Robert M.

Cornell & Diehl - Eight State Burley 2oz
Burly believer
I have had almost every major burley blend from C&D in search of the stout profile and good power levels. I found I did not like burly. Time passes and I forget about burly as many other tobaccos can fill in for burly without some of the parts I do not like. Now comes 8 state burly small batch and my interest returned. If for no other reason than this fills out my small batch experience as I now have enjoyed every one at this point. So first I want to address any toppings.. My method uses the pipe to detect any toppings or excess humectant as there is always a foul or chemical bitterness at the end of a bowl and I can assure everyone that this blend has no bad tastes and is Mr Reeves best work to date. His blends are so clean tasting with superior flavor. So the profile is complex but a cocoa aspect does play a role as well as a nut element that is very nice. The flavors evolve during the bowl with various set coming and going. The burly bite is absent and instead there is just a great foundation for the other tobacco parts to play against. I wish to note that he did the same trick for biting Virginia tobaccos with the steam works small batch. For me, this is the perfect burly based blend I have tried. I highly recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Hopefully there is enough to go around next time!

G. L. Pease - Horizons Flake 2oz
Good blend
GL Pease makes some of my most favorite Oriental based blends and this is no exception but the star of the show is the latakia. Only two blend I am aware of have this new style latakia and they are both excellent. This blend has a warm buttered cayenne top note that tickles the nose at the bottom of the bowl. The latakia is good with a smoky brown sugar and stone fruit essence over burnt toffee is my best explanation. The flavor profile is a tic or two over medium but the power level is a tick or two under medium. This makes for a spicy blend that won't knock your socks off. While this may seem just "another English blend", I think this is a new flavor profile in the spirit of an English blend. Highly recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for a unique flavor profile that is semi sweet with a spicy tang.

Romeo y Julieta - 1875 Vintage Lote Double Corona
Fine cigar
This is an exceptional cigar. Take all the wonderful parts of the 1875 series and increase every aspect until you arrive at this cigar. Flawless wrapper, perfect burn, what is not to like. I won't hint that it might as well have came from the "C" place But this is what I imagine when I think of RyJ in the old days before we could not buy cigars from Cuba anymore. Hefty flavor profile of nuts, a bit of leather, pepper and spice, molasses and a bit of coffee at the end. Power levels are a tic over medium. Highly recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to experience a true Fine Cigar. Update..... All cigars were delicious and well made..

Cornell & Diehl - Steamworks 2oz
Great flake
Mr Reeves approach to flaked tobacco is second to none. Having missed the last edition of steamworks I was excited to place my order this year(2024) with hopes of finding a great tasting blend. I found a smooth flavorful smoke with soft edges and a satisfying foundation. I will need time to understand all the flavors but it is safe to say this is a wonderful blend. It is sweet with no bite. There is a darker tone without any harshness that tames the brighter notes. A savory brown sugar essence is my best description of one of the main flavors but there is a lot going on in the bowl all of which is very delicious. With all C&D flake there are some rules to getting the best out of them. First, a loose pack of "sticks" at the bottom. I usually fold a part of a flake several times and lightly stuff it in the heel. Then, make sure to get a decent rub out of the filler. Not too fine, but just loosen up the tobacco enough that it settles evenly with no gaps under light tamping pressure. All of my problems with flakes seem to come from not enough rub out and too tightly tamping the filler. Most of my mistakes loading bowls of flake echo some of the complaints I read about C&D flakes in general. Hot burning, low, or bitter flavor, are all similar to my results when I did not properly load the flake into the bowl. Less dry time is needed as well giving a fresher experience to a bowl. I highly recommend this blend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for an incredibly smooth, flavorful, no bite blend from Americas Master Blender!

Toscano - Sinfonia Flake 2oz
good blend
I was hoping for a toscano cheroot in flake form but got a nice dark flavored pipe blend instead. I enjoy the cheroots and have had them all over time so the idea of a cheroot in a pipe was appealing. The actual blend is a lot sweeter and milder than the cheroot. As a pipe blend it is very nice with a soft long burning flake and good flavor profile. Power level is a tic under medium in a tapered bowl. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and new comers looking for a stronger blend with soft edges.

Cornell & Diehl - Palmetto Balkan 8oz
fun blend
I really enjoy the race to get the finest tobacco available. I do not like that there are some who missed out. For those of us who did manage to obtain a tin of this wonderful blend I would encourage you to share with folks you meet who would not have a chance to sample this unique blend otherwise. For those of you who would like to enjoy a sample of the Turkish latakia I would suggest small batch From Beyond. Which oddly is still available at the time of this posting. The latakia is divine and worth tasting. As Palmetto has undergone another process to mellow the "soot" there will be differences yet I think the soul of the leaf can be enjoyed. Highly recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers alike. I again call of those of us who manage to have some of this blend to share with others who do not... Thank You!

