Davis H.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Small Batch Freja & Loki 2oz
time zones are real
it's almost as if the sun rises in the east and the Chinese market is ahead of those in the west. As always a great blend, int Orientals here.

Samuel Gawith - Commonwealth Mixture 50g
Nuanced Lat Bomb
Read a bunch of reviews here and there about English’s being “ creamy” well ,this one delivers. A powerful blend of sweet Virginias and blacker than the abyss Latakia. There is always a tad of Lakeland and it’s quiet though in the mid ground on this one. As I sometimes forgo early morning pipe for Presbyterian when I want a little less Lat I will be forgoing my nightcap when I want a little more…

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus
Definition of a modern all day smoke
When I first got a couple oz of this I was put off a bit by a sourness that I chalked up to needing some time in the jar. Two months later and a few different pipes and I found a great sweet tangy nutty burley I can load all day. The nicotine level is just past medium so you get a nice American Codger vibe but with a little more kick but still cool and smooth. This will be my first time purchasing by the pound. If you are a fan of Old Joe Krantz and Haunted Bookshop but want something you can smoke bowl after bowl without the Virginia bite or Perique pepper try this it’s cool and sweet but definitely a burley Burley…

Tabac De La Semois - La Volute 3.5oz
Strange cut beautiful tin note
I knew I would like this because of its origins but I don’t know if the cut is ideal. It comes in a dry brick of mangled stem and leaf. It’s awkward to pack and smoke but I did experience three distinct flavor changes within the same bowl a very smooth , cool, and floral beginning. Then in the middle of the bowl very nutty almost sweet. Then earthy like dusty dirt but not just ashy end of the bowl like actual dark earthy notes. I’m excited to try more cuts this one is even listed as “other” there is a slightly lighter shag cut and a couple other ribbon cuts. I could see this as a daily fancy burley if given the right cut and pipe combo.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Edited after jarring
Flavorless hot air. I’ll try jarring it but I’m not expecting much… I gave it a 0.5 star upon first review (see above) After a couple months of jarring and resetting my palate I find this to be a nice morning smoke when you either run out of early morning pipe or just want to take a breather from Latakia it’s there but it takes a backseat to the quality baccys .It’s a good smoke lighter on the Nic but a nice way to start the day. I could see it being an all day for someone who wants to take a break from burly or virginias and want to concentrate on orientals a while.

Silver Label - 660 100g

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Irish Flake 50g

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Samuel Gawith
Full Virginia Flake 50g

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Shell Briar (2407) (2021)

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Cornell & Diehl
Orion's Arrow

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Cornell & Diehl
Dreams of Kadath 2oz

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Cornell & Diehl
Super Balkan

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Cornell & Diehl
Bijou 2oz

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Mac Baren
HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz

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Early Morning Pipe 50g

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