William B.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
It's not garbage
This stuff is remarkably good, which is why it sells out FAST. I just ordered two pounds of it and it was sold out within 30 minutes. That should tell you all you need to know. There is no recipe, but I find it to be fairly consistent from batch to batch.

Grand Croupier - Double Down
Worth the price
A random mix of scarps in the Virginia burley genre, I've never had a bad batch of any Grand Croupier blend.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
Oh Wow!
I never dreamed that this would be as good as it is. Although it's scraps and your milage may vary depending upon the mix, the pound I received was some of the best tobacco I've ever smoked. The blend isn't all ribbon. There's broken flakes, rough cut and literally chunks of heady Latakia. I can't wait to roll the dice on this again.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
Best kept secret in pipe smoking
Sure, it's bag ends and probably scrap swept off the floor, but it's damn delicious. If given a choice between Balkan Sobranie and ty his, I'll to make this.

Peterson - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
Tastes just like Robert McConnell Scottish Cake
As the toddler implies, I cannot discern this from McConnell's Scottish Cake, which is to my benefit because I love the stuff.

Grand Croupier

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