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New pipe smoker, new cigar smoker. Pilot by trade.

Seattle Pipe Club - Hogshead 4oz
Gentlemen Please!
Im a fairly new pipe smoker, less than a year. I have a dozen tobaccos I always transfer into sealed ball jars, even though the tins are usually beautiful and I hate to toss um. I have 11 pipes now and Love Smoking Pipes, they do a fantastic job. My "opinion" is more of a question. I was under the impression that this was meant for giving personal reviews on tobaccos. I have lost interest for the time being in Hogshead as this particular forum was largely mud slinging either on Smoking Pipes or our fellow human beings in the pipe smoking community. I think it more than gracious of Smokingpipes to even approve these griping and mud slinging entries. Thank you to the few that just reviewed the Tobacco. My 5 stars is for Smokingpipes for their long suffering with some customers.

Hyde Park 50g

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