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Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
Lots of non-reviews so far...
Lots of reviews for a tobacco no one has even smoked yet. Well, I scored my brick and can review the smell at least. It smells heavenly, even through the plastic seal. It smells likeā€¦. fruit leather. That's the best comparison that comes to my mind. Not the mass manufactured kiddy fruit leather mind you, all super sweet. This is a fruit leather you'd find at a farmer's market booth in Portland ( either one ) or Seattle. I've only been to one of the Portlands though so I only speak from imagination. And what is this super healthy, holistic doctor prescribed fruit leather made of? Figs mostly. Probably apricot too. I look forward to the reviews of people who actually take a match to this stuff as I am squeamish when it comes to Perique but if it's mostly dried fruit forward I may actually burn some in a few years.

Aran Smooth (107) Fishtail

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Penzance 2oz

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Tobacco Galleria: Rum & Maple

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Drew Estate
Harvest on Hudson 50g

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