Gregory B.

Amphora - Original Blend 1.75oz
Nice leisurely smoke
I last tried this tobacco 50 years ago taking hits off my father's pipe. I tried this tobacco fresh from the pouch with no drying out. The pouch smell was fragrant with the smell of fresh hay, figs, and apple. I did not detect the smell of chocolate that most reviews comment on. A very nice ribbon cut and since I didn't dry it out, it took a few lights at first to get going, but then it settled in for a solid hour leaving a fine ash and little dottle. Very flavorfull with some spicy floral notes due to the oriental. I did not detect chocolate but half-way through the bowl the burley took on a slight creamy air which I would liken to almond milk. None of the flavor notes dominated this blend; instead as the smoke developed, a variety a subtle floral flavor notes of berry, black tea, and licorice would arise, disappear and reemerge again. A nice leisurely smoke which was sampled in a Breebia sailor with a Dublin chamber. Although no bite was detected, I believe this should be smoked slowly.

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