Patrick K.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
Pure pleasure. Gets better as and better all the way down to the bottom of the bowl. Pairs really well with tea or Sunkist grape drink that you mix up from the powder. Hehe great combo. To me it has a hint of buttery goodness that is wonderful. 5 stars.

G. L. Pease - The Virginia Cream 2oz
excellent tobacco. first and foremost, the tobacco is not cased exceedingly. She's sweet, and the tobacco's quality shines as the main star of the show.

Robert Lewis - 123 Mixture 50g
I reach for more.
No brain-er here. Amazing smoke. Sweet and complex. Amazing nose and alluring tin note. very balanced.

Savinelli - Brunello Flake 100g
Luxury smoke.
Incredible taste, nose, and bright yet aged feel in the tin note! wonderful tobacco!

Savinelli - Doblone d'Oro 100g
Very enjoyable.
Incredible tin note, nose, and taste. Best smoked inside or a windless day to keep it cool. So worth it.

Savinelli - Juno 2oz
So satisfying.
Such smooth sipping. The cooler you can smoke it the more you will enjoy this masterpiece.

Cobblestone - Indulge Walnut Maple Pie 1.5oz
Very enjoyable.
A fulfilling smoke. The walnut and maple compliment the burly very nicely. Will always have some of this on hand.

Starter Kits - Three Pipe Kit
bought 3 more
best value for the $.

Starter Kits - Three Pipe Kit
Could not be happier
Got three great smokers for 50$ I am a happy customer.

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