Sunil R.

Peterson - Sweet Killarney 50g
Gloriously sweet and rich
This is my 2nd favourite tobacco of all time! It is rich and warm in flavour, I can taste the tobacco's in this blend which is nice along with a very creamy caramel smell and flavour. An everyday blend for me. Top stuff.

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Disappointed but it's my tastebuds that are failing me.
Firstly, Smoking Pipes are ace, much cheaper than here in the UK and with way more selection. Cult Blood Red Moon however....I don't get it! I was really looking forward to a xherry flavour with a hint of chocolate (given all the reviews I've read and watched) but alas it's not for me. I taste zero cherry, choc or even tobacco. I love Killarney, Connoisseurs Choice, Ennerdale or a bowl of St Bruno on occasion so I know my palate works but no matter how slowly I draw this Cult through my pipe all I get is a high note of sour/sharp and an ash taste. Not for me but plenty of good reviews so please don't be put off by mine. I've ordered a selection of tobacco's to try and a couple to restock along with Captain Black Black Cherry - if I can't taste that then there's definitely something wrong with me. Love the site, good selection at excellent prices, will continue to order from Smoking Pipes but gonna have to leave the Cult for others. Revised: My good friend tried some and confirmed that it's me...not the tobacco!

Eileen's Dream 50g

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Barbados Plantation 1.5oz

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Connoisseur's Choice 50g

$18.59 $12.23

Cornell & Diehl
Autumn Evening

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Pipe Force Episode VI 1.75oz

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Sweet Killarney 50g

$18.59 $12.36