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Seattle Pipe Club - Christmas Spirit 2023 4oz
A real review is forthcoming
I dont have a horse in this race, I'm just a retail schmuck just like you all. But several things to point out here. first it's only 3 bucks more a tin than regular plum pudding reserve, which is pretty cheap for a ride thru a rum barrel, 2. Unless you are Elon Musk, there will always be things in this world you cant afford. I can't afford a Ferrari , but you don't see me on their website whining about it. 3. Us pipe smokers sometimes forget how lucky we are, Good cigars are 10 - 20 bucks apiece, that makes this a much more affordable hobby, even if all you smoked was plumb pudding special reserve. As soon as my 3 tins get here I'll let you know if I like it, If I don't, I'll probably double my money on Tinbids... : )

Drucquer & Sons - The Merry Monk 100g
It hits the spot
I can resist everything but temptation, so I was probably one of the first few to purchase. I have too many English blends to count, but I would rate this in my top ten, maybe my top five. Smooth smoke, no complaints. I will be buying more .

Hunting Pipe Partially Rusticated Cheetah (2020)

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Tobacco Galleria: Night Cap

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Mac Baren
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