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Cornell & Diehl - Apricots and Cream
Like Candy
I remember loving peach/apricot hookah tobacco back in the day, and it was the same when I was vaping. So when I started pipe smoking of course I grabbed some of this stuff. I love the wet snap, crackle and pop as it burns. One of the few blends that I smoke the entire bowl. Kind of low in nicotine content though, so sometimes I do a 50/50 mix with Five Brothers. I encourage everyone to try it.

Missouri Meerschaum - Mark Twain Bent (6mm)
Almost love it.
Provides an outstanding smoke, and a lot of folks on the Facebook pipe groups I frequent love 'em. The one I received gets too hot to hold very quickly. I'm going to get a couple more though because like I said, it's such a comfortable inhale.

Stands & Pouches - Genuine Leather 1 Pipe Combo Pouch Black
Five Stars For Sure.
I wasn't expecting much. It was only $1.00 more than the el cheapo I got on Amazon that promised a big tobacco compartment and the capacity to carry 4 (tiny, little) pipes as well. But this one here is the Cat's Ass. Very well constructed of a nice, soft to the touch leather, and narrow. Just enough room for a single pipe to be zipped up in the bottom, with a compartment for your lighter and Czech tool as well. The tobacco pouch part will easily get you through a 4 day weekend. The 2 - snap enclosure has no magnets, so it's even more of a plus for me. Highly recommended.

Captain Black - Original 7oz
It's a good Go-To
I've only been pipe smoking for 3 months now, after hand rolling for 2 years and then smoking Marlboro's for 25 years before that. I don't bother to give a review unless I feel it's worth 5 stars.... I was a real tobacco snob at first and resisted this stuff when I saw it in a smoke shop because the pouch brought back childhood memories and I figured if my Grand Dad smoked it, there had to be something better out there by now. I've been having great fun sampling various Lane and Sutliff aromatics, but did eventually get curious and buy a pouch. After just two bowls I jumped here and ordered a big ol' tin to make sure I never run out. This stuff provides just enough of a back-of-the-throat hit, along with nicotine satisfaction to keep this former cigarette smoker happy, without any cough or burn. I've been packing a bowl before bed every night so it's ready when I wake up. Get some and try it.

War Horse - Green 1.75oz
This Is The Real Thing
I've only been pipe smoking for about 3 months and have thoroughly enjoyed all the aromatics I've sampled, but was looking for something with real nicotine kick. Ordered a can of this stuff on the personal recommendation of Sam Bowden here... Well he didn't steer me wrong! Once I figured out how to get the can open and discovered the licorice - smelling brick inside, I shaved some off one corner and crumbled it between fingers and thumb. Lights easy and stays lit in the bowl... and produces a nicotine experience very similar to what you remember from your first time! If you're smoking it straight out of the can, I urge you to do it sitting down the first time, and take care to keep it away from the back of your throat. It has a little kick to it. I'm going to blend it with one of my "weaker" aromatics this evening, - maybe even with some from my last pouch of Captain Black Grape..... Should be great!

Cornell & Diehl - Long Cut Perique
I've Found What I Was Looking For
After 30+ years smoking cigarettes I switched to pipes about 3 months ago. In that time I tried all kinds of aromatics and loved them, but I just wasn't getting the nicotine kick I was after. Bought couple ounces of this stuff on the personal recommendation of Sam Bowden here at Smokingpipes, who assured me I wouldn't be disappointed. Well it got here today and I immediately packed a couple of healthy pinches into a little clay pipe and fired it up. WOW. It smells just like whatever my grandfather smoked. Which is a good thing. And the nicotine experience will surely please you. First time you try it, it could very well feel like your first time, so make sure you're sitting down. And be careful not to accidentally inhale, like I did. I'll be buying more for sure. This evening I'm going to create a 50/50 blend of this stuff, and Briar Works Peach Cobbler, just for fun. But for first thing in the morning, when I need to wake up and get motivated, I'm going to go full strength. Five Stars, just for nicotine content. Thanks Sam.

Lane Limited - HGL
What Am I Doing Wrong?
I've only switched over to pipes just since early January, so perhaps my opinion doesn't count for much. In this short time I've developed a real fondness for Lane and Sutliff aromatics. I've given the HGL repeated chances but here's my final review: - tastes like Dawn Dish Soap.

Cornell & Diehl
Dreams of Kadath 2oz

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Dolomiti Rusticated (320 KS) (6mm)

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Sera (8320) (6mm)

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Bronzo Author (9mm)

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Great Dane Partially Rusticated Freehand (C)

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Cornell & Diehl
Oriental Silk

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Peach Cobbler 2oz

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Cara Sandblasted (150) Fishtail

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Creme Brulee

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Stands & Pouches
Rossi 2 Pipe Case- Red

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Cornell & Diehl
Apples & Cream

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No.303 Creamy Peaches

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Lane Limited

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