Alex R.

Toscano - 1492 Anno Domini (2 Pack)
my first cheroot
great burn, surprisingly long smoke time & super convenient for out&about smoke breaks

Acid - Krush Classic Blue Connecticut (10 Pack)
not the maduro but still nice
good intro the blue line, but smoke a kuba if you have the time

Acid - Krush Classic Morado Maduro (10 Pack)
My fav of the Krush
Great first smoke as a intro to the range - lots of flavour and pleasant smoke - no nicotine buzz to worry about

Acid - Blondie Red
Nice enough
Good flavour - lots of smoke - perfect burn - great over lunch break

Perdomo - Humidified Bag Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne (4 Pack)
Simply wonderful
enjoyable from the wrapper to the nub - great value in a 4 pack

Camacho - Fresh Pack Criollo Robusto (4 Pack)
Sneaks up on you
starts relatively mild but transitions in strength - sharp consistent burn that doesn't need attention - great value but -1 star because excessive label glue tearing wrapper on some sticks

Acid - Blondie Maduro
Dark satin feel - pleasant small - delicious if you like the Krush Maduro

Camacho - Fresh Pack Connecticut Robusto (4 Pack)
Medium and very smooth
flawless smooth wrapper - perfect draw and burn - made a pleasant winter afternoon in the sun with a ginger beer

Acid - Blondie
Aromatic and mild
Perfect burn - plenty of smooth fragrant smoke - wonderful to enjoy with a meal

Acid - Krush Green Candela (10 Pack)
great quick smoke with flavour
always nice to have a wrapper that is different - I still prefer the purple/maduro, but this is still an excellent quick smoke with pleasant aroma

Sampler Packs - CAO Gold Sampler (4 Pack)
Very enjoyable
term "sampler" been used loosely, but a nice way to experience the effect of different wrapper and aging (smoke now vs smoke later) - consistent burn & solid constructions - the maduro is the star of this pairing

Montecristo - White Series Prontos Petites (6 Pack)
excellent quick smoke
lots of smoke - mild & creamy - rustic appearance but perfect burn - great for the price

Acid - C-Note
good for a quick winter smoke
small stick that shares the basics of its bigger siblings - needs regular attention when smoking outdoors in the cold, so difficult to prevent getting too hot - bring your own disposable plastic tips is suggested

Drew Estate - Tabak Especial Dark Roast (10 Pack)
Fragrant smoke and lots of it
Very pleasant paired with a coffee time smoko - well constructed and consistent burn - large amounts of smoke and never harsh - very enjoyable

Acid - Kuba Maduro
Smooth and enjoyable
Very enjoyable 60 minute spoke for first two-thirds - plenty of pleasant smoke - last third bit harsh

Drew Estate - Isla del Sol Sun Grown Robusto
Smooth & mild
Great $5 stick - smooth and enjoyable with slices of fruit in the warm sun - burn needed touching up a few times - single cap, so used wide punch, which meant a little tight on the draw - not much smoke unless double puffed - would probably benefit from 65 instead of 69 RH - overall, would buy again and pair with coffee

Southern Draw - 300 Hands 3-Cigar Sampler
Excellent 300 Hands intro sampler
The maduro had draw issues due to two thick stems plugging under the cap, but a Perfect Draw fixed - others were unobstructed, with good draw & razor sharp burn, which made for nice 70-90 minute sessions with coffee or rum

Drew Estate - Deadwood Leather Rose Petite Corona
Reminds me of a larger ACID Krush Maduro
Satin feel with pleasant smell - burnt consistently but needed more attention in last third - tasty overall & paired well with coffee - solid 45min smoke

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