Debonaire - Daybreak First Degree
Great Little Stick
Wonderful cigar, Medium strength, smooth, creamy, nut and cedar notes. A nice 45 minute+ smoke, just right for break. Highly recommend. It's flavor is excellent, burn is very even, draw is easy, and what a great shape. If you are looking for a unique cigar shape and smoke, give this one a try. I really like. It will be a humidor favorite.

AJ Fernandez - Last Call Habano Genial
Great Cigar.
A nice flavorful cigar, medium strength, easy draw, mild spiceyness, and a fairly even burn. Wonderful from start to finish.

AJ Fernandez - Last Call Habano Flaquita
Nice Cigar and Flavor
I good cigar for the price. Well constructed, fairly even burn, flavors even throughout. Constant cigar.

AJ Fernandez - New World Connecticut Robusto
Nice Cigar
Well constructed, good draw, even burn,and pleasant flavor. Very pleasant cigar, long lasting.

Oliva - Connecticut Reserve Robusto
Excellent Value Cigar
A medium strength cigar , great from beginning to end. A slight sweetness throughout, and a fine overall flavor. Creamy with a slight coffee and nut flavor for me. A definite keeper.

Oliva - Serie O Habano Robusto
2nd one is better
It is a smooth cigar, good flavor. As with most Oiva - well constructed - mild to medium cigar. Some uneven burn 1st 1/3 but quickly evened out. A nice cigar for the morning.

Aladino - Classic Corona
Fine Cigar - A Gentleman’s Cigar
An excellent smoke, medium body, sweetness, coffee, and a little chocolate on my palette. I nice afternoon delight. Highly recommended.

Acid - Blondie Maduro
Overly Sweet
Well, it was not so good. too Sweet, no real flavor. I think they over due the sweetness for me.

Lighters - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation IM Corona Old Boy Platinum
UPDATE - Disappointed after 3 monts
Managed to pick this one up on sale here and it is fantasitc at first. Feels great in the hand, excellent soft flame, perfect for lighting a pipe. -- NOW - 3 months later - poor spark, trouble lighting, been properly cleaned new flints, very poor performance for $100 lighter. It lights with external flame (i.e. another lighter) and flame is clean and strong. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LIGHTER. IM Corona should be ashamed of such poor performance.

Davidoff - Flake Medallions 50g
Excellent flavor - cool smoke
What a delightful coin blend,. Packs well. The hint of Perique is just right. definitely in my top 10 blends. A rich flavor and finely made coin. Highly recommend this blend.

Oliva - Serie V Melanio No. 4
Excellent Cigar
The Serie V Melanio is a smooth, even smoking cigar with great flavor. A slight sweetness at the start with chocolate and malt flavor. A slight peppery taste towards the end is what I detected. Wonderful flavor and smell from beginning to end. A excellent example of a medium to full cigar.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1957 1.4oz
Summertime Favorite
A vanilla tin note with a hint of berry. I like the subtle sweetness and vanilla. Well done and well blended. It is a very mild cool smoking blend.

Padron - Maduro Corticos
Outstanding Cigar
A wonderful light sweetness right from the start, followed by a nice spice, a little pepper towards the end for me. A mild pleasant smoke lasting 45 minutes or more. Well constructed, even burn. Highly recommend having a few on hand.

Captain Black - Original 1.5oz
Ye' Ole Cogder Blend
It is ok. I would smoke it in a pinch. It is consistant, fairly cool burn, and decent flavor. There are better aromatics out there.

Cornell & Diehl - Blockade Runner 2oz
Dry cake with odd flavor
Had a few bowls of this over the past week. Very dry for a cake and a very odd flavor and room oder. Almost chemical in taste. It may need to be rehydrated some. Can was well sealed but tobacco almost turns to saw dust when you break a piece of the cake off. Not a fan of this one.

Amphora - Full Aroma 1.75oz
Dad’s Codger Blend
My dad loved his pipes, and was a huge fan of Amphora in the 60-80’s. Full Aroma was his favorite blend. He also like plan cavendish. I had to get a pouch in honor of my dad. I am sure it is not 100% the same but very close. A good beginner tobacco to try.

Borkum Riff - Bourbon Whiskey 7oz
Fair Codger Blend
A fairly decent blend, a little on the dry side, smokes faster, so sip gently. Flavor is good, however, you can get a bit of tongue bit if you smoke too fast. Personally, I like and occasional blend like this to remind me of how things used to be. Reminds me of my father, Grandfather, and uncle.

Vauen - No. 14 Virginia Flake 50g
A fine Virginai Flake
Easy smoke, fine Virginia flavor. Nice easy smoke. Let it dry a little before you pack. no bite. light vanilla. very easy smoke. A good introduction to Virginias. Nice Room note.

Acid - Blondie Gold
Mild and Different, too sweet
I like Acid cigars by Drew Estates. It is a very nice change up and mild yet flavorful. Good from beginning to end, Constuction is good to very good, however burn is a little uneven for such a small cigar.

Drew Estate - Kentucky Fire Cured Ponies
Different, Average
A nice change for a cigar. Good little smoke, well made, and truly a good cigarillo. I'll definitely choose something else.

