Cornell & Diehl - Chopped Cigar Leaf
非常棒的调味料 An excellent seasoning
这真是一款神奇的调料,任何口味寡淡的斗草配上它后,都会变得有口味了。如果配上重口味的斗草(比如海盗Kake、老铁甲等),那味道就更上一层楼了。你就会更想去享受这个抽烟的过程了。如果想戒甜食,不想因为大量地摄入甜食而长胖的话,可以尝试用这款碎雪茄叶来搭配巴尔干调配的草来替代自己对甜食的欲望,这个口味比波霸奶茶要棒。 This is a magical seasoning, any tasteless pipe tobacco with it will be improved. And it can also be mixed with the heavy taste one (just like pirate kake, the old ironside and so on), it will give you an abundant feeling. And you will enjoy the smoking much more. If you want to quit drink sweetdrinking to avoiding fat, you can try to mix this Chopped Cigar Leaf with Balkan Blend in order to instead the sweetdrinking, it will give you the better feeling than the boba tea.

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