Alexey G.

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 8oz
Creamy and smooth
I like this tobacco. Very high quality ingredients. It's very smooth and creamy. The only issue is that for me it is too bold and cloying, which is normal for the Lat bomb. So, this tobacco is not for regular smoking, otherwise it's like eating cake several times a day every day - you'll just get bored and tired of it. But this is not a problem at all, because Pirate Kake can serve as perfect Latakia base for creating your own mixtures, while smoking it straight as well from time to time. Just don't add much of other ingredients to it in order not to spoil the base. I think it's good to add up to 1/3 of other tobaccos. In my case, considering that the Pirate already has Burley and Oriental together with Latakia, I add about 15-18% of quality Virginia and 15-18% of quality Perique to it. What a wonderful mixture it is! I use strong Virginia because the strengh of Pirate is not enough for me, while you may prefer something lighter depending on your taste.

Sutliff - B25 Dark Chocolate
Good light aromatic
Ok for beginners and light aromatic lovers, also for those who prefer mild tobaccos. For me it's too light and mild, though I can smoke it from time to time for a change of pace. Good notes of nuts, some chocolate, earth and leather in the taste. Burns quite cool and slow.

Cornell & Diehl - Atlas Balkan
The strange thing here is I don't feel this as "heavy in Latakia", as it is said in the Smokingpipes description of this tobacco. So, this is either a mistake, or the Latakia in this blend just gets supressed by other components, because smoking it shows very little presence of Latakia in the blend. Burly and Perique mostly, but also in quite strange, uncommon combination of tastes. It feels like the components are not married enough and kinda confuse/violate each other's taste instead of complimenting. May also be incompatibility of certain ingredients, be it the tobaccos used or the casing - I don't really know. The thing I know for sure is that I like combination of Latakia, Perique and Burley, and I know what to expect from it, but this blend doesn't match my expectations, especially when you expect a good amount of Latakia as it is said in the description. I think I would give 4 stars to this blend if it was described as not Latakia forward, but rather Perique or Burley. Luckily, ere is another C&D blend with same components named Tuggle Hall. It is more Latakia forward and much better married and balanced. So, if you like such combination and more Latakia, hit on that one.

Cornell & Diehl - Epiphany
Great VaPer with Latakia
It's a quality and delicious smoke, quite rich and complex, and it's definitely a good find for lovers of VaPers who search for some added complexity, then for those who are sensitive to Latakia and can't stand big dozes of it (just a pinch of it here), and, finally, also for Latakia lovers who need a change of pace and/or feel overwhelmed with heavier Latakia blends. I would classify this as a good VaPer with a pinch of Latakia, because VA and Perique are definitely leading here. With some extention, it can also fall into American blends group, but for that it lacks some Burley and misses Orientals.

Missouri Meerschaum - 155th Anniversary Iconic Legend Straight (6mm)
Beautiful and tasty pipe
It's a great cob, very handsome, solid, stylish and tasty. So far tried some burley and latakia blends in it, all smoked great without filter, though you can use one with it (6 mm). I can't give 5 stars only because of usual MM ugly engineering: the shank goes across the chamber, and the draft hole is quite high above the bottom... Though, for that price it's still acceptable, unlike those expensive cobs - they should be properly built for the price above 15 USD. Also, this pipe is not for high pace smoking - the bowl gets hot faster than cobs with natural finish (this one is varnished) - yes, you have to sacrifice some smoking features for the sake of beauty) Nevertheless, slow and average smoking tempo works just fine, making the pipe produce really delicious and satisfying smoke. Overall, considering great design, good smoking properties, substantial dimensions and quite reasonable price, this pipe is one of the best options among all other cobs, in my opinion. Will order a couple more.

Peterson - Nightcap 50g
Delicious Latakia
I ordered a tin from Germany not from Smokingpipes. And on my tin it's written "a mixture of Latakia, Perique and Orientals", so no Virginia mentioned, and now I am confused: is there any Virginia in here or not? Anyway, the tobacco is great Latakia leading blend, one of the best I've tried so far. Got good taste in various pipes, briar and cobs.