Drucquer & Sons - King's Fool 100g
great blend
The blend has a very nice level of spice. The sweeter flavors take over in turn and the two worked together for the entire bowl. The flakes are excellent with that soft feel and perfect moisture level. I did rest my tin for a couple of weeks but filled a bowl with no dry time. The blend really puts out a lot of flavor in the bottom half of the bowl and is a tic under medium power level. I recommend to all Enthusiasts and new comers who enjoy a flavorful blend with a savory finish.

Cornell & Diehl - Anthology 2023 2oz
Great blend
If you missed the 30th version as I did last year now is your chance to have something that may be a bit better. I missed steamworks release as I am not a big fan of cavendish but now I get a taste of some of the source tobacco. The rest of the components promise a wonderful experience from my favorite blender. Jeremy Reeves keeps his blends free of excess junk like gum arabic and has become my only tobacco supplier. I bought enough tins to age a few and left some for the rest of you. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers alike. C&D, that's for me!

Cornell & Diehl - From Beyond 2oz
Great blend
The quality of this small batch blend is excellent and brings the flavors to the top of a wonderful smoky base. The tin note is full campfire latakia.. but that changes once a bowl is lit and this delicate group of melded flavors take over. floral, sweet, peppery, a bit of citrus, and a growing nuttiness. The darker flavors are sublime and dance in and out of each draw as the melange increases the profile with a deep richness. A brown sugar and leather appears from time to time as well Now small batch offerings are hard to comment upon as they pass quickly but I have come to know if it is a Jeremy Reeves small batch I am getting the better blend and it is well worth my effort to obtain. Update: 11/13/23 My time with this blend has been great. I ordered more. EDIT...4/24 After some time with this blend in various pipes, I find it to be a major Stone fruit and brownsugar based latakia. no bite and solid medium finish to the bowl. One of the best blends of the year!!

Cornell & Diehl - Red Carpet 2oz
great blend
I did not purchase my tins from SP but I have had quite a few of these excellent 2oz gems. It is all that a Virginia can be so some rules apply. Use a slow cadence of draws, keep it smoldering for best results. If One follows those few recommendations there is a delightful garden to explore in the many shades of this excellent flake. Mr. Reeves has a way with delicate subtle flavors that frankly other blenders miss out on. His determination to provide the absolute best Pipe tobacco experience has made our time today one of the best ever in the history of man..Big shoes to fill but C&D with Mr.Reeves at the helm has consistently delivered on His promises. My trust in Cornell and Diehl has been earned with excellent tobaccos and consistent quality. Yes I am shameless in my support but I feel there is some magic happening in the Carolinas and we should be a part of It.

G. L. Pease - Regents Flake 2oz
good flake
I enjoy Oriental based blends and always look for good ones. The sizzle and pop of the Orientals are muted to a nice spice over a sweet foundation. Best I can tell it has a stone fruit type sweetness. Flakes were slightly moist for my tastes but rubbed out softly and once lit the bowl ran well to the bottom. Milder than some other GLP oriental blends with a nice foundation of flavor. I did hear this is the old temple bar plug converted into a flake form and I must say the flake is better. Recommend to all enthusiasts and newcomers alike as the blend offers lots of flavor and is easy to get a good result from any pipe.

Seattle Pipe Club - Hogshead 4oz
Great blend
The smoothest virginia blend with all the trimmings. Flavor in every draw, no bite, and a long burn with plenty of smoke production. I find that below half a bowl the blend really adds a richness to the already enjoyable profile. A slight pepper appears yet is muted and I was left with an enjoyable mild spice effect. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts and newcomers who want to try a well heeled Virginia not often found in blends of today.

G. L. Pease - Géométrie 2oz
Turkish delight
If you enjoy the Pop and Sizzle of turkish tobaccos this is a blend for you. The name implies order and structure of the elements and there is a distinct line between the two main flavors. A hot buttered apple wasbi starts the bowl. The dry sweet musty tang moves around into a woody note as well as a floral fruit. The Sizzle carried throughout the bowl but was always slightly sweet with a hot butter note while a smooth flavorful foundation kept the blend light. Both are distinct and separate thus fulfilling the name in full. Turkish tobacco’s have had a stigma of being a component of cigarettes and many boutique varieties went commercially extinct but today we enjoy a master blender taking this lovely leaf to new prominence. Recommend to all enthusiasts and newcomers who want to enjoy a unique blend. this is my second post on the blend

Seattle Pipe Club - Give Me Liberty 4oz
good tobacco
This is a very bright Virginia with a lot of flavor. It will bite and even a slow cadence will leave a bit of cayenne on the lips and tongue. That said, it is still an excellent tobacco and well worth the effort to enjoy. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and most newcomers as getting the most out of a Virginia takes some experience.

