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Stands & Pouches - Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Leather Pipe Stand
Simple, Effective…
Design is ingenious and works with a wide range of bowl sizes and shapes. Aesthetics are good, and stability is as good, or better, than flimsy plastic fold-out stands. So far, longevity’s a moot point as it is well-formed, of medium weight leather, and the softer, suede-like inner surface is easy on the briar. Altogether, I’m pleased with this product and will probably purchase more for stand-alone pipes.

Old German Clay - Dragon's Claw
Good Smoke
All Old German Clay pipes I’ve tried have been good to me thus far, as have their Basic Briars, their fit, finish and function fitting well within my parameters for a good smoke. This one’s no exception and has turned into one of my primary tasting pipes. The bowl dimensions turned out to be perfect for the purpose of testing the nuances of new tobaccos and does double duty for enjoying relatively small quantities of more premium quality tobaccos. Given the price, it’s also a good-looking, ornate little pipe that’s pretty ergonomic for the size. Like all my clays from this maker, it’s got a good draw and draft and smokes cool for the stem length. An added advantage—since the claws provide protection from a hot bowl, you can handle it with less caution and more like a regular briar bowl. Altogether, it’s a good smoke and has garnered more than a fair share of compliments, on appearance alone.

War Horse - Green 1.75oz
Held off on ordering for awhile, aromatics not that high on my list of priorities—was I ever missing out. This is a taste sensation, with its various flavors wafting in and out with each puff. For me, it’s kind of a cross between Beechnut clove and Blackjack gum flavors, with a little Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries appearing occasionally. There’s also a light fruity Erinmore flake flavor that shows up every once in a while…none of which detract from the full flavors of the constituent tobaccos, with a Virginia sweetness evident throughout the smoke. Did my shakedown smoke in a small clay pipe and found myself sipping it slowly, like I would a Virginia flake, trying to chase down every nuance of flavor. Mid-bowl the added flavors receded somewhat, allowing the darker, fuller DFK and burley notes to blossom and round out the overall smoke to the end. Plug was easy to slice, with good moisture level, and burned well all the way down. I’ll be adding this one to the to the tobacco rotation as a change of pace, and look forward to trying out the red version. Oh, and pace your puffing, ‘cause you will feel the effects of this one…

Old German Clay - Basic Briar Sandblasted Canted Dublin
German Precision…
…meets Wabi-Sabi. These are gnarly good pipes. 4.5 stars for price, appearance and smokeability. I purchased three others after I got this one broke in, and they all have comparable fit, finish and function.

Cornell & Diehl - Dreams of Kadath 2oz
Mouthful of Deliciousness
Runs the gamut from sweet to spicy, and everything in between. Plug is gorgeous, slices smoothly, and the scent is fruity, fecund goodness. Shaved thin and packed medium in the bowl, burn rate and moisture level’s perfect, top to bottom, with minimal tamping. The real pleasure is the constant intermingling of flavors while smoking, from burley bass notes to katerini tympany and everything in between, with the accompanying round sweetness of Virginia and cavendish and the omnipresent, fruity grape or plum goodness… Altogether a good smoke.

Back Down South 2oz

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No.400 Superior Navy Flake

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