Cornell & Diehl - Tuskegee Airman 2oz
Good but not Latakia blend
Very little amount of Latakia here, both in tin note and in taste. I was hardly able to identify it at all. It is a good and tasty blend though, but just good classic American blend, and it's definitely not for those seeking Latakia leading tobacco. Recommended for American blends lovers and for folks who can't bear Latakia but would like to understand it - good start for beginners.

F & K - Lancer Ready Rubbed
Simple and great
If you're tired of complex Latakia blends, here it is: simple, but very delicious in its simplicity, great VA and Latakia blend. Burns nicely, tastes great, just as quality VA and Latakia should.

F & K - Black Bayou Mist
It is very rich and multidimensional blend. You get practically everything you can with this tobacco. Normally, this is a feature of American blends: you get all the dimensions of Virginia, Burley and Orientals, and here in addition you also get Latakia and Perique. So, you have sweets from Latakia, Virginia and Kentucky, earth, nuts and leather from Kentucky, spices from Orientals and Perique, also some fruit notes, and much more. Higly recommended to all lovers of multidimensional and Latakia blends. Burns well, slow and cool.

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride Straight (6mm)
Great pipe
Great, comfortable and tasty pipe, perfect for Burley and American blends, smokes wonderfully both with and without filter. Not giving 5 stars only because of awkward engineering, as it is with most cobs: the stem/shank goes across inside the chamber, and the draft hole is very high above the bottom, which creates a lot of inconvenience, and also time to fix it. Maybe it's okay for such price, but still. I wonder if MM ever gonna fix it.

Old Dominion - Chesapeake
Great pipe
I really want to give this pipe 5 stars, cause I like it, but I just can't, because, though it is really tasty (especially with Burley and American blends) and solid, and built better than MM cobs (the stem doesnt go across the chamber which is very good), it still misses something. That something being the draft hole at the bottom of the chamber, which is not the case unfortunately: it is about 3 mm above the bottom here. Otherwise the pipe is great and very tasty as I pointed out already, the bottom enforced with wood, and bamboo stem looks quite reliable and smokes great, though it's not for clenching ofc.

Cornell & Diehl - Gates of Light: Sha'are Orah 2oz
I don't get it
It seems good, but I don't get the taste. To me it's too grassy and hayish, nothing rich or complex in the taste. Burns well, strengh a bit higher medium.

Sutliff - TS-12 Dark Fire Cured
Really great stuff
Nice Kentucky - smoky, nutty and sweet. The casing is very sublime and nice. Great to smoke straight and to mix.

Sutliff - J4 - Burley
Your old wet socks
Yep, the tobacco came to me in a sealed bag overmoistured. Needed about 36 hrs to dry it to smokable condition. Still, when smoked, there's either no taste, or it's the taste of some old socks. Gave 2 stars only because there's smth that burns well) Also, out of respect to Sutliff which has some really decent tobaccos.

Sutliff - Ready Rubbed Match
Just right
Surprisingly great stuff. Pleasant smell, burns slow and cool, really great taste: sweet and nutty, with the notes of aged/fermented burley. The casing is there, but very good one - tasting naturally and not interfering with tobacco taste. It is really smooth, to the point that the strengh is not enough for me, so it should be great for all beginners, cause it's really mild. Anyway I ordered more to add it into some strong blends.

Sutliff - Estate Blend
Very decent blend
I wouldn't call it an aromatic: the casing is quite light and subtle and in no way interfereng with natural tobacco taste. The blend can easily be an every day smoke with it's balanced VA/Burley taste, good burning, good but not overwhelming strengh and just right amount of nicotine.

Sutliff - Duke Albert
Surprisingly good
Exceeds expectations. Great Virginia/Burly mixture with slight aroma, can compete with more expensive blends. Nutty, earthy, woody and sweet. Good stuff, recommended.

Sutliff - 507-S Stoved Virginia
Good stuff
Deep, rich and sweet darker Virginia notes, close to cigar at times. Burns well.

Sutliff - 507C Virginia Slices
Too much sauce
Good virginia with bright notes mostly, sour and hayish but there is really too much sauce which makes the tobacco taste chemical at times.