Drucquer & Sons - The Merry Monk 100g
Good flake
I am enjoying the GLP versions of drucquer and sons blends. English blends are not my most favorite in the world of pipe tobacco. Most tend to be dripping with toppings or mis matched in some way. I have several favorites with all being on the “dry” side of the flavor wheel. So it is pleasant to find a high flavor flake without some of the issues I find in other blends. Orange gooey butter cake.. shifts to a sweet mid-bowl and finishes with a semi sweet nutty burly and a very slight pre-marshmallow hint at the end of a bowl. Whew! that is a lot going on in a pipe! smooth, no bite, leaves a slight lingering soft pepper at the end. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking to enjoy all an english style blend can offer when approached by a Master Blender. Well done Mr.P et al.!!!!

Ashton - ESG 24 Year Salute
Delightful Cigar
I had been looking for a cigar from the ESG line for longer than One may suspect. My local shops never carried them. My prior experience with online cigars left me reluctant to purchase. So with my recent success with Smokingpipes sending me well protected and properly humidified cigars over the course of some time now, I decided to buy this cigar and a few others for a special trip we were taking. Being presented with this cigar in perfect condition was the first delight. The flavor profile is smooth and subtle. Nothing out of place from start to finish is my best description. Silky wrapper with almost no veins (sooo tiny!) wonderful burn with a fine dome centered the entire length. As a definition of a fine cigar, I highly recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to enjoy a cigar they will judge all others by. I again thank the Staff that sent me my special celebration cigars in such great condition. They made the moment!!

Padron - Serie 1926 Natural 80th
excellent cigar
I have had three of these cigars over my time and I found each to be extremely tasty. Cotton candy sweet, smooth as glass. The natural is my preferred wrapper and has far more flavor than the maduro. This is a cigar for celebrating and gives an experience on par with that job. Superior construction, Superior leaf, perfect burn. I had my last one of these sitting in a cabin in the badlands of South Dakota watching the sun set. I give Smokingpipes very high scores for shipping me undamaged cigars in perfect humidity so Thanks to all who did a good job!. I will say this is not my first order of cigars and it will not be my last as I am coming to trust I will get what I want as I want delivered and that makes having cigars at home fun again.

G. L. Pease - Géométrie 2oz
good plug
I like this blend thus my five star rating. Orientals are a tobacco that has a lot to offer but has gotten a lot of abuse over the years as a constituent of cigarette blends. Over the years I have seen more and more blends that bring the essence of this tobacco closer to its true place in our blends. I like the buttery hint and sweet nut that hides deep in the bowl where other blends give up. Smooth, with pepper over spice. With some time in a jar I expect this blend to mellow the level of pepper to match the soft spice and for the more delicate flavors to emerge in full. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and almost all newcomers as this is a flavor over power type blend with a deep flavor profile. For those who are willing to put in a bit of time and effort this blend will shine far above the already tasty profile I found on offer.

Sampler Packs - Caldwell Sampler (5 Pack)
great sampler
This is a good variety from Caldwell cigars. Each cigar is well made with great burn and draw. I will not go into detail on each cigar but instead comment that each is a good stick and a good example of the flavor profiles offered. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for an easy way to try some great cigars!

Zino - Platinum Crown Barrel Tubo
decent cigar
The profile starts with a semi sweet hazelnut and plays on that theme the entire cigar. A sweet mineral appeared on the edges during the second third but was a brief as it was delicious. Rarely do I find a cigar with a perfect burn and this cigar was excellent front first light to nub. Smooth, a bit on the mild side, with a pervasive nuttiness. It does not have the richness of a habano, nor the raw sweetness of a maduro and is in my opinion more an Executive Connecticut. With more age I think it would rival any cigar in the world. As is, and for the money, I rate it a 3/5 with almost all points lost on value/flavor. It is rare to find this much nuttiness that is smooth and sometimes semi sweet and it is also rare to find such a well made cigar. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers alike as this is a cigar you buy to experience for yourself.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Sweet Black Cherry Twist
cherries jubilee
I must admit to enjoying this tobacco. GH has a way with flavor that I do not find with other manufacturers. The cherry is fairly light and sweet as a hint above a solid tobacco core. The power level is higher than one might expect which is the best part for me. Deep, rich, and smooth with a slight kiss of sweetness that is a good cherry flavor. Recommend to advanced Enthusiasts and Adventurers who are willing to try a classic form of tobacco with a lot on offer. And now for the jubilee! blend sweet cherry irish X and kendal dark cherry. adjust amount to control power levels. Enjoy!

