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Sutliff - TS-20 Louisiana Perique
A friend to keep at home
Definitely a keeper. Very nice work. I use it with an English blend that doesn't contain any Perique, so I can add some as much as I want ( I love to add quite a lot ), and this is very delightful. Smoke very slowly and let the magic happen.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Night
More is less?
While I am delighted with their other blend called Bayou Morning which is a really simple blend, I am still wondering with this one which has more "complexity". The blend that almost makes me wonder if I got a bad batch or something, because nothing in it is standing out, I just smoke it getting a few hints here and there...Really weak. I will stick to Bayou Morning and add some Latakia to it.

Cornell & Diehl - Crowley's Best
Another C&D chanpion
Those guys made me see Burley from another point of view, while I never cared for it before. Another excellent balanced blend, this truly requires skills in order to find the fine line, and I notice that this company does this very often. I am smoking a bowl of it as I speak, it is 7 pm, and my long day turned into a deep meditative moment. You like Latakia but don't want to be assaulted by it? Do you love THEIR specific perique that is so dark fruity and at times peppery? Do you then like the burley which is going to wrap all this into a creamy and soft style? Go for this blend.

Cornell & Diehl - Mountain Camp
C&D, master blenders
The very first blend I got from them was Morning Bayou, which is a succulent perique bomb. Mountain Camp is my second one, and let me tell you that I am so about trying all they have by now. What a blend, it tastes like it was made by an alchemist. Of course you have a lot of Latakia in, but it does NOT shadow the other ones. Where can I ever start? It is the most balanced blend I've ever had for now, and one can tell that they have been working on it in a sharp and precise manner. Behind this Latakia, you will taste the orientals complimenting it. The Virginia maybe is far behind but still here adding its personal touch, the burley wraps it all around giving you this soft and creamy feel, and the subtle cherry on the cake, THEIR wonderful Perique giving this last touch. Again, what a perique, smoke slowly and you will feel it watering your mouth, behind this delightful campfire comfort incredible blend genius. This will go in my top 3.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
Nice morning kick
Sometimes, simplicity is key. Virginia/Perique with my morning coffee, here we go, I took my corn cob, filled it up and went for it. The first feeling I got from it was not a disappointment, but I thought it was just a good tobacco with nothing really special ( I was expecting to be "assaulted" by the Perique I wished was more dominant). But mind you... At the half of the bowl, this perique was starting to unveil itself more (and what a perique, I am now in total love with it), and the nicotine hit was definitely there, catching me by surprise. To my taste, I would have loved a little bit of Latakia added to it, but it is a very nice simple combo that I recommend, and definitely will compliment your coffee on a fresh morning ( careful of the strong nic hit though. Smoke slowly like when you are sipping your favorite drink). EDIT : all I have written above is still accurate about what I think, but wow, guys, go for it, this simple blend will grow on you. This is my favorite perique by now, THAT fruit, and by time a subtle pepper ! I now often use it as a spice for my other english blends.. A winner. This company rocks.

Arango - Balkan Supreme
A serious Balkan
I was intrigued after reading somebody's comment, saying that it was better than Nightcap, so I bought 2oz of it. Well, I was in for a treat, this is an excellent blend, and for everybody who really wants to know the difference between English and Balkan, this one will bring you the answer. The secret is in the blend itself. A balkan will have the oriental dominate the game, while the English often tends to have the Latakia doing the job. On this one, the latakia is more discrete, but will add an excellent touch to the oriental, perfect balance. The Cavendish seems to be the subtle touch into this blend, and right after would be the virginia, both play a nice role but to be honest, I was more obsessed/focused on this great alchemy they went for with the Oriental and Latakia! This blend is nicely complex as you can understand, with a medium strength (not as strong as Nightcap, but will give you a nice little nic hit ), perfect for a nice calm cold evening, I will keep ordering this one.

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Bayou Night

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Crowley's Best

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Mountain Camp

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Bayou Morning

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