Cornell & Diehl - Super Balkan
Interesting Latakia blend
This blend is close to Plum Pudding by the taste and quality, though it is surely not the same. The components play harmoniously, creating a great and rich taste: sweet and sour, nutty and leathery notes, and more. I really enjoy this tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl - Repose 2oz
I don't get it
The blend should sound as American Blend, based on its contents, but it doesn't. I just don't understand it: it's not an aromatic for sure, but neither it is a regular tobacco. I wouldn't say it's bad, but not really good either. I tried it in various pipes with different smoking pace, but I still don't get it. The strengh and nicotine are enough, but it's kind of tasteless.

Cornell & Diehl - Riverboat Gambler 2oz
Solid and strong American Blend
Though there's nothing really special, it matches expectations. It's good, strong, full flavored American Blend. Burns well and quite cool. The nicotine quite high. The taste is balanced, so you get practically everything those four tobaccos in the blend can give: earth, wood, nuts, sweetness and a bit sourness, leather and a bit hay, etc. Maybe it's more Burley-led though. Get it if you like strong American and Burley-led blends.

Sutliff - Match Victorian
Wonderful vinegary VaPer
Exceeds expectations. Not a classic VaPer I would say, but really great one. If you like a darker and vinegary taste, then this is smth for you: it's rather earthy, woody, leathery with vinegar than smth bright and sweet. Seems like Perique there plays as burley and orientals, making the tobacco sound close to full american blend. Now it's my regular.

Cornell & Diehl - Dreams of Kadath 2oz
Good and really mysterious
I bought a tin to try the thing cause I adore C&D , American Blends (the composition of the blend is almost classic AM, besides maybe Cavendish), and also mysteries: as the description says, this blend is dark and mysterious... Which actually turned out to be true: you really feel something dark and mysterious when smoking it, but in a good, adventurous way. The blend is of middle strengh, and the smooke is smooth, cool and satisfying. The smell from the tin is just amazing - one of the best tobacco' smells ever. The only problem is to understand the taste. To describe it is even more problematic: it's great and interesting, but still mysterious and confusing, though all the blend components are familiar to me. And this aspect is both plus and minus to this tobacco: on one hand, people like puzzles and mysteries; on the other hand, we feel ourselves good only when we resolve those, even if after some time. I guess I need more time and bowls to understand this tobacco till I come to my final conclusion.

Cornell & Diehl - Yorktown
Just good Virginia
Just good reliable Virginia. Great on daily basis for Virginia lovers: it's smooth and calm, not biting, with substantial nicotine, interesting and tasty, with nothing annoying, overwhelming or too boring to stop smoking it on daily basis. Very suitable for blending as well.

Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish
Tasty Oriental
Got small portion in bulk to try. Had it straight, and also mixed with other tobaccos - all worked well and as expected: it rounds, widens, enriches and unfolds the features of tobaccos you mix it with. The strengh to me is medium, not even on the way to strong: right in the middle. Great spicy-bready-sour taste of natural tobacco with Oriental specifics. Smokes cool and smooth. Nothing really outstanding - just good reliable Turkish with no good or bad surprises.

Grand Croupier - Double Down
Great for this price. Nothing outstanding, but all you need to have from VA+Burley blend is there: sweetness of VA and woody-earthy Burley complimenting each other harmoniously. The blend is smooth, mild and light, so not for those who like medium and stronger tobacco. Can be great for diluting and making strong blends smoother.

Arturo Fuente - Exquisitos
Great mid-size cigars at good price. Quite strong, but at the same time smooth and not jarring. Mostly earthy, nutty and woody notes in the taste, with some sweetness at the background. Smoking time - about 30-40 mins, if not in a rush.

Five Brothers - Five Brothers 1.25oz
Great Burley
Just great, strong, natural, mature and straight forward Burley. The taste is earthy-nutty-woody, with cigar and chocolate notes at times. Smokes quite cool, and smooth with low puffing tempo. Good for blending and on it's own. The cut is thin shag which is great for small pipes and rolling, but not that good for bigger pipes.