Newminster - No.23 Blackberry Brandy
good blend
I learned early on as a Tobacco Enthusiast that I did not like aromatic tobacco. Bitter, poor tasting toppings on top of low tier OTC blends. So imagine my surprise when I tried this blend! To be honest I was trying the superior navy flake which is excellent so I felt confident giving the blackberry brandy a try. With the alcoholic part I would call this a “Wineberry” it is a bit sweeter and the berry tartness carries the entire bowl. Let’s be honest this is candy tobacco.. But it is tasty, not bitter, and I admit I do enjoy it. I did buy a new cob just for this blend(and creamy peaches blend which is delish) So I recommend using a dedicated pipe as this is quite the scent bomb. To recap: Sweet, not bitter, full tobacco foundation (must be the burly) and tasty to the end of a bowl. I am the last person on Earth to suggest aromatic blends but here We are… recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Newminster - No.303 Creamy Peaches
oddly good
My first reaction to aromatic tobacco is “No thanks”. My past experiences with OTC blends has shown that any flavored tobacco has a lot of chemicals and always gets bitter once the candy topping blows off. So Newminster Creamy Peaches is not something I would try. To be honest it was my deep dive into gawith and hoggarth tobacco that caused me to look at more aromatics and the newminster superior navy flake that caused me to take a chance on a 4oz bag of Creamy Peaches. I swear I know this taste! Some cereal I ate as a child.. not the 90’s lifesavers taste some describe but another elusive taste from my past. It is good, does not bite, does not get bitter. I am impressed! As a traditional Enthusiast I usually seek only the top tier natural tobaccos that have been well prepared and aged to at least 3-5 years. So I find this blast of sweetness and unusual flavor profile a welcome break. Sometimes I seem to like to enjoy a bit of “candy” and I find this blend to be quite good and worth a recommendation.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Black Cherry 50g
Cherry cherry
As a long time Tobacco Enthusiast I found early on I did not like aromatic blends. I found the methods and materials used left a lot to be desired in a bowl. Now during my excursion into Gawith Hoggarth blends I found a number of their blends I like despite having quite a lot of toppings so I took a chance and ordered two tins of Kendal dark cherry. I always warmed to the idea of cherry in a tobacco but every time I did not find the taste matching the pouch note. This blend is a bit mild in the tin and cold draw was subdued. First light a distinct medicinal cherry appears after which the cold draw now had a full cherry tang. I like it. Smooth and flavorful, without a chemical dump aftertaste. To be honest, I enjoy natural tobacco in fuller power levels and this cherry blend will not be taking over a place in rotation instead, this will be a pleasant crowd pleaser with a nice bonus for me as a tasty cherry. I am using a cob just for the blend and I do suggest to use a cob or old unloved briar as this blend may take over with ghosting. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and Newcomers without reservations. While there are more flavors than just cherry during a bowl it does remain throughout. My personal taste history has only one analog and that would be sucrets throat lozenges. That part fades quickly but is oddly pleasant, right down to the slight tingle left on the tongue. The blend then settles into the main flavors. great stuff! Update: How to make a Cherry Bomb…. 1 part Gawith&Hoggarth Dark unscented flake 3 parts Kendal Black Cherry. The unscented provides a big blast of power without masking the Flavors. My morning bowl was tasty and powerful thus warranting a post about it. Final UPDATE::: With more time with this blend I have decided to add it to my regular rotation. The flavor may not appeal to some and the lack of power is quite noticeable yet I find myself loading bowl after bowl. With the ability to adjust the power level up or down using GH dark unscented flake this blend has become a great break from my usual blends while allowing full customization to how much flavor and power I desire at the time. Not for everyone, but for those who do enjoy the blend there is a lot on offer. Long term update... I find that with some aging this blend becomes very nice. The cherry is light and delicate with no bite. There is a great savory aspect that has appeared at the bottom of the bowl that is both tasty and satisfying. I highly recommend aging of this tobacco.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Great tobacco
I am always hopeful to find a good example of a Virginia based blend. As a moth to a flame, I try a blend to find that lovely taste that only virginia tobacco possess. This blend has charm. The warmer cereal molasses base flavors work well with the slight pepper on the nose. The topping melds with the flavor and is not something One would notice as it enhances the warmth of the profile. Mellow and sweet without the brassy flavors of other blends this blend gives a great counterpoint of what virginia tobacco can taste like. Power is a tic above mild and with a slow cadence to your draws it will not bite. High Flavor, Low bite, low power, all make this a superb all day blend. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and all Newcomers for this blend will be easy to enjoy. I will add my growing appreciation of African Virginia tobacco. Update: 6/26/23. I packed this blend in a jar and left it to sit a while. During a sample check I found the flavors have edged more towards graham crackers and prunes with a growing smoothness. As the blend is already on the mild side of the flavor wheel I doubt aging beyond the “well rested” phase will give results but I do suggest there is a lot on offer from a “well rested” batch that seemed missing before. Enjoy!!

