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G. L. Pease - Horizons Flake 2oz
Welcome To The New Horizons!
Today I received my order of the new GL Pease’s Horizons😊 Upon opening..a wonderful aroma lingering.. Dark,sweet,floral,spicy,creamy smoky character detected. Come with a perfect moisture content.Easy to rub and very smokeable without any drying time as we don’t want to loose the beautiful nuances in this blend..very well behaved with very few relights.Fabulous smokes,medium to full flavor with mild kick vitamin N to my opinion.Smooth,sweet,dark,caramely,smoky,fruity,tangy,floral,nice sprinkle of spice and fragrant in retrohale with zero tongue bite. Personally... this is an another winner by Gregory Pease. The combo of Turkish Latakia,Stoved Red & Flue Cured VA and Oriental are in perfect balance creating an elegant smokes.A medium to full flavored English with lots going on..glad that this blend was not a limited run.Hahahha!😁😁😁 Yes,I do agree this one has a little hint of Quiet Nights..but this is a different league of uniqueness and much more smoother.Sit back,relax and enjoy this masterful blend!Highly recommended!

Sutliff - Pipe Force Episode II 1.75oz
Thank you Sergeant Kimble!
The tin note is fruity,grassy,smoky,floral and earthy.A nice and easy to prepare crumble cake with perfect moisture content.Easy to lit and burns cool throughout the bowl without any bite. A very good stoved Virginia based blend with the Latakia and Kentucky complementing in the background,giving a great balance and smoothness with very consistent interesting flavor. Sweet,grassy,citrusy,smoky,woody,a playful floral and very appealing fruity,unique hint of berries & spice from the Katerini Perique.Excellent,very well behaved,I think this is a perfectly balanced blend with mild to medium vitamin N,a worthy & wonderful smoking experience!Stocked up a few tins of this awesome blend!🤩🤩🤩

Seattle Pipe Club - Hogshead 4oz
Hogshead comes with a very eye catching presentation of the tin art and packaging. The tin note is really good...fruity,plum,figgy,grassy,bready and cookie like aroma.Very nice crumble plug comes with a little bit moist,easy to break,rubs with a little extra effort and packs easily.Mechanics,easy to light with quite a few relights straight out of the tin.A little drying time is recommended for a fairly consistent smoke throughout the bowl.The taste is medium with mild nicotine content.No flavoring detected,yet I can sense a little hint of possible casing adding to the sweetness,but in a really good way. This is a non bright,grassy,yeasty Virginia blend but more to a flavorful and consistent silky caramelized dark fruity,figgy,smoky,cookie,honey sweetness with a very pleasant kick of spice.Subtle cinnamon,floral hint and mild zesty tanginess whispering in the retrohale,simply refreshing.A slow burning blend,very smooth thick billowing smokes and no bites at all. A wonderful,delightful,relaxing all day,everyday smokes.One of the best and very interesting Virginia blend available!

Dan Tobacco - The Mallard 50g
Definitely A Nice Blend!
Intrigued by the tin art, I did not expect the quality contained in it. The Mallard combines quality Virginias with a simple but very satisfying smoke profile.Mild,sweet,hay,grassy,toasty bread with zesty undertones with nice balance. A cool smoke without any bite that is suitable for an all day smoke!A great candidate for aging and a worthy find indeed.

Low Country - Atalaya 2oz
Unique VaPer...full of flavors and aromas with a very sophisticated complexity that puts Atalaya as a very distinctive blend. A very beautiful and memorable smoking experience!Double thumbs up!!!

Kramer's - Father Dempsey 50g
Pure Satisfaction!!!
My tin come with a little extra moisture.I let it dry for about 20-30 minutes which I found perfect for a cool and steady burning throughout the bowl. The tin note was very smoky,earthy,woody,campfire with a hint of caramelized sweet aroma.A coarse cut blend with nice contrast of Virginia,Oriental and quite a dense cut of Latakia. Taking the flame easily with very few relights. Smooth and mild smokes yet very Latakia forward with very nice slight sweetness and floral essence from the Virginia and Oriental.A solid consistent smokes! Very enjoyable all day and every day smokes! Low nicotine level to me.Father Dempsey simply exceeds my expectation and truly one of the very best English blends! Sublime and will definitely buying more!!!

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil 18ml
Wonderful Quality Product!
Simply a must for your beloved Vulcanite stems!Clean or buff out the dull and oxidized surface and apply this Obsidian oil as per instruction.Giving a nice protective layer and good shine to the old and even greater early protections and finish to the new stem!Effective! Highly recommended!

