Greg C.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Gold
Loved it.
Again, I need to stress i'm a returning to the pipe mid aged guy. So I started with my old times favorite Mac Baren Virginia No 1, and in addition for some diversity bought this one as well (pound+pound) I LOVE IT. I reminds me of being kid, of all thing, going to the seashore and passing through a pine forest 100 feet from the sea. It's exactly the same smell :))) Anyway, if you like non invasive but still aromatic tobacco - this one is for you. Well it's definitely one for me.

Mac Baren - Virginia No. 1
20+ years of pleasure :)
I started to smoke pipe almost 25 year ago, 98 I think. And this specific tobacco was my favorite through all this years. Multiple time I tried different bands or different sorts of Mac Baren, but always went back to Virginia No. 1, time and time again. I'm not really a tobacco 'gourmet', so I can't talk for hours about flavors, smells and tastes. I'm just saying for me personally this tobacco is a trip back in time :)

Mac Baren
Virginia No. 1

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