenty of tart and tangy citrus, grass/hay, sour lemon, bread, sugar, vegetation, floralness, light dark fruit, earth, wood, a couple pinches of spice, and a touch of acidity.

Low Country - Atalaya 2oz
The very spicy
The strength and taste levels are in the center of medium to full. This gourmet blend is aptly named after a modern castle in South Carolina, as this blend is fit for a king. A broken flake that's easily manageable.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1931 Flake 1.4oz
An all day smoke
The Virginias offer a little grass, some tart and tangy citrus and a small acidic note. The burleys are naturally sweet with a little wood, earth and some nuttiness, and stands out over the Virginias. The black cavendish is a very minor player, adding a small mild sugariness. I love this blend! The counterpart to this one is Mac Baren's Navy Flake. And 1931 is much better.

Sutliff - Eastfarthing 1.5oz
An easy going all day smoke
I could taste the aged Latakia in the smoke, solidifying it as an English blend to my palate. Eastfarthing smells exactly as a pipe tobacco should—rich, deep, and earthy. The name Eastfarthing comes from a location in the Lord of the Rings books, and I think it’s an appropriate title. Eastfarthing is a complex blend, and Sutliff should be commended for their work.

Mac Baren - Navy Flake 3.5oz
One of the easiest flake blends
MacBaren said only a tiny amount of rum is present, but I think it’s a little more intense than that. This is a classic, the more I smoke it, the more I like it. Good tasting, easy smoking. The overriding factor of the blend is that is has more Burley than Virginia in the taste.

Cornell & Diehl - Repose 2oz
I think I'll buy more of this
A blend of Burley/Va, and for me, just the right amount of Turkish, what results in a bite free, smooth and very satisfying smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2oz
There’s no chance bite or harshness
Burns cool and clean at a slightly slow pace with a very consistent, smoother than expected, deep fruity, sugary, mildly sour, light sparkly flavor that extends to the lightly lingering, pleasant after taste. I like it. Moisture is perfect. I enjoy the blend.

BriarWorks - Pete's Beard's Blend 2oz
Very cool packaging
There is no bite, no surprises, just a basic English blend with a medium amount of Latakia that adds enough smoky flavor. The more I smoke this one the more I like it. It's one of those English blends that has just the right "weight" to it for my preferences.

Sutliff - Pipe Force Episode V 1.75oz
Tobacco unique
Unlike Episode IV which was Oriental forward, this blend has the hot-pressed and then rubbed out and stoved Rustica in more of a balance. The result is a very rich deep tasting smoke with a very complex and well filled out flavor. Over all I highly recommend Episode V.

Cobblestone - Outdoors Fishing 1.75oz
This is different
Burns cool at a moderate pace with consistent flavor to the end. Leaves a little moisture in the bowl.

G. L. Pease - Maltese Falcon 2oz
Not an all day smoke
No harsh spots, no bite, and just a slight bit of moisture at the finish. Couldn't pick up on the "mysterious spice" I do love this blend.

Charatan - Flake 50g
The room note is pleasant
A mix of bright and darker Virginias, with a subtle tin aroma reminiscent of sweet hay and raisins with some light baking spice. Certainly not a blend to be rushed and it will give of its best if you save it for leisurely relaxed smoking. The citrus note is formidable.

Ashton - Rainy Day 50g
It is mild and does not bite
When tin first opened very strong berry flavors. It packs well, lights well, and burns politely. As for strength, most aromatics I've smoked seem to contain no nicotine at all, but Rainy Day is different on that count too.

Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Tupelo 2oz
Burns cool, clean and slow
The most prominent topping is the very sweet Tupelo honey, which has some creamy butter and a few floral notes. The lightly fruity, earthy tequila is a condiment at best. Perfect for a summer morning smoke.

Mac Baren - HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
The exceptionally floral
The taste is just beyond the full threshold. It has a dominant strength level. The nicotine is a shade less so. Very unique indeed!

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Virginia Perique 1.5oz
The perfectly intermingled
They also have a few notes of sourness, grass, lemon and spice. No bite, friendly smoke. Love it!

