Stands & Pouches - Peterson Avoca Tobacco Box Pouch
Love this pouch
Great capacity, folds and compresses to a nice pocketable size, and has proven durable enough for everyday use. It's good (and low cost) enough that I bought one for a friend as well - can't recommend enough.

Tampers & Tools - Tobacco Pipe Wind Cap
Great for the price
Great for the windy days out here in West Texas - and it doesn't look bad on even my nicest pipes. A little tip - to clean, I soak it in alcohol for a few hours, which gets all the gunk off without having to take it apart.

Captain Black - Dark 1.5oz
First Tobacco
This is the first tobacco I ever smoked. Coming back to it after several years of smoking stronger blends (Kendal Dark is my everyday all day smoke) is like vaping a flavorless nicotine pen, without the nicotine. I liked it at the time years ago, but now... I don't see the point unless used in a blend, or for first time pipe smokers. Even then, it is relatively difficult to smoke for beginners, as it comes so wet in the pouch.

Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies - B. J. Long Bristle Tapered Pipe Cleaners (80 pack)
Good for the price
These work well, especially with the bristles, but do tend to leave behind a little fuzz. I'll definitely take them for the price.

Peterson - Irish Flake 50g
Great Flake
It comes a little moist out of the tin, so I rub the flakes out then dry them for about 15-20 minutes. The burn is consistent and relatively cool, and the flavor is fantastic- fruity, dark cocoa, and of course deep, dark tobacco. Aftertaste is just as good as the flavor and room note. I wish this came in a plug, I'd absolutely buy that over flakes (which I'm not a fan of, they're often too thick for my taste).

Arango - Balkan Supreme
5-Star Balkan
This is my one stop tobacco for Balkan or English blends. You can't beat the complexity, smoothness, or price. If you're having issues with it being too "edgy," try packing down in a small jar or tine and age it for a week. Really mellows out the Latakia and blends the flavors better. Not much else can be said about the blend that hasn't already been said by other 5-star reviews.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Irish X
Smooth and Strong
I don't leave reviews on things unless I think they are really notable. This is one of those tobaccos I just HAD to write a review for. Very very smooth from light to the bottom of the bowl. Smoky sweet virginia. No complexity whatsoever, just fantastic quality leaf. It doesn't hit me as strong as Kendal Dark, for some reason, but the flavor and smooth creaminess is incredibly good.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Kendal Dark
Fantastic Smoke
First off, the cut is fantastic. Sometimes I don't even need a second light after my prelight, and often it burns the whole way through a bowl without issue, and leaves little to no dottle or dampness. Fantastic! Now that that's out of the way, it is ready to smoke as is (for me at least)- and extremely easy to pack. It likes to burn hot, so I sip it very slowly, which brings out the sweetish smokiness very nicely. Puff too quickly, and it takes a slight bitter taste and gets very peppery in the nose. There is a slight Lakeland essence, but it burns off mid-bowl leaving a wonderful dark-fired Virginia taste. The taste is strong, nic-hit strong, and room note is strong but not unpleasant. The wife approves. Great quality tobacco.

Tampers & Tools - Tsuge Pipe Cap
Fantastic quality
A truly one size fits all solution to storing tobacco directly in your pipe, or saving the rest of your smoke for later. Stays secure in the pocket. The quality and workmanship is fantastic, and is sure to last for years.

Tampers & Tools - Savinelli Coin Pipe Companion
No brainer
Fantastic tool directly comparable to the Czech pipe tool, but better in my opinion. It's not as tight which makes it a little easier to work with, and the fit and finish is fantastic. Will definitely buy another.

Ebauchon Briar Pipe Kit Ebonite Stem-Bent

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Irish Flake 50g

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Tampers & Tools
Tsuge Briar Tamper

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Newgrange Spigot (608) Fishtail

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Donegal Rocky (03) Fishtail

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