Tae Hwa L.

Liga Privada - #9 Toro
smoked flavor
I got into cigars and smoked a toro for the first time, but got punched for the first time. Powerful. There was a smell of smoke from the fire in the room where they escaped. There was a refreshing scent at the end of the taste.

Oliva - Gilberto Reserva Blanc Corona
balance of spices
Leather, fruit, pepper, and wood notes were all equally felt. I think it's enough to feel the cigar for the first time.

Drew Estate - Isla del Sol Sun Grown Gran Corona
sweet mouth
The mouth is sweet, but the depth of the fragrance is not deep. At the end of the breath, the cocoa flavor stimulates the tip of the tongue.

Oliva - Serie V Melanio Maduro #4
Sorry for the small size.
The delicate aroma and taste are maintained from start to finish. The sweetness, wood scent, and a little bit of coffee scent are also subtly maintained.

Oliva - Gilberto Reserva Corona
Spicy by my standards
The smoke and ash are spicy. The scent of leather comes from the beginning and peaks in the middle.

Arturo Fuente - Exquisitos Maduro
smells like apples, but i consumed 20 of them sometime spy, strong earthy smell, long running time you may need something to make a hole in.

Arturo Fuente - Brevas Royale Natural
my first order the regret is case by case difernt taste but, easy to use for introductory use