CAO - Eileen's Dream Cigarillos
Nice Mild flavorful Smoke
High marks for CAO flavor infused cigar. Construction excellent, even burn, nice ash hold, good from first 1/3 to last. For me a definite sipper to enjoy the flavors. I get vanilla cream, nuttiness, coaco, and well rounded flavor. Value for cigar is excellent.

Arturo Fuente - Cubanitos
Less than Average Cubanitos
This is an acceptable Cubanitos. They are good, but not 5 star. There are bertter cigarillo types out there from Drew Estate,Davidoff, CAO, and more. The burn has been uneven in the middle, and draw tight. Off flavors at the end. Construction is good.

Acid - Krush Classic Morado Maduro
OK Cigarillo
This is an ok cigarillo. A too sweet, with a spiced peppery note, and burns evenly and very will. Pass

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus 2oz
Burley Wonder
A fine Burley blend, that is nutty, simple, and very smooth. Room is nice, strength is medium. Stays consistant through the whole bowl. If you like Burley this is good.

Mac Baren - HH Pure Virginia 1.75oz
Love pure Virginia
Do you like pure Virginias in near pure as it gets? I find this flake to be the perfect Virginia. Naturally sweet, mild and a very pleasant smoke for the morning or late day. A great addition to any rotation and I really like Virginias and this is my favorite.

Peter Stokkebye - PS24 Nougat
Nougat is a favorite - Update
What a unique aromatic blend. Chocolate, vanilla and Carmel flavors, are part of a wonderful flavor. A definite favorite amongst the aromatic tobaccos. Worth the try. It is very light and somewhat dry. I keep my tobaccos well jared and at the right humidity. I thought is was dry day 1, but now have confimed.

Peter Stokkebye - PS303 Peaches & Creme
Sweet Peach
Another mild blend with a hint of peach and sweetness. Not overpowering, mild and pleasant. Room is good, however, this one seems a little on the very mild side. Sadly it has not improved in flavor. Off my list.

Peter Stokkebye - PS6 Sweet Vanilla
Fair to good Sweet Stokkebye
PS-6 is a fair aromatic, with a hint of vanilla and smooth flavor. It is an old fashioned blend. Fairly dry.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Smooth however, Average
This is a wonderful mild tobacco with a vanilla flavor and caramel. It has a touch of cocoa and honey. A pleasant bowl and is one of my favorites when I want something simple. I always go back to this bowl I had. No bite, and very smooth.

Filters & Adaptors - Vauen Filters (10 pack)
Top 9mm Filter
After using this and other brands, the Vauen filters are the nicest for flow and flavor. Recommend Vauen filters for your pipes.

Stands & Pouches - Rattray's Pipe Stand Gunmetal
Great travel stand
Perfect fit for the Pipe pouch, great stand for travel or just around the home and yard. Nicely finished.

Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
Uniqe Flavor
It is an ok English Blend. Nothing special.

Missouri Meerschaum - The Emerald Bent
Beautiful Cobb
I really enjoy this pipe. Missouri Meerschaum as a hit in my book for a great pipe. This is my second Cobb, I have several briars, however, it now spends more time on the shelf than a real smoker.

Ashtrays - Savinelli Ceramic 1 Pipe Brown Ashtray
Elegance yet funcational
I like things that have a touch of elegance, add to the decor, and yet are very functional. Well made and high quality we expect from the name. I really like this ashtray.

Vauen - Auenland 50g
Suprised and nice flavor
Excellent flavor for a mild tobacco, a hint of fruit, and very refreshing. A great anytime aromatic, good with a cobb pipe as well.

Missouri Meerschaum - The Shire Cobbit
Average Missouri Meerschaums Best
It's is an average corn cobb. Comfortable and fair smoke. Medium sized bowl. Again, nothing special and for the price I expect a little more.
    Cigars for Pipe Smokers
  • ► For pipe smokers I also recommend - Oliva Serie V and G (start with G), Aladino Classic is also a nice cigar for pipe smokers. Oliva is one of my favories and compliments many tobaccos.
    Doting On Dottle: Advice On Smoking To The Bottom Of The Bowl
  • ► My dad and grandfather were avid pipe smokers and enjoyed the hobby very much. They always advised me and others to leave the bottom of the bowl with a little unburnt tobacco (usually wet) and ash, as the sign of an accomplished pipe smoker. The reason being is the off-flavor and damage to the pipe by trying to get every last bit. They said that you treat your pipe well it will give you a life time of smoking pleasure. Slow smoke with a few re-lights as necessary. Keep it cool, clean it well after cooling, and enjoy all parts. My dad used to say he loved cleaning a well maintained pipe, as it takes less effort to keep it that way.
    How to Break In a Briar Tobacco Pipe
  • ► Great article Chuck. My dad always taught us to be patient and enjoy the smoke. Take your time to break in and enjoy the first smoke to the last. Good method and there are several. We always fill the bowl and take a slow leisurely smoke.
    How to Select Your First Pipe
  • ► What a great article. Some of what is here, my dad and grandfather told me. While they are gone now, it is nice to see such a fine article and good advise.
    Top 15 Budget-Friendly Pipes
  • ► Rattray's has many good budget pipes and are excellent first pipes and smoking pipes. Dark Ale is also a good starter pipe series. They are easy to smoke, breakin, and air flow is outstanding. Butcher Boy also gives you two stems which allows you to try two different lenghts and switch back and forth. Great Article and should be on everyone's list to read.