Christopher J.

Cornell & Diehl - Kajun Kake 2oz
Cajun sweet and spicy
This is one of the most perfectly labeled mixtures I have ever encountered. Delicious combination of sweet and spice to flow with the smooth earthy foundation. It really is like a wonderful Cajun prepared meal. It is not overwhelming with any one flavor but with that said, it is relatively strong to get your attention. When you are about half way through the bowl is when the flavors deepened for me. Wonderful richness. If you don't care for spice at all, this wouldn't be a good blend for you. If you enjoy a bit of spice, this is perfect. The sweetness tasted like a mellow cinnamon sweetness to tame and work with the spice. Well done on this one. This is a nice variation to add to my lineup.

Peterson - Connoisseur's Choice 50g
A European aromatic with quality tobacco you can taste
The problem with most American aromatics is you can't taste any tobacco...only whatever artificial goop they smoother it with. It's usually like overly sweet candy for adults. This is not the case with quality European aromatics, such as Connoisseur's Choice. This tobacco is well blended with an assortment of refined flavors. It's not overly sweet. It's like a warm vanilla rumcake with the mild sweetness balanced by earthy and nutty flavors in the tobacco. It's very smooth. It burns a bit hot so I recommend to use at least a mid size bowl. This has an amazing room note which is one of those blends that many people would think of when they say, "I love the smell of a pipe." I usually lean toward English blends but this is a lovely blend which is a regular for me to rotate in to my mix.

Peterson - My Mixture 965 50g
As close to perfection as tobacco may get
Has been a favorite of mine for years from the Dunhill days to now. Flavor, smell, cut, moisture, burn, close to perfection as tobacco may get.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Tastes like cherry flavored Luden's cough drops
This tasted and smelled like cherry flavored Luden's cough drops. I did not taste any type of tobacco. Quite literally, I felt as if I melted cough drops into a syrup and poured it into the bowl. Fortunately, I used a meerschaum so I could clean it out good and have no ghosting. With that said, years ago I used to enjoy a house blend from Tinder Box called Black Cherry. That blend was wonderful because it tasted like a warm cherry pie working with the tobacco, not overpowering and eliminating it. It didn't taste like medicine or artificial chemicals like this Blood Red Moon does. Now, if you enjoy cherry flavored cough drops or medicine, this may be a good choice for you. To each their own, respectively so.

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