Sir Walter Raleigh - Regular 1.5oz
nice surprise
I learned a long time ago the OTC blends were not the same as premium pipe blends in both approach and application. The smell of good tobacco never showed in the taste of a bowl for most OTC blends but this version has a unique charm. The burly is a bit on the sweetnut side then has a nice kiss of flavor that gives a dark sugar hint. The pepper in the nose is mild and can be considered almost a spice. The right pipe, smartly filled, with a measured cadence will give a lovely flavor from top to bottom of a bowl. I was skeptical as I do search for only the sweet or nut style burly and I rarely find it so this blend is a nice surprise. So I join the ranks of Enthusiasts who have rediscovered a blend in revival. I say revival as there is a basic quality underlying the entire blend. Tobaccos seem high quality and topping are lightly applied and quite appropriate. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers. This is an accessible blend on many levels and creates a good starting point when exploring burly blends. My personal note to STG is “Well Done!” UPDATE::: I have some Esoterica Tillsbury that frankly has way too much PEG applied and is still “damp” with over a year in a jar. Being hard to come by, I have been saving it for the day it finally dries out. What Luck I find that Sir Walter Raleigh is a great counter to the Tillsbury. Mixed 50/50 to find a smooth flavorful taste that is better together than each is separately. A soft sweet cinnamon appears during a bowl! I find it piquant irony that such a supposed top tier tobacco as Esoterica is made so much better by a “lowly” OTC blend. Enjoyable!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #7 Broken Flake
classic blend
In my never ending journey as a Tobacco Enthusiast there are many older blends not available to us. So when presented the chance to obtain some this blend I decided now was the time to sample lakeland style blends. Rumor has it they do well in hot weather giving me a wider range to enjoy a bowl which I look forward to. I have some kendal flake which is quite mild compared to the #7 broken flake. To my tastes it has a similar essence with a stronger tobacco core. If I had to explain the top note I would say it resembles the herb bundle used in an aftershave lotion. But the good parts, the pleasant lingering of essence is hard to explain as pleasant to some but I assure All that it is a unique and complex profile that addresses some of the issues with strong tobaccos. One might think the topping blows off and the bowl turns bitter but I find the flavor counters the rough edges basically to the end of the bowl. Probably answered my own question about how the blends do well in summer heat.. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers who have some experience and want to sample a very classic taste from a great tobacco house. Edit: 4/22/23. Chocolate Easter Bunny…. As I have grown closer to this blend I find my earlier comments to be lacking. While there is a lot going on in the bowl with this blend I finally found what can only be described as those chocolate easter bunnies I used to get as a child. Barely able to be classified as chocolate and with those odd flavored colored sugar decorations they had a distinct profile. Fast forward to today and I find that musty, chocolate flavor with a hint of a floral undertone is a very tasty blend. The more I load, the more I like!

Cornell & Diehl - Chenet's Cake 2oz
mystery blend
I have a tin of this blend from 2020. Seven more years and it will be ready to try. As for any negative reviews,,, you opened it too early! While I jest, there is a point to be made about a “cellar” series. My understanding is they will be ready in about ten years from the package date. Similar to Mount Rushmore not being the Artists vision until ten thousand years of weathering, so this blend was not ready when made. Lucky for us we only wait ten years!!

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Unscented
powerful blend
This is a strong blend with big bold flavor and a tic or two above medium in small bowls and possibly FULL in larger bowls. I find a short load in a group 3 size bowl to be plenty. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers who are ready to advance to a blend with power and flavor.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Dark
great blend
This blend is for the experienced Enthusiast with plenty of up front flavor. While on the stronger side of profiles, the blend has a lot to offer. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and seasoned newcomers looking for something more in a blend. UPDATE:::: Having more time in the jar has allowed this blend to play a trick on the profile. While not a strong example of Gawith Hoggarth flavoring, within a short time it has shifted towards what I call a “floral cigar” style flavor. My long and continuing enjoyment of cigars has brought me a few chances to know cigars with a floral hint to the profile. I wont give the list here but they are a bit hard to come by and highly prized when found. So this pipe blend has started to offer flavor in line with some of those high quality cigars. I will admit the two tobaccos arrived at that point in different ways yet I find the experience similar. I credit the natural flavorings used by GH which meld and enhance the tobaccos which are of good initial quality. Without my prior taste experience I would still enjoy the flavor of this blend, I simply can explain to others with a small amount of clarity.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye
great blend
I find this blend to be very rich and smooth with great darker flavor and a slight lingering semi sweet taste. Lights well, the thin cut can burn a bit hot if packed too tight. no bite but plenty of nice pepper on the nose toward the end of a bowl. Strong in flavor with a power level near medium. I think this is a good traditional blend worth sampling for its details. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers with an adventurous spirit looking to experience more from a blend.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Flake
great flake
I finally got some of this tobacco and I was ready for a strong blend with a possible “floral” topping. As a first sample, I did not expect what I found. There was a “scent” when opening but it was mild. Flake is easy to fold and stuff or fold and roll for a good burning bowl. Some relights at first but settles in well once fully lit. Flavor is dark and meaty with the topping smoothing any sharp edges while not changing the flavor much. Sort of a floral lift that cleans the palate at the end of a draw. My order was for bulk and I wonder if that tamed the topping more. Overall, the flake reminds me of a couple of other blends and is a good example of this style of flake with a welcome smoothness. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to try something substantial and tasty. Update:::::: Judge this blend as a workingsman blend or as a companion to a day’s journey than is still enjoyable noon to night

Low Country - Waccamaw 2oz
great blend
Nice peppery sweet start with a nice spice and smooth creamy smoke. So far every Low Country blend has been excellent. This blend is bringing lots of flavor and good manners in the bowl. The blend does a great balancing act of staying between sweet and spicy with the spice gaining ground only to be given a sweet hint to smooth the edge. The Sweet is also moderated by the spice giving some very interesting flavor combinations as the two main components battle it out for the lead. The Oriental part seems to give a mellow spice with a touch of nuttiness. I imagine “nuts and berries” with a mild paprika dusting towards the end. Wont bite, power level is a tic under medium. Flavor starts early, stays late in the bowl. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for a high flavor VaPerOr blend with a lot to offer.