Low Country - Hazelnut
Quite good light aromatic
Unlike most of other aromatics, this one has kinda natural taste, so the sauce here is either natural, or very close to it. For me it's too light, even weak, and totally inexpressive, with not enough nicotine. But I'm sure it will suit well beginners and those who like smooth light aromatics with nutty tobacco taste.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Night Slice
Almost good
Nothing really special. All blends (about 4) of this brand came to me in bulk, and all of them were kinda inexpressive, boring, with some notable artificial flavour added. I don't think the bulk is a reason, cause most of other bulk tobaccos ordered here are ok, but may be. One reason for me not enjoying the blend is Black Cavendish, which I don't like when it's too straightforward (not stoved/caked, etc). The tobacco is smokable, at times almost good, but nothing remarkable, don't want to come back to it again, but will try to order one tin of this brand just to compare with bulk and form my final impression.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - Twilight Mixture
Quite smokable
Nothing really special. All blends (about 4) of this brand came to me in bulk, and all of them were kinda inexpressive, boring, with some notable artificial flavour added. I don't think the bulk is a reason, cause most of other bulk tobaccos ordered here are ok, but may be. The tobacco is smokable, at times almost good, but nothing remarkable, don't want to come back to it again, but will try to order one tin of this brand just to compare with bulk and form my final impression.

Low Country - Natural Virginia & Oriental
Really great VAO
Difficult to be objecive here cause I'm a fan of VaPers, VAOs (Virginia with Orientals) and VAPOs (VaPers with Orientals). This one is really great, delicious VAO at good bulk price, very smooth but with substantial amount of nicotine at the same time, very satisfying smoke with all features and flavours of good Virginia and Orientals. Nothing really outstanding maybe, but not boring and interesting enough to be an everyday smoke.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Irish X
That was the first Virginia I tried which, in addition to usual Virginia's flavours (sweet-grassy-sour, etc.), also leaves you with deep, mature burley-type tastes (woody-earthy-nutty), and at times gives you obvious cigar notes. Sure not my everyday smoke because of its strengh and too intense and rich taste, but great to have it once in a while. Smokes quite cool and smooth despite its really high strengh and nicotine hit. Higly recommended to all lovers of strong mature blends with natural tobacco taste, and also fans of Burley and cigars, despite it's only Virginia here. Have to be cut, rubbed and dried to appropriate level before paking into bowl.

Cornell & Diehl - Pegasus
Quite OK
Sometimes it's not easy to write tobacco reviews, because our perception is so subjective and individual. The tobacco seems quite good, but I personally don't like Black Cavendish when it's added kinda straight forwarwd with no stoving/caking and the like. It's also too smooth and light, toneless for me, which doesn't mean it'll be the same for other smokers. So, for me this tobacco is 3 stars max, and I'll not come to it again, but, just out of trying to be more objective, I give it 3,5, cause it's still smokable and may taste even great for someone. Also, I had it in bulk, which can also be a reason for not really quality taste.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Flake Unscented
Great stuff
Strong, mature, cigar-like, bready-earthy-nutty-chocolate taste - exactly what you should expect from the blend composition and description. At the same time, the smoke is quite cool, unbiting and smooth enough for such strong blend. Higly recommended for strong Burley and cigar lovers.

Lane Limited - BL/WB
It's OK, but nothing more
Taste is ok, but it's too light, too smooth and inexpressive. Not for those who prefer intense and vivid taste of strong and mature Burley, though it's still smokable. May be good for beginners in smoking or for folk prefering really mild and oversmooth tobaccos.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Unscented
Maybe I don't understand something, or I'm too sensitive to additives and sauces or to some kinds of tobacco, but this one, despite its popularity, I didn't like. It is smokable, maybe even satisfying, but not really delicious to smoke: it's too sauced, too simple, kind of toneless, but at the same time biting. It's not that kind of simplicity which makes some tobaccos your everyday smoke cause there's nothing annoying or something you can get bored with. It is just inexpressive, featureless, boring tobacco. Maybe I just happen to get some defective piece of bulk.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Not really good
Bought this tobacco in bulk, maybe that's one of the reasons I didn't like it, though my experience with most of other bulk tobaccos, especially C&D, was good so far. The taste is too sharp and cutting, in which I suspest not the tobacco, but some chemicals similar to those you can feel in many aromatics, with notes of not natural saucing, but some perfume. Managed to reduce this taste by stoving the tobacco and adding it by little amounts into other blends, just not to let money wasted in vain.

Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
Really Exclusive
The thing that makes this tobacco really exclusive is an increadibly harmonious combination of nice, soft and tender sweetness on the front, and a great, strong and heavy hit of Perique rising discretely from some depth, which plays so sly and subtle that you can't understand what's happening till you find yourself dizzy of nicotine hit and with a mouthfull of delicious and mature, natural tobacco taste. One of those tobaccos which hide their strengh and heaviness under the smooth, harmonious and unbiting taste and flow - exactly how it should be.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding 2oz
Increadible even if you're not Latakia fan
Unique and delicious Latakia blend. I would highly recommend this tobacco to everyone, but to novices in particular, because Latakia plays in it so harmoniously that you can't find anything there to scare away those who find Latakia smell and taste not really pleasant. I'm not Latakia lover myself, but like to smoke Latakia blends from time to time just for some difference. My hand would reach this tobacco much more often than any other Latakia tobaccos I've tried so far. I am also sure that for Latakia lovers this tobacco will also be a great discovery because of its uniqe composition and taste

Cornell & Diehl - Oak Alley 2oz
Surely one of the best AMs
Yes, this is one of the best American Blends in the world ever. Burley definitely plays the leading role here with mature, earthy-nutty and chocolate notes. Other components are not lost, but harmoniuosly perform at the back stage, creating an increadibly delicious diamond of tobacco taste. Higly recommended to all lovers of Burley who doesn't like it straight, and to everyone who enjoys Burley-led AMs. I'm sure that many cigar lovers will also find this blend delicious and outstanding.

Cornell & Diehl - Orion's Arrow
Great VaPer with Oriental
VPO (combination of Virginia, Perique and Orientals) is one of my favourites. This particular blend is great, but to my taste it lacks Virginia. I read that all three components are added in equal proportions in this blend, meaning about 33% of each. As soon as the amount of Perique feels ok here, I would just increase Virginia to at least 50%, and reduced Oriental accordingly (or some Perique as well maybe). For Virginia lovers I would recommend just to add some blending straight Virginia to fully enjoy this tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl - Junkyard Dawg 2oz
Great complex AM with Latakia
Am not a big fan of Latakia, but still a little fan) I like to smoke it once in a while. I don't like it in big amounts and prefer to have it in complex blends where Latakia doesn' go to the first place, but plays equal role with other tobaccos, or even better goes to the background. To my taste, this tobacco is exactly like that: great and complex American Blend with Latakia playing equal roles with others, where all tobaccos compliment each other and don't try to jump out on the front stage, hiding and spoiling other tastes. Higly recommended to all lovers of American Blends and Latakia.

Cornell & Diehl - Speakeasy Navy Blend 2oz
Great everyday American Blend
Just great for classic American Blends lovers . Nice mixture with complex taste which can be enjoyed on a daily basis without getting tired of it. Thanks C&D and Smokingpipes!

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning Flake 2oz
Regular wow
Yep, this is my "Regular wow", and it means that this tobacco doesn't hit me like "Wow! (it's big Wow here), what a taste! it's the best tobacco in the world!" or the like. But it makes it "wow! (little wow here), I can smoke this stuff every day and enjoy it!" I have to be clear here. Sometimes those big "Wow!" tobaccos give me great impressions, but I can smoke them only once in a while, not on a daily basis. Meanwhile, those small "wows", even though with less impressions, are more important, cause your hand just reaches them spontaneosly every day, avoiding the big "Wows". I guess food comparison would do well here: a big Wow is like some nice dessert or great spicy dish, while the small wow is your regular meat or bread. Overall, great VAper, definitely one of the best. Reffering to its name I have to say that it's really excellent for morning smoke, but only for those folks who enjoy a nice doze of nicotine and full tobacco flavor in the morning like myself, because this stuff is closer to strong on the scale of medium to strong, or just right in the middle of it. Highly recommended for VApers and Perique lovers and to those who like full flavored, mature, earthy/nutty/leathery with some subdue sweetness, real tobacco taste. Thank you C&D and Smokingpipes!

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