Samuel Gawith - 1792 Flake 50g
Good but not great
This is some very good tobacco but for me it just doesn't reach that level of greatness that so many ascribe to it. I don't pick up on the tonka bean at all really. It's very subtle. I do at times get a bit of floral notes but nothing like lakelands. As far as the nic strength its defintely up there. Id rate it stronger than old dark fired or even hh rustica but not by much. The tin note and room note are what you would expect from a dark fired blend...smoky and earthy and a bit sweet. The flavors of smoking it to me compare to the two blends ive already mentioned by Macbaren. First third of the bowl is a bit harsh but mellows as it progresses. Tastes of smokiness and earth typical of burley and dark fired blends. You do pick up some grassiness of the virginias but they are faint. Personally i didn't find this blend to be so great that its worth waiting around for when it finally comes in stock. Id much rather smoke hh rustica or ODF which are readily available and taste just as good if not better in my opinion. If you haven't tried it order some. You may like it if you enjoy strong dark fired blends. But i think this one is a bit overhyped for me.

Mac Baren - HH Rustica Ready Rubbed
Best Ive ever smoked
This is the smoothest and tastiest pipe tobacco ever! I've never tried the flaked but this is great. It reminds me of a good maduro cigar. Its got body and strength but smooth as silk and a subtle sweetness on the back of the palate that is sublime. It is way better than old dark fired and bold kentucky and that's saying alot because those are my two favorite blends. No tongue bite at all. I hope macbaren keeps this in production forever. Update: After smoking this in various pipes I recommend smoking this in a well seasoned cob rather than a briar. Ive found that in a briar I don't get the rich maduro cigar type flavors that I do when I smoke in a cob. Just my experience YMMV.

Arturo Fuente - Hemingway Short Story
Really tasty cigar. I got notes of leather and nuts. The nuttiness really stood out for me. Tasted of almonds or at times cashew. Mildly sweet. No pepper or spice for me but others have said so. A couple of cons though. I think this is a bit too short. Was hard to smoke because it was so short. I'll try a signature or classic next as they are a bit longer. Another con was the burn. I had to correct mine a couple of times as it burned uneven. Haven't smoked enough of them to know if this is characteristic of this particular format or if mine was just a one off. Overall a very tasty and mild cigar. Good for new cigar smokers and those coming from pipes. Highly recommend despite the few cons.

Warped - Scarecrow 2oz
Not very good
I didn't care for this. The tin note was strange and offputting and the flavor was odd as well. I tried this is various pipes and dry times but it seemed the same every time...fake flavoring with some strange liquor in the background. Burned hot and harsh for me. Subpar tobacco flavor. I won't be stocking up on this when it's released again. The crows can have it.

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
No thanks.
I'm surprised at the good reviews this receives. I found it very unpleasant. It burns hot, has wayyy too much chemical flavoring, and leaves so much gunk in the pipe after a single bowl. This is one of the worst tobaccos i have ever tried. Sits right alongside C & D green river vanilla. I threw the entire tin in the trash. To each their own i guess bit this is not for me.

Low Country - Hazelnut
Very surprised
First impression: not your typical PG laden aro. The flavoring is more subtle. Nice and light yet still tastes of tobacco. Not as sweet as i was expecting. As others have stated there is some nic here too. Not alot mind you, but enough to satisfy. I like the fact that there arent any virginias in this (my mouth can't tolerate most va for some reason). I tend toward strong burley and dfk and english blends but this was an unexpected surprise. And you certainly can't beat the price. I'll probably buy more before the price skyrockets. You should as well.

Mac Baren - HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz
Very good tobacco. I think i like this even more than ODF. Very smooth and yet strong. No bite. It's like ODF big brother. If you like burley, dfk, or VAburs try this. Wish they made it in bulk.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bosun Cut Plug
Dryer Sheets
Horrible. Lakeland extreme! Take a dryer sheet and stuff it in your pipe. Bitter, chemical, soap, perfume. Ive tried other GH blends and this was by far the most lakeland I've ever tasted. Perhaps i got a bad batch but i won't ever buy this again.

Cornell & Diehl - Crooner
Really nice blend. Very mellow. Room note is awesome. Bag note was mild and sweet. Got some earthy burley but couldn't really pick up on the deertongue that much. (Not as much as some make out anyways.) I noticed that when the deertongue caught fire it fizzled and sparked like gunpowder or fireworks fuse? Weird. Anyone else notice that? Came decently dry. This is a good smoke for just kicking back and relaxing. Not harsh or bitter.

Low Country - Natural Virginia & Burley
Not bad actually.
For the price this isn't bad. Bag note is typical of virginia and burley blends. Slightly sweet smelling with some earthiness from the burley. Nic was low to medium for me. Reminds me of haunted bookshop without perique pepperiness. Came just right on the moisture. Not harsh or bitey unless you toke like a pothead. Lol. For the price you can't go wrong and would be a great way to pad your cellar. I'll probably buy a few pounds to keep on hand for when i want something simple and no fuss.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
This is exceptional tobacco. Bag note is smoky yet slightly fruity/sweet also. Came really moist though. Needs quite a bit of drying. Large shards of broken flake. No bite. Great smoky flavor. Not latakia smoky like incense but more like hickory imo. Strong on the nic for me. Smoked this first thing on an empty stomach and felt the buzz pretty good. If i could afford it Id order 10lbs! Lol. Awesome tobacco flavor. I can pick out the virginias as they aren't overpowered by the dfk but they play nice together. Get some earthiness from the burley. Not sweet on flavor to me but my palate isnt that sensitive. Your mmv. Get some!

Arango - Balkan Supreme
Decent. Latakia Forward
Very nice english style blend. Bag note is smoky. Latakia is "driving the bus" as muttnchop says. Mellow and no bite. came a bit on the moist side needs dry time. All the other tobaccos play backup to the latakia. I wouldn't call this a lat bomb but it's definitely there. Will definitely be ordering more! UPDATE: After smoking more of this i found my initial excitement waning. I got bored fairly quickly. It's still a good blend but not great. Dropped a star.

Cornell & Diehl - Haunted Bookshop
Pretty Good
After all the mixed reviews I wasnt sure what to expect. The tin or bag note (i got bulk) was mild and smelled slightly sweet. I didn't get earthy or musty. The flavor was pretty mild too. I was expecting this to be harsh and acrid due to so many saying it tastes like cigarettes. To me it doesn't taste like cigs. I got some butteryness and a bit of black pepper from the perique Im guessing. No sweetness for me. Not very complex but still good. No bite. Not harsh. Nic was medium for me. Would definitely buy again but not my favorite either. Time may change that but this is my first impression. Update: After spending more time with this blend I can appreciate it for what it is, but I'm liking it less than I did at first. still a decent blend. I know those who like perique will probably enjoy this blend if they like burley/perique together. For me the perique gives a good earthy/dried mushroom flavor and a bit of black pepper. I don't get any fruit or sweetness from this blend at all. I have added more viginia to this at times and i think it helps the balance a bit. To me this blend is good for what it is but there are better burley blends IMO.

Cornell & Diehl - Green River Vanilla 2oz
Ok taste but horrible goo!
Fairly mild vanilla flavor in my opinion. Not too much taste. I prefer BCA as it is a bit sweeter and richer in flavor. This is just a "meh" kind of tobacco for me. The major downside is this is the goopiest tobacco i have ever seen. Literally left a puddle of goo in the bottom of my bowl. Never buying again.

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