Drucquer & Sons - First Amendment 100g
great blend
I finally worked through enough of my jarred tobaccos to open a new tin so I decided it was time to try this blend. I find it to be a bit more satisfying and creamy than Blairgowrie and it is a bit sweeter than Inns of Court. Smooth, flavorful, with a nice power level at the end of a bowl. The burly is good and gives the blend a nice foundation to work from. The broken flakes were at a good moisture content right out of the tin and I have great success with the fold and stuff method. I found no bite and the flavors last to the end of the bowl. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers who are comfortable with a slightly more powerful blend with lots of flavor.

Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
fun blend
Having received my shipping confirmation that my brick is on the way, I feel the urge to join the controversy of this blend. There are many opinions about the size being one pound and the addition of kasturi leaf seems a close second, yet the blend appears to be accepted by most as above average in quality. My opinion of Mr. Jeremy Reeves skills as a blender has grown to the level that I can buy a pound “taste unseen, with confidence. His blends have been in my vault for quite a while now so when I read his description of a blend it usually matches. The Quality of the entire C&D catalogue seems to have gotten a boost in my opinion. So reading many forums about folklore blend there was always the negativity of hoarding small batch releases. One point I like to make is to be sure and enjoy your best blends not hide them away. I just opened my 19 month old tin of sunbear black locust of which I have only one tin simply because it felt like a good time to do so. That blend is sublime and I miss not buying fifty tins but does that not make every sip and draw more special? I do try to stock up on a quality crop year but maybe next crop is better? We always seems to worry our favorite blend will change or disappear. I often think there things I like, and things I did not know I liked until I tried them. The point is we flow with time and our blends do as well. By accepting the fleeting moments of a certain blends lifespan we can celebrate the enjoyment and savor the moment a bit more. By not hoarding more fellow Enthusiasts may have a chance to join you in appreciating a favorite blend. Small Batch offerings are the core element of the struggle between enjoyment and hoarding. I aged my SBBL for 19 months then had to decide if I wait or open.. I chose to open the tin to fight my own urge to hoard. Glad I did as it is superb.. So I admit to owning one chenets cake tin and one king cake which should be aged 10 years and I plan on trying to make it that long for fun but Folklore will be enjoyed and gone long before then. I close my comments with the hope that all my fellow Enthusiasts will open those tasty bricks and load bowls, make small gifts to friends, and trust there will be something tasty offered again next crop year. If you are bored try getting sanctions off syria so we can get the rare latakia again. Seems a better task than frequently re-counting several lifetimes worth of tobaccos you will not enjoy.. I trust C&D to have a blend I want to enjoy next crop year and I trust Mr Reeves to make them as he describes they will be. I close in hopes you all stay happy and healthy as we all await the blends made from the next crop year!!! Edit: 1/31/23. my brick arrived on schedule (thank you SP) I can confirm a wonderful scent when one gives the seam a sniff. Several very good blends have had a similar note so I think I know part of what is in the bag!. I do enjoy the pound brick, it lays flat in my vault. After a good rest from the shipping I have several fresh jars and lids waiting. At least one bowl will be pulled from then but I like some time in a jar for any plug/cake before loading. That puts me about march before a taste review. See you then!

Low Country - Guendalose 2oz
great blend
I have enjoyed many cigars in my time so finding a quality pipe blend offering a good cigar flavor naturally gets my attention. Flavors are upfront with nice changes during the bowl highlighting the tasty cigar leaf. The base tobaccos keep the blend sweeter than one might guess and overall there is a nice smooth character. The cigar leaf is framed well in the profile, not too much, not too little, with a steady rise of spicy flavor toward the end of a bowl. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to taste a fine cigar over a VaPer base. Easy to enjoy, Power level was a tic under medium but might rise in larger bowls.

Sillem's - European Blend: London 50g
great blend
This is what I call a “dry” english blend. Traditional flavors, a bit of spice over the woody latakia forward profile. Had some relights that gave nice bursts of flavor especially if let sit more than five minutes. I really enjoy this style blend over other english blends. It has a woody richness and subtle sweetness that lasts to the end. Very few current offerings has the same charm and cool burn. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking to enjoy a rich mellow blend.

Captain Earle's - Private Stock 2oz
good blend
This blend is another study in how tobacco can be many things. One feature of the series has been the interplay of sweet and strong with this offering being the more pronounced of the group for how it changes. The start is intense but settles down into a growing sweetness during a bowl. Spice tugs at mellowness while a warm glow on the tongue hints you are nearing the bottom of the bowl. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for sweet spice with a side of dark mellowness.