Sutliff - Pipe Force Episode IV 1.75oz
Well balanced
Well balanced, it burns slow, cool and clean with a very consistent, complex, rich and creamy smooth sweet and savory taste to the finish.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 100g
OGS is special
Burns a little slow, depending upon how you break up the flake, with a very clean and cool consistent citrus and grass flavor all the way to the finish. A true Masterpiece of Flake tobacco. I do not taste burley.

Warped - Saint Espresso 2oz
Well balanced
Complex and deeply rich, it burns cool, clean and slow. Nicotine below medium. A really brilliant tobacco that although it’s very good isn’t something I want to repeat more than once a day.

Mac Baren - Stockton 100g
A very satisfying
If you like the taste of tobacco without any of the aromatic toppings typical in Danish/German offerings, Stockton should fill the bill. Won’t bite or get harsh, but it does sport a few small rough edges, and a light tongue tingle if puffed fast. An absolute pleasure to smoke.

Captain Earle's - Stimulus Package 2oz
If you are a fan of full flavored Latakia blends, this should be on the short list. It just doesn't get any better than this. This is a real gem. Tastes great all the way down and I especially enjoy the last third the subtle complexity gets deeper.

Sutliff - States of Virginia 1.5oz
It has a mild smell. Needing very few re-lights, going at a medium pace, and giving a cool smoke. Definitely a smoke you'll want to repeat.

Mac Baren - HH Bold Kentucky 3.5oz
The strongest tobacco in the HH line
The strength is very potent, and the taste is full. Great natural tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
The harmonious complexity of the flavor
The taste is very consistent from start to finish. Tin note is deep, dark chocolate over fermented raisins and exotic spices, over the rich, fermented dark-fired leaf, and if you keep sniffing you may detect the sharp-ish cigar notes. This is one excellent tobacco. Simply excellent!

Low Country - Cooper 2oz
Cooper, simply stated, is outstanding
This is one of the best put together new tobacco blends that I've tried. Burns slow, cool and clean with no bite, no harsh or dull spots and very little moisture at the finish. This blend is at the top of my list.

G. L. Pease - Spark Plug 2oz
Very rich smell
The taste is incredible. And it is strong. It's wonderful stuff.

Kramer's - Father Dempsey 50g
The smoky, woody, earthy, lightly musty sweet
Though it's medium in strength, and a little fuller in taste, it's well balanced enough to smoke several times a day without tiring out your taste buds. This is the king of English blends for me.

Peterson - 3 P's Peterson's Perfect Plug 50g
The taste is very powerful
The Virginias have a fair amount of tangy dark fruit, earth, wood, bread, sugar, some grass, tart and tangy citrus, vegetation, mild floralness, a couple of cigar notes, and a pinch of spice. They are bolstered by the bold nutty, earthy, woody, sweet burleys. Has a pleasant, lightly lingering after taste.

Cobblestone - Brick English Plug 1.75oz
This is a great mixture
Interesting combination of orientals, burley, and Virginia.

Cornell & Diehl - Engine #99 2oz
There’s no chance of bite
The smokey, woody, earthy, musty sweet Cyprian Latakia has a strong presence, though this is no lat-bomb as the other components always have their say. This is a near perfectly balanced English/Balkan blend. Highly recommended.

A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
This is a masterpiece tobacco
The tin aroma is sweet and tangy. The strength and taste levels are medium. This is, quite simply, the best VaPer out there.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Small Batch Resolution 2oz
New favorite
The blend not only smells great but it also taste pretty darn good too. Keeps getting better as you smoke down the bowl. No bite and excellent taste.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
The rich smoky
Burns clean, mostly cool and a little slow with a very consistent, mildly sweet and very savory flavor from start to finish. Not an overwhelming nicotine bite either, which I like since I smoke nothing outside of pipes and have a low tolerance for nicotine. Highly Recommended!

Ashton - Consummate Gentleman 50g
Fine medium-bodied blend
This blend is special because it is so light in latakia, while still retaining a classic english odour and taste. Very nice flavor akin to raisins lightly dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon spice. Very pleasurable indeed and highly recommended.

