Robert M.

Drucquer & Sons - Red Lion 100g
great blend
The title should be Red Lion Tamer as this blend does just that, tames the Virginia. Loads of flavor without the burn and tingle. I love the sweet virginia profile in all blends but so many leave a tingle too strong to overlook. This blend will be in my rotation from now on. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to enjoy the sweet things on offer.

Drucquer & Sons - Levant Mixture 100g
great blend
This blend is what i call a melange’. No one tobacco stands out yet you would miss them if absent. For those that are interested, SPC ranier levant is supposed to be a sister blend but I found that blend a bit bland. This version is very rich in flavor while being smooth with good manners in the bowl. Power is a tic under medium, no rough edges, minimum number of relights ending in a nice dry ash at the end. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to find a new favorite blend.

Drucquer & Sons - Prince's Blend 100g
good blend
To me this blend is a very light and mild English with a slight smooth pepper in the nose to keep it from being too mild. High quality tobaccos, good burn. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers. This blend is easy to enjoy.

Drucquer & Sons - The Devil's Own 100g
okay blend
As a Tobacco Enthusiast i always enjoy a blend with a history or good story behind it so it was natural to try this blend. This is a blend for a busy person. It has an intensity under the flavor. The Burly is more creamy pepper with some virginias making a slight tingle on the tongue. Power level is a tick under medium and does not match the intensity of the flavors. The quality of the tobaccos keep this blend from being too rough but for me personally I find the blend unbalanced which GLP does have a few blends I find to be that way. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers for the historical implications

Drucquer & Sons - Inns of Court 100g
great blend
As a Tobacco Enthusiast I enjoy thinking about those classic blends we no longer have. I often find myself watching folks enjoy a pipe in old movies wondering what is in those bowls!?. So the opportunity to taste a blend with a proven history is a rare treat. This is also the second 5 star rating I have given a blend with burly. oddly the other blend is a GLPease blend too. The burly is of the delicate variety with plenty of flavor to the foundation it provides. As a blend that comforted a tired crewman on a long voyage it has a power level that can be over medium at the end of a large bowl. But the flavor is well worth the effort and in a smaller bowl it is quite tame with a lively flavor profile. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers wanting to taste a delicious blend with a unique history.

G. L. Pease - Bankside 2oz
good blend
This is a nice blend with the Perique as the lead tobacco with the rest supporting the earthy profile. Not too sweet but the virginias do leave a bit of a tingle after a large bowl. Overall a nice earthy blend. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers looking for another Perique forward blend.

Low Country - Atalaya 2oz
great blend
Most describe this as a Va/Per but I feel it is actually a Per/Va. The Perique is up front with the virginias giving a nice supporting sweetness with a nice cereal overtone instead of the usual bright citrus or hay. After first light I caught a couple hints of coffee and about 3/4ths into the bowl a slight popcorn appeared for a couple of draws. I really thought I knew Perique but this blend brings some surprises. The spice was delicate on the nose with no rough edges. Flavor remained excellent rim to heel. Power is a tic under medium. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to enjoy the next wave of Perique.

Drucquer & Sons - Loch Ness 100g
This blend is one more in a category that has many contenders yet few champions. I find it pleasant to be a Tobacco Enthusiast at this moment in time for we enjoy the very best blends and this is one of them. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and newcomers ready to try a blend that offers rich flavor and quality tobaccos. I do suggest smaller bowls for newcomers but overall the power is low for the amount of flavor on offer. EDIT: After a number of bowls I think I found the secret to this blend. Originally I thought this to be a good blend with some undefined flavor that held in to the bottom of the bowl. I spent a lot of effort trying to pin down that flavor. I say the flavor is “fresh water”. how good a blender is Mr. Pease to make tobacco taste like water? Also after this many bowls I can safely say this is both delicious and unusual for a blend and should be sampled by all Enthusiasts and newcomers. Well done Mr. Pease!

Drucquer & Sons - Trafalgar 100g
great blend
The quality of the tobaccos make this blend shine. For me personally the blend is a 4/5 for flavor but 5/5 for quality. Flavors are as expected from this style blend adding in a nice sweetness that remains for most of a bowl. It is a bit mild making this an all day blend for most Enthusiasts. In a group3 or larger bowl there is a small increase in power with a small rough edge that actually helps offset the overall mildness. Recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers as this blend is an excellent choice to explore.

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
great blend
This blend will bring a lot of folks to pipe enjoyment. Quality is something that can not be faked or covered over and this is a high quality blend from a master blender wishing to honor his memories with this traditional blend. Superb! recommend to all Enthusiasts and all newcomers. This is a blend you will judge other blends against for a lifetime. edit: after some more bowls I up the rating to an unheard of 6/5. my vintage grp2 hardcastle billiard and this blend were made for each other. power level in a larger bowl may be higher but in the right pipe I find the end of the bowl and my satisfaction to always be perfectly balanced. I also find no rough edges I need to micro blend away which makes this one of the singular blends I enjoy with no additions. I hope Mr. Pease offers this blend for as long as I want to fill a bowl with it!

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