Captain Earle's - Nightwatch 2oz
good blend
The blend starts with a slap to the lips and a coating of latakia and a sweet undertone. As expected, a blend billed to evoke standing watch on a sailing ship should grab your attention. But intensified flavors need comforts and the blend has a nice sweet note that grows as the bowl progresses becoming a stronger element and blunting the power of the other tobaccos. Flavor level is full Power level is actually a tic under medium giving an Enthusiast a powerful flavor profile without the intense nicotine levels that can prevent a blend from appealing to more people. that said, bigger bowls amp up the power beyond medium for the seasoned Enthusiast. For me the Captain Earles series has been a study in two main themes. How sweet and strong play together and how those two can changes during a bowl. This blend highlights an intense start with big flavors that mellow over the course of a bowl. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers who are wanting big flavors without too much worry

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 2oz
great blend
The mix of sweet and strong work well in this blend to give a lot of flavor with no bite which is a nice perk of latakia blends. Not too heavy on the tongue, a bit of spice and pepper late in the bowl. power is a tic under medium even in my large bowls. The Captain Earles series is another good offering from C&D and any of the blends are worth trying with Ten Russians being a bit sweeter with a rich smooth foundation. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for a sweet and strong blend with a lot of charm. I wonder how well this pairs with a nice whiskey?

Captain Earle's - Stimulus Package 2oz
great blend
As a Tobacco Enthusiast I am always ready to try strong blends and I felt sure this blend would pack a punch. Best explanation is the light flavors are a little dark and the dark flavors are a little light. It has a nice citrus that is warmer being closer to orange than lemon. the latakia coats the tongue but only until another blush of semi sweet citrus appears. A bit of gooey buttercake hints on the edges. Unsweetened oatmeal cookie after a semi sweet orange candy while standing next to a sweet smokey campfire. The “krumble plug” is dense, more so than average. burns cool with some relights, power level is a tic or so under medium. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomer ready to try a stronger blend without worry.

Captain Earle's - Honor Blend 2oz
great blend
Sweet with a strong foundation. Flavor is up front and lasts the entire bowl. Power level is a tic under medium and matches the flavor profile well. No bite even in a large bowl. The blend is similar to the other blends of the series in both power and flavor but has a nice difference that keeps it light on the palate for a nice bowl with no rough edges. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for a sweet blend with a great foundation of smooth strength.

Captain Earle's - Diamond Head 2oz
good blend
I found the blend to be a good mix of flavor with a nice finish. It does become a bit intense toward the end of a bowl yet there is a good balance. The word “Balance” and “Restraint” come to mind during a bowl. Sweet and Strong work together to a finish that was a tic under medium. I liked how the blend tells a story of “Marriage” in tobacco. C&D are the experts in creating blends with themes and while I do not like them all, I recognize they hit the marks intended. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers as this blend offers a lot to all.

Samuel Gawith - Balkan Flake 8oz
great blend
Thick, long flakes that are well matured with a dry tarry moistness. I only have had one other flake of this type and it was lancers slices. Unlike that blend this version has much higher quality tobacco and as a result the ultimate flavor is much better. Will tingle if burned too hot but very forgiving up to that point. Classic, Traditional, flavors in a wonderful flake form. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers of all types as this is one great example of this style of blend.

Drucquer & Sons - Casbah 100g
great blend
This blend is a nice crumble plug, lights easy, burns to a grey ash with few relights. I do pre cut small blocks from the plug and do try to let it rest in a bowl after rubbing out. Flavor is on offer at all times. A unique sweet nut and smokey stewed fruit seemed to come from the interplay of the Oriental and latakia at times. This is by no means a Latakia forward blend. There is a lot in the blend but it never takes over from the Orientals. Spice is up front but not overwhelming, Power is a tic under medium in the bowls I have used so far. I must say that this is another blend from Drucuer and Sons that I have to make room for in my vault. I suspect aging this blend will be worth the effort. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers who enjoy Oriental spice on top of a rich flavor profile.

Drucquer & Sons - Red Lion 100g
great blend
The title should be Red Lion Tamer as this blend does just that, tames the Virginia. Loads of flavor without the burn and tingle. I love the sweet virginia profile in all blends but so many leave a tingle too strong to overlook. This blend will be in my rotation from now on. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to enjoy the sweet things on offer.

Drucquer & Sons - Levant Mixture 100g
great blend
This blend is what i call a melange’. No one tobacco stands out yet you would miss them if absent. For those that are interested, SPC ranier levant is supposed to be a sister blend but I found that blend a bit bland. This version is very rich in flavor while being smooth with good manners in the bowl. Power is a tic under medium, no rough edges, minimum number of relights ending in a nice dry ash at the end. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to find a new favorite blend.

Drucquer & Sons - Prince's Blend 100g
good blend
To me this blend is a very light and mild English with a slight smooth pepper in the nose to keep it from being too mild. High quality tobaccos, good burn. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers. This blend is easy to enjoy.

