Ryan Anthony M.

Cornell & Diehl - Strathspey 2oz
Well as a staunch and strict aromatic smoker, I was always terrified of the English blends due to their strength, smell and power. But I was gifted a tin of this from a friend and absolutely loved it!! I was so happy because I have been looking for a crossover blend and believe I have found it. I am also a big single malt scotch fan and after reading the description 'Pair it with your favorite single malt and savor its rich, peaty notes — perfect for a winding down on a cold winter's night.' I just couldn't resist venturing out to try it. Boyyyyy they was not lying when they said this pairs perfectly with a single malt. I tried this tobacco in my new 5 star general corn cob pipe and enjoyed Johnny walker blue label (blended) scotch and man I was just so impressed. I am so happy I got the courage to continue the search for a good English blend. The way I would describe this blend is 'you can drink a good scotch and smoke it at the same time' in fact since buying this tin, I have barely touched the aromatics. To all my fellow aromatic smokers who are still looking for a way to get into English, I would 100% recommend giving this a try, to all my scotch drinking pipe smokers i would 200% advise picking up a tin of this.

Sutliff - Field & Stream Match
Mild and pleasant
A mild and pleasant smoke which I really enjoyed in the great outdoors. i thoroughly enjoyed the aromas and feelings of a proper tobacco. As for flavors, i really couldnt put my tongue on it, JUST A MELLOW TOBACCO FLAVOR is all I could describe it as. defiantly nutty and earthy tabacco that burns well and smokes well. It can be smoked all day, but not sweet enough for a man like me.

Sutliff - 208 Apple
I got nothing from this blend, especially no apple flavor or smell

Sutliff - 206 Honey
This tobacco was an enjoyable lighth smoke, its aromatic flavours and room notes were key with this blend and found it to be an all day smoker. The flavor is not overpowering but it comes out the further down the bowl you get. Pairs well with a coffee in a S.H Deerstalker Peterson Pipe. Its also good to blend with other tobaccos if you wanted to mix it up and add flavor to other blends. Dont smoke this too hot though otherwise youll be left with a Marlborough light

G. L. Pease - The Virginia Cream 2oz
Not for me!
unfortunately for me i couldnt even finish a bowl and ended up giving this away. I had no feelings or admiration for this blend at all. I love virginias, i love vanilla and i love bourbon, however, this blend was all wrong for me.

Sutliff - Sugar Bucket
Not for me
Dry, Harsh, Unsweet, and not even close to what i thought it was going to be. I feel the name in itself and the actual smoke of this tobaco do not live up to what it describes. The aroma is off putting, i didnt get any sugarly sweetness at all in the smell or smoke. I went as far as sending it to a buddy, gave it away for free and he too ending up passing it on as the taste just wasn't there. Very disappointing to me.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Awesome Smoke!
This Tobacco is definitely in my top 4 of all time and top 2 sutliffs blends period! There is no bite to this and is amazingly flavorful. The Black cavendish IS PACKED WITH VANILLA AND IS VERY WET SO A MODERATE DRYING OUT AIDS IN THE SMOKING. I do love this blend and always have this in stock. It is sweet, mellow and an all day smoker. The room notes are pleasant to all around and you will get great feedback. I smoke this out of my Sherlock Holmes Professor or Watson so i can pack a huggggeee bowl of it, it will last me a good 40-60 minutes and i enjoy every minute of it.The vanilla flavors and aromas are the star of the show this, sweet, mild, smokes great, tastes great and smells great. if you are a sweet smoker, Aromatic fan, this should definitely be in your supply chain.

Sutliff - Z89 Creamy Butterscotch
This Fell Short
Another amazingly sounding tobacco that fell just short of the mark for me. I didnt get the butterscoth smell or flavor at all from this and thought it would be a lot sweeter than it was. It was also dryer than I anticipated, but definitely do not rate this as a flavorful 'Aromatic'

Sutliff - SPS-2003 Strawberry Delight
Nope, Not for Me!
when i ordered this i had a feeling it may be a far fetch but i had ideas and thoughts of a lovely summer blend, filled with smooth strawberry notes and tones. However, when i smoked it i was not a fan at all, You will for sure smell the strawberry in the bag upon arrival and you should get excited about the smell, however, the smoke itself fell short. I didn't think it was an awful smoke as it was fairly mild but not what i expected. Maybe with aging it would have gotten better but dont expect to smoking strawberrys on a summers day. The price is reasonable and as i say, it wasnt awful.

Sutliff - D61-Vanilla Royale
expected more
When i read the description regarding eight different types of leaf and fourteen different Vanilla flavors i was extreemly excited as i love Vanilla/ sweet tobaccos. When it arrived the smell was great and its star of the show was deffinately the vanilla fragrance. However, the smoke fell short in my opinion. But in the defense of this tabacco i smoked it straight upon arrival and due to the moisture it smoked really how and wet. There fore I am currently drying it out slightly to see if this helps smoothen it out and bring out the notes and tones of the Tabaco better. I did use this tobacco as a mix in other blends and believe that it helped to add a nice twist of vanilla to other flavors.

Sutliff - D58 Dulce De Leche
Not as Sweet to taste
I was excited about this one as I love sweet and creamy Tobaccos, however, I feel it was not as sweet as I anticipated and slightly harsher than i thought it would be. The description and overall smell of this product is fantastic! However the smoke was quite different, some tropical notes came through and a slight harshness compared to others in its class, I feel this may be due to just how HOTTTTT this tobacco smokes. Don't get me wrong, the smoke and flavors of this tobacco are ok, but that's about all I can say about it.

Sutliff - Creme Brulee
This tobacco is currently rated third in y all time favourites, just behind Panna Cotta and Molte Dolche. For those that find the prices of the private stock tins too expensive, this is for sure a number one replacement for the above mentioned! its sweet, smooth & perfect blends of light Tobacco, topped with honey and vanilla is a lovely all day smoke! It has a fantastic room note that will only bring compliments to those around. There are some elements that are wet/sticky/tacky that some may feel would smoke better lightly dried out. but over all for the price.... this is a must on the shelf for those that have a sweet tooth

Sutliff - Panna Cotta 1.5oz
Your not finding a better tasting or Smelling Tobacco!
The Panna Cotta is by far the best smelling and possibly tasting tobacco i have ever encountered. The Smell of this is fantastic, and will leave a room not pleasant to all. Its perfectly balanced and light, IT SMOKES FANTASTIC BUT DOES COME ON THE WET SIDE. Some folks may prefer it dried out a bit. The vanilla in this product is super premium and is the star of the show, but the blend of tobacco is fantastic. If you have a sweet tooth like me you will deffinately want at least 5 tins of this in stock. This currently stands as my number one blend! FANTASTIC

Sutliff - Molto Dolce 1.5oz
This tobacco is currently a joint favourite of mine and i always aim to have at least two spares of this! its so creamy, smooth and delicious in taste. The notes of mellow vanilla, caramel and honey create the most perfect complexation of tobacco a guy with a sweet tooth could ask for! The Smell of this tobacco in my opinion only comes second to that of panna cotta, but the smell it leaves on ones mustache after smoking is so pleasant it will last the whole day. Perfectly blended but does come on the wet side and some may prefer drying the tobac out for a few minutes before smoking. Agreat choice, the only downfall i have with it is the price (but you do pay for what you get) and the fact that that you cant buy this in bulk! Enjoy Guys

Molto Dolce 1.5oz

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