Jacob N.

Cobblestone - Cafe Hot Chocolate 1.5oz
A truly wonderful aromatic
5/5 room note and taste! If you want your humble abode to smell like wonderfully fresh hot chocolate 🍫, try this my friends! Happy piping!

Luciano - Fiat Lux Insight
What an amazing cigar…
So creamy, peppery, and woody, just simply amazing. Like smoking a wonderful rye whiskey.

Sampler Packs - Smokingpipes Top 3 Cigars of 2021
Amazing deal
Simply some of the best cigars I’ve ever had!

Rojas - Street Tacos Barbacoa Toro
This is an excellent cigar. My only complain is the draw got so tight in the last third of it that I had to give up on it. Spicy, smooth, earthy, burned very well, amazing looking cigar I should add. The wrapper is divine and my punch had no trouble cutting into it.

Tabac De La Semois - Arduinna
It’s good, for what it is…
Very easy smoking with this one, great draw. It seems the cigar is filled with shredded tobacco as compared to the typical cigar construction. Not a total knock, it smoked well and it was interesting smoking a cigar from Belgium 🇧🇪!

Drew Estate - Kentucky Fire Cured Sweets Chunky
A good smoke…
Very well constructed, the sweetened tip gives it a nice complexity. I’d recommend it.

Curivari - Buenaventura Picadores Fumas 44
Absolutely great smoke, well constructed, lots of flavor!

La Flor Dominicana - Rolling School Class of 2021 Habano
Good construction, very nice looking cigar, lacked much flavor in my experience though.

Dapper - Union Break Shade
I had high hopes…
I had high hopes for this one. Nice wrapper and seemingly good construction but lacking in flavor and really anything putting it over the top. I would pass on this cigar as it is. Buy something else.

Arturo Fuente - Exquisitos
Tasty and Smooth
An excellent cigar, well constructed, great flavor, perfect for a hike, walking a trail, or on your porch. Just an excellent value stick.

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