Michael V.

Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
Good stuff
OK taste and above average aroma.

Missouri Meerschaum - Pony Express
Rough but OK for the price
Overall pipe seemed solid and consistent with the other MM pipes I own. Only complaint is the stem was quite loose. Needs better fitting.

Missouri Meerschaum - Let Freedom Ring Rob Roy Bent (6mm)
Great first pipe
Great pipe for beginners. Felt like quality in hand. The rough bowl texture helps keep it stable in hand. Burnt well and seemed forgiving of my novice lighting technique.

Starter Kits - Highway Nine Rusticated Starter Kit Straight
Good first pipe
Good first pipe. Felt solid and it's been forgiving of my newbie lighting technique. The pipe tamper I received was different than the one pictured but functioned presumably the same. Great rustication on the bowl as well!

Old German Clay - Offering (Black)
Good winter pipe
I was a bit scared of tongue bite with such a short clay. No bite at all. Also was very manageable to hold. No burnt fingers. It gets a bit hot towards the end of the bowl. Last note, due to the rounded stem, I wasn't able to pop it in and multi-task. The round stem always made it twist from one side to the other. Good quality for a great price.

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