Tatuaje - Havana VI Verocu No. 5
Everything I love at a great price
A wonderful experience with sweet smoke, left me with a great taste that feels like finishing a cup of coffee and I want to say Cedar but my palate isn’t developed enough to truly tell. My only complaint lies with myself am not the cigar: that I didn’t purchase a larger vitola because it ended too soon.

Aganorsa Leaf - Guardian Of The Farm JJ
Absolutely great
Very sturdy construction, this cigar held together very well. Initial notes of pepper. After about an inch creamy oats showed up in the flavor. By the middle third cream started to take a more notable presence and faint coffee was noticeable and held all the way to the last draw. Coffee tastes like a dark roast. The smoke was sweet in aroma. This will absolutely be one I recommend to friends.

Aladino - Corojo Santi
Excellent earthy flavor
Solid 30-35 minute smoke, with an ever present flavor of earth that reminds me of carrots. Was very consistent throughout.

Drew Estate - Tabak Especial Dulce Colada
A middle of the road experience
It certainly smelled of coffee, however I didn’t get much out of it other than just natural tobacco taste. Maybe just not my thing.

Tatuaje - Black Label Petite Corona BC
Great price for a good smoke
Cedar and spice upfront with espresso lingering on the tongue. Took a bit longer than I expected to smoke through this one and I swear when I was down to the end I was getting notes of peanut.