Drucquer & Sons - King's Fool 100g
King’s Fool..One of the very best!!
Looking at the tin art itself which is very beautiful and interesting, we can already sense a miracle contained in it. The selection and preparation of the best tobacco leaves with the ultimate expertise of Gregory Pease is proven once again with King's Fool. Available in the form of flakes that are easy to rub and provided with the right moisture content.From the tin itself, the aroma of sweet, zesty, grassy, ​​earthy, nutty, malty is so evident. Easy to light with few relights,a very consistent smoke,very well behaved.Medium bodied,full flavor with beautiful complexity. Creamy,sweet, fruity, nutty, slightly spicy, malty, oaty, with nice smoky Latakia undertones combine brilliantly with Virginia, Burley,Cavendish with nice whisper of Perique.. the nicotine content is slightly low to moderate. A very smooth and wonderfully unique smoking experience.A perfect blend for aging and I will definitely buy this again!

Drucquer & Sons - Casbah 100g
Magical Casbah!
“Casbah” A new blend and addition from Drucquer & Sons that is well worth your money!A Balkan blend featuring a beautiful presentation of Orientals balanced by quality Virginia and Latakia, perfected in an easy-to-prepare dark brownish Crumble Cake, full of a mouth-watering aroma, smoky,dark,sweet,tangy,salty, creamy and toasty with just the right amount of moisture. Easy to light with a slow, unpretentious burn. I find it performs best in a larger diameter bowl, cool smoke, soft, creamy, nutty, sweet fruity, herbal aromas from the Oriental and Virginia play cheerfully with the Latakia without overshadowing each other. Complex full of flavor and nuances, the nicotine levels for me are low to moderate.Now it has become one of my favorites and definitely highly recommended!Thank you so much Gregory are the best!

Cornell & Diehl - Black Duck 2oz
An elegant Black Duck!
The picture of the smoking black duck really caught my attention. It seems that Daffy Duck has not appeared for a long time, apparently he is actively into pipe smoking..hehehe!! An English mixture with a solid presentation of dark, smoky,musty, leathery, with a perfect note of spice and sweetness. The character of each component plays cheerfully smooth and nuanced throughout the bowl.The added burley and cavendish really giving the right amount of kick.One of the Cornell & Diehl blends that presents a very satisfying smoking experience. In addition to swimming, diving and flying, it turns out that the Black Duck is very good at pipe smoking and choosing his favorite tobacco! Very well done and simply recommended!

Peterson - Elizabethan Mixture 50g
Quintessential VaPer!
This has been a staple tobacco blend in my rotation for years from the Dunhill era until Peterson's revival. A very manageable ribbon cut of tobacco, easy to light and so easy to enjoy! Pleasant Virginia and Perique aromas from the tin and a smoke quality that's perfect to enjoy throughout days with a light amount of nicotine for me, I have a high nicotine tolerance and this may vary from individual to individual. Elizabethan is the perfect blend for those who want to get to know Virginia Perique.Tangy,bready,dark,hay,slightly nutty,raisiny sweetness and spice.Definitely better with age,yet just very enjoyable right out of fresh tin.You will not be disappointed with Elizabethan.

Drucquer & Sons - Blairgowrie 100g
The Past Is Alive!
Gregory Pease proves his superiority with Blairgowrie! Absolutely perfect, with a smooth,creamy caramelized sweetness,cool and full-bodied smoke quality that is perfectly balanced. A cut of tobacco that is easy to deal with perfect moisture content and easy to light,slow burning,well behaved with minimal relights rates. The blend is full of nuance in every puff. Every component is orchestrated with full of joy and balance. Very tasty! It gives us an experience to recall,enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the past!10 out of 5 stars!

Cornell & Diehl - Steamworks 2oz
Upon opening,the tin note bursting with aroma of dark woody,raisiny,bright,tangy sweetness,kinda malty chocolaty vanilla,beautiful spicy floral essence too..the steaming process really brings the aged like quality to the blend. The flakes my tin was in a perfect moisture content,very easy to rub,easy to pack and burns cool with very few relights.Smoke the first bowl with no drying time was very easy going,cool,perfect slow burning with white ashes to the bottom of the chamber. Each components in this blend to my opinion are in great balance and just love the wonderful interplay. Grassy,woody,dark,hay,bready,floral,very right amount of spicy zingy sweetness with thick billowing flavorful smokes.Love it! The second bowl I let it dry for 3 minutes,the sweet and even deeper notes really shines throughout the bowl..really love the complexity and nuances. Definitely a superior blend for aging.Thank you so much Jeremy! You really did an excellent touch on this Steamworks!

Cornell & Diehl - Junkyard Dawg 2oz
A Real Good Dawg!!!
This is one of my favourite all day smoke!Smoky leathery,nutty,slightly creamy and just right little amount of sweetness,fantastic interplay between each three components,very enjoyable!Love the tin art too!! D : Delectable A : Amazing W : Wonderful G : Go For It!!!

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