A&C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
The Perfect All-day Smoke!
Abundant flavor, noticeable but forgiving nicotine hit, and very pleasant room note. The Virginias’ typical citrusy, bready sweetness prevails, accompanied by the Perique’s dark, fruity piquancy. Two of these medallions, folded and stuffed into a deep bowl, will burn for 90 minutes or more with minimal relights. As with any Virginia forward blend, pacing is important to ward off tongue bite, but I’ve found this blend to be remarkably forgiving on that front. Due to its high aging potential, as well as smokeability fresh from the tin, this is a regular component in my cellar and my day to day rotation.

Stands & Pouches - 1790 English Tobacco Box Brass with Eagle
Durable, functional, and classy
I bought this as a way of carrying a small amount of tobacco rolled up in my pipe roll for a day or two at a time. So far, it's filled that role perfectly! Fits maybe a half ounce of tobacco, or four to five full flakes, plus a 2 gram Integra humidity pack. Very sturdy and classy design!

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