Shane W.

Missouri Meerschaum - Mini Corncob Black Stem
It is exactly what I expected
I got this as a novelty and it is a cute little decoration. could get a bit of string and put it on the Christmas tree. As an added bonus I smoked a few bowls of some shag cut golden Virginia and it worked great. Probably wouldn't do to well with a different cut, but I could be wrong. The shag lasted bout as long as a cigarette and was sweet as ever.

Hearth & Home - Knotty Pine 1.75oz
More like naughty pine. Right fellas? Updated!
Open the tin and get some of that smoke and dried vegetation smell. unwrap a brick so hard and dry you could end your rivals with it. Break off a section, be careful not to turn it into powder with your manly hands. All jokes aside this is a blend that smokes like a dream. I was delighted at the complexity of the flavors that would come and go. I got a taste of fat wood, could be where it gets its name, little bits of earthy goodness and so on. Not Latakia heavy, but it makes its presence known from time to time and lingers in your mouth afterwards. You can't make it bite you. So why not get a tin? UPDATE: Logged on to give an update and was surprised to see my thoughts somewhat mirrored above. Halfway through the tin and I can't help but feel that it has lost something. I had put it down for a month or so and hoped that I would have a change of perspective but no. I only get a dry campfire in my mouth and feel that the other flavors have gone up in smoke.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 16oz
Schlippity dock smoked ham hocks?
Fantastic tobacco right here. Smoky and earthy, like caramelized mushrooms and smoked meat in your bowl. Loaded up the Cobbiton Shire and smoked on it for almost an hour. No relight, no crud left, just fine ash. Quality! Concerning the nicotine: I get hit pretty hard by nicotine and most of the time I don't fully enjoy it when I do. I have to say that I felt the nic on this blend, but it was pleasant and deeply relaxing. I don't know why. I don't know if that speaks for the quality of the tobacco or if it has just the right amount for me, but there is my experience. Enjoy!

Mac Baren - Vanilla Roll Cake 3.5oz
Vanilla roll cake is smooth as you please. It doesn't know what artificial flavor is. Smoke it slow and soft, you will have a feeling that someone is baking cookies in your mouth. Perfect moisture out of the tin. I just stacked 4 coins in my cheap little aromatic smoker and was in vanilla heaven.

Filters & Adaptors - Vauen Filters Special Edition Cup (100 9mm Filters)
The filter chalice
What is there to say about Vauen filters that hasn't been said before. They work. Sucks up moisture and other nasties, doesn't suck up flavor. The cup on the other hand is cute, but not a great cup for hot beverages. Gets really hot and the red silicone band wants to fall off. Lid seals well and it will not leak on you as you are drinking.

Larsen - 1864 Perfect Mixture 100g
Quite Nice!
It is sweet and has such a nice aroma. Gotta let it dry out a while and even then it seems a bugger to keep lit.

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