Drucquer & Sons - The Devil's Own 100g
okay blend
As a Tobacco Enthusiast i always enjoy a blend with a history or good story behind it so it was natural to try this blend. This is a blend for a busy person. It has an intensity under the flavor. The Burly is more creamy pepper with some virginias making a slight tingle on the tongue. Power level is a tick under medium and does not match the intensity of the flavors. The quality of the tobaccos keep this blend from being too rough but for me personally I find the blend unbalanced which GLP does have a few blends I find to be that way. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers for the historical implications

Drucquer & Sons - Inns of Court 100g
great blend
As a Tobacco Enthusiast I enjoy thinking about those classic blends we no longer have. I often find myself watching folks enjoy a pipe in old movies wondering what is in those bowls!?. So the opportunity to taste a blend with a proven history is a rare treat. This is also the second 5 star rating I have given a blend with burly. oddly the other blend is a GLPease blend too. The burly is of the delicate variety with plenty of flavor to the foundation it provides. As a blend that comforted a tired crewman on a long voyage it has a power level that can be over medium at the end of a large bowl. But the flavor is well worth the effort and in a smaller bowl it is quite tame with a lively flavor profile. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to taste a delicious blend with a unique history. Edit: 12/24/22 As my region has been frozen by an Arctic blast I am limited to small bowls of my most potent blends and as this recipe went to the South Pole I was excited to test it out. I found the blend to work very well in cold temperatures with the burly tamed even more than normal yet still providing a great foundation with a lot of flavor still present. I used a cob for the subzero temps and an old canadian when above zero degrees. I do caution using mixed material pipes (metal, acrylic, plastic etc. in such conditions. I find the long shank of the canadian/lumberman,lovat pipe to resist cracking far better than other types and the smaller vulcanite bit seems to tolerate the cold as well. Enjoy this blend year round!

G. L. Pease - Bankside 2oz
good blend
This is a nice blend with the Perique as the lead tobacco with the rest supporting the earthy profile. Not too sweet but the virginias do leave a bit of a tingle after a large bowl. Overall a nice earthy blend. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for another Perique forward blend.

Low Country - Atalaya 2oz
great blend
Most describe this as a Va/Per but I feel it is actually a Per/Va. The Perique is up front with the virginias giving a nice supporting sweetness with a nice cereal overtone instead of the usual bright citrus or hay. After first light I caught a couple hints of coffee and about 3/4ths into the bowl a slight popcorn appeared for a couple of draws. I really thought I knew Perique but this blend brings some surprises. The spice was delicate on the nose with no rough edges. Flavor remained excellent rim to heel. Power is a tic under medium. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to enjoy the next wave of Perique. EDIT: 4/23/2024. After some time with this blend I can say it has become a vital part of my pipe enjoyment. Great flavor, smooth with no bite, almost medium power levels in a large bowl. I highly recommend this blend....again....

Drucquer & Sons - Loch Ness 100g
This blend is one more in a category that has many contenders yet few champions. I find it pleasant to be a Tobacco Enthusiast at this moment in time for we enjoy the very best blends and this is one of them. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to try a blend that offers rich flavor and quality tobaccos. I do suggest smaller bowls for newcomers but overall the power is low for the amount of flavor on offer. EDIT: After a number of bowls I think I found the secret to this blend. Originally I thought this to be a good blend with some undefined flavor that held in to the bottom of the bowl. I spent a lot of effort trying to pin down that flavor. I say the flavor is “fresh water”. how good a blender is Mr. Pease to make tobacco taste like that at the end of a bowl.? Also after this many bowls I can safely say this is both delicious and unusual for a blend and should be sampled by all Enthusiasts and newcomers. Well done Mr. Pease! Long term update.. With some time in the aging vault this blend has become much improved over an already good blend. Delicate and savory. I also have found this blend works well in summer heat. As we know, a lot of blends are not good in high heat conditions but this one shines.

Drucquer & Sons - Trafalgar 100g
great blend
The quality of the tobaccos make this blend shine. For me personally the blend is a 4/5 for flavor but 5/5 for quality. Flavors are as expected from this style blend adding in a nice sweetness that remains for most of a bowl. It is a bit mild making this an all day blend for most Enthusiasts. In a group3 or larger bowl there is a small increase in power with a small rough edge that actually helps offset the overall mildness. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers as this blend is an excellent choice to explore.

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
great blend
This blend will bring a lot of folks to pipe enjoyment. Quality is something that can not be faked or covered over and this is a high quality blend from a master blender wishing to honor his memories with this traditional blend. Superb! recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers. This is a blend you will judge other blends against for a lifetime. edit: after some more bowls I up the rating to an unheard of 6/5. my vintage grp2 hardcastle billiard and this blend were made for each other. power level in a larger bowl may be higher but in the right pipe I find the end of the bowl and my satisfaction to always be perfectly balanced. I also find no rough edges I need to micro blend away which makes this one of the singular blends I enjoy with no additions. I hope Mr. Pease offers this blend for as long as I want to fill a bowl with it!