Sutliff - Crumble Kake Barrel Aged Series No.5 Rustica Limited Edition 50g
Each component has its role. Won’t bite or get harsh. The room note is a notch stronger.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1882 Founder's Blend 1.4oz
Smoky, woody, earthy and sweet
No dull or harsh spots to be found. The strength and taste levels are medium. This is a very enjoyable blend, one that I could easily smoke any time.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged 2oz
Well balanced
The pressed kake plug is easily broken apart. The tobacco is a little moist, but I did not feel the need to dry it. It burns a bit slow, cool and clean with a very consistent and intricate, deeply rich and creamy smooth, smoky, woody, spicy, sweet and savory taste from start to finish. It sports a very pleasant, lingering after taste with a stronger room note.

Warped - Kings Stride 2oz
Good all day smoke
It's a pretty solid smoke. Mild to medium in body. Medium in taste. Flavoring is mild. Nice room note.

Peterson - Early Morning Pipe 50g
EMP is very good - very, very good
Very nice. True to it's name, it is jut awesome in the early morning hours when you have nothing to contend with but peace and quiet - and a good mug of coffee. Burns cool and clean at a moderate pace with a very consistent mildly sweet and savory flavor from top to bottom.

Mac Baren - Club Blend 3.5oz
Pretty straightforward
A little peppery and fairly light and sweet. Nice on a fall day. The rolls themselves are nicely sized and are very easy to rub out and fill with as they hold just the right amount of moisture. It’s very easy to light and once lit it does not require many re-lights. It really is pleasurable indeed!

Peterson - Sherlock Holmes 50g
This one works for me
An all day mixture that produces a decent volume of smoke. This is a nice vintage blend of mello Burley and VA with subtle sweet flavors.

Peterson - Royal Yacht 50g
An all-time classic
It is outstanding. RY is my favorite blend, and the perfect way to start each day. If you enjoy true tobacco taste then you will enjoy this powerful blend. It can be smoked all day with no fatigue or tongue bite. The topping is a little citrusy with a few raisin, fig, and very obvious plum notes.

Savinelli - Essenza Cipriota 100g
No bite or harshness
The Virginias and I believe the Macedonian leaf seems to take the lead in this blend with the Latakia adding a pleasant non-typical smokiness. I could easily see this as an all-day blend, leaving the heavy artillery for night smoking. The room note is really nice and the flavour is simple and easy going.

Two Friends - English Chocolate 2oz
An all day smoke
Burns clean, cool, oodry and slightly slow with a very consistent, mildly sweet and lightly savory flavor. The Virginias are smooth as silk, the Latakia becomes a true condiment, and the chocolate is very sweetly subtle. This is a great tasting smoke. I have no problem giving this a full recommendation.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
I like it
It had a taste similar to sweet maple since it has in it maple, sugar, rum, vanilla,citrus flavors, and whisky. This one is probably as close to perfection as there is in an aromatic. Burns cool, clean and smooth with a fairly consistent taste. If you love aromatics, this one needs to be part of your next order.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Wonderful cherry aromatic
This is in my opinion a perfectly balanced blend of flavors. I'm impressed. An all day smoke. The room note is absolutely amazing, and unlike most aromatics I've smoked, you taste cherry and chocolate. I think everyone should try this at least once; the best cherry blend ever.

Davidoff - Danish Mixture 50g
Very impressed
The Virginia shines under what I feel is a subtle aromatic. The tin note is fairly sweet, with a light honey and fermented fruit aroma. I enjoy smoking this when I am in the mood for something mild with a slightly enhanced flavor.The room note is old-fashioned slightly sweet maple, but not heavy at all, and dissipates quickly.

Warped - Scarecrow 2oz
Highly recommended
Sweet, fruity, sharp. The kake isn't too damp, I easily crumble, load, light, smoke. The tobaccos are more Cavendish, without being too heavy or sticky. A great aromatic.

Ashton - Artisan's Blend 50g
The Royal
A lovley blend for the winter, especially for those of you who like complex and spicey blends. There are a lot of very nice, rich flavors, which all muddle superbly to make a balanced blend.

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