G. L. Pease - Temple Bar 2oz
Excellent tobacco, but read on..
I first bought a tin in 2016 and loved it. Hands down one of my favourite smokes, but about a month or so after opening it, there was a mold issue. I was devastated that I'd lost my favourite smoke. I'd have rather gotten back with my ex than lose my Temple Bar, but after thinking that one through a little more and reading up on reviews of possible mold issues at G.L Pease, I tossed the stuff away. I bought a tin a few months ago to give it another try, and it tasted just as amazing to me as the first time. Unfortunately, the mold issue was present in this batch too, but it took a few months this time around, so at least I got to enjoy it a little longer. The best part of this story is that after asking for some advice from the awesome staff here at SP on how to store this tobacco (as I thought that maybe there's a specific way to store this type of baccy other than simply putting it in a mason jar, or if maybe the climate here just ruins this type of tobacco) and even letting them know that I honestly was not looking for any refund or anything of the sort, just professional advice, I was credited not only for the recently bought tin, but for the one I bought in 2016 as well! My God, if there was ever such a thing as IMMACULATE customer service, this has got to be it! To get that kind of treatment here, I'd have to summon a flock of rabid Ibis' and zombie toddlers probably just for the advice, or at most a partial refund of the latest purchase! So, with the credit that I was so kindly given, I'll be trying my luck with another tin and different methods of storage. I may post an update in a few months time. My apologies for the wall of text, but I felt this had to be shared as I love to give credit where it's due and SP and it's staff certainly deserve a huge shout out! :)

Djarum - Black
Surprisingly good
First, let me start by saying that these are good if you like clove and having a numb mouth - I like both these things. I find this to be better than the flavoured versions of Djarum Black. It's smoother and less chemically in my honest opinion. Great for an 'on the go' type thing. I must admit that not everyone likes the smell of clove, but those that do always want to try them. They have a sweet taste which lasts for a while without any odd aftertaste. They burn nice and the signature crackling of the clove is like ASMR while smoking. The only thing that could make these better in my opinion, is an active carbon filter like the Vauen Dr Perl types, but that would be asking for too much and isn't really necessary - but, it is something I might try. No joke though, these are good and quite well priced to boot. Well, it's well priced compared to here, in the land where tobacco will cost you a limb or "jewel".

Amphora - Full Aroma 1.75oz
One of the favourites
This has got to be one of my favourite tobaccos, possibly even my favourite. Being in Sydney, Australia, there really isn't much of a selection here at all, which is why I love this site. The last time I saw Amphora here was 3yrs ago. Screw customs, I'll pay it anyday rather than having to settle for Borkum Riff or scour half the country to find Amphora for $55/50g tin! It's probably more that that now actually. But I digress! This has a wonderful note - chocolate and flowers with citrus. It burns brilliantly and to my taste, is amazing. You can taste all of the wonderful flavours that have been blended in, but at the same time you can also taste the quality tobacco used. I really can't do this tobacco any justice through my limited vocabulary in this review. I probably could if I were to express my feelings with curse words in a positive light, though I wouldn't want to upset the good folks who run this establishment. If it wasn't for them, I'd be stuck with Borkum Riff.

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired 3.5oz
Quite good
Here is a well made and densely pressed tobacco. It's not overly smoky or acidic. It tastes great on a cold day and breaks apart without much fuss when you're ready to fold and stuff. I personally prefer to rub it out until it becomes fluffy, after which I pack it relatively loose before going at it. I find the taste to be better that way as more of the darkness seems to come through and it kind of rounds it off. It could be a mind trick I'm pulling on myself, but it works so I stick with it. Something I found that goes great with this is mixing a small, and I mean small amount of Latakia based tobacco, such as a Syrian blend. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Cult - Blood Red Moon 50g
Candy...sweet sour candy
This stuff...where to begin? How's about the tin note - beautiful. It smells edible. I actually tried that and took note never to do it again, but honestly it makes your mouth water. It is one of the only aromatic tobaccos I have tried that tastes almost identical to the way it smells, but smoke it slowly of course. It burns nice and has an amazing aroma. I decided to be a troll at work and held the last puff in my mouth from the smoking area and walked into the building from my break. I ducked down next to a friend and puffed it out. After a short cough, he and everyone within a 10m radius kept sniffing the air. I threw a pen at a guy who claimed it was an e-cigarette, but I digress. It missed anyway. But in all honesty, if you like the taste of sweet and slightly sour hard candy, it tastes like one called "Heartbreakers", and I guarantee you will like it at the very least. There's a reason they keep selling out, so cudos to the good staff of this site for trying to keep up with demand!

Djarum - Black Ruby
Good, but not what I expected
As per the title, the cherry was a bit lacking for me. It is there, but it will never compare with a nice cherry based pipe tobacco like Cult's Blood Moon ( I recommend that stuff, it's awesome!). That being said though, like I said in the review for the vanilla Djarums, they are good on the go and are quite smooth to boot.

Djarum - Black Ivory
Sweet with a hint of vanilla
These are good on the go. There is a slight taste of vanilla in them, but not very prominent. The clove is still very present - I kind of expected it to balance with the vanilla but it's still a good taste regardless. They're smooth enough that you can practically inhale them, but I'm not partial to inhaling anything other than shiisha, though that's just me. Long story short, these are good for an on the go situation.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
Now that's Vanilla
This stuff is great. Nice and smooth with a great vanilla taste that doesn't bite your tongue like a rabied terrier. It's very very nice and smells awesome when lit. It also blends GREAT with Lane Limited TK-6. A nice, smooth, sweet vanilla cherry flavour that will make all the problems from that hard, annoying day at work float away like the smoke from your mouth. Really liked it.

McClelland - 620 Mocha Black
Tastes earthy - like soil
Yes, I have tried soil as a child and still remember the taste. This tastes kind of close to that but smells a little like coffee and chocolate. It wasn't for me, but I can see what the blenders were aiming at, so maybe my tastebuds are just a little out of whack. It doesn't taste bad, but it's not pleasant either. Earthworms may like it more.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Flake Aromatic
Great in small doses
As in the title, this stuff is great in small doses. I preferred it rubbed out thoroughly and loosely packed as I found you get much more flavour out of it that way. Actually, if done that way it tastes almost like it smells which is surprising. This tobacco goes great mixed with a virginia base. I rubbed out some Luxury Twist flake - about 1 part Luxury Twist with 1/3 - 1/2 of this stuff. Let it dry for about 15mins and pack it loose. Smoke it relatively slowly and you'll see what I mean - turns out great.

Sutliff - Mountain Pass 1.5oz
Taste's mountainy - in a good way
This is something you'd smoke on a cold night fishing. It's sweet, vanilla custardy and smooth. Smoked slow enough, you can really get those tastebuds singing. Great with pancakes and a sweet coffee. Truly enjoyed this stuff and I recommend it to aromatic lovers.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening 2oz
It's interesting
I wasn't too fond of this mix, but it was definitely worth a try. It tends to kick you in the back of the throat if smoked too fast, so by all means, take it slow. As for the flavour, I was expecting more maple and something a little sweeter. It may just be me, I do have a sweet tooth, so other's may find that it isn't lacking in that department. I tolerate this one more than I like it - just not exactly what I'm into.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake 50g
Very nice
This isn't your traditional chocolate tobacco. This stuff is actually good. As mentioned by one of the reviewers above, it's more a savoury chocolate - like straight cocoa. Burns cool, smokes smooth and has a great taste. Also great when mixed with Lane Limited LL-7. Blend about 1 part LL-7 with 1/2 part Bob's and you're in for a treat. Blended right, they give a full chocolate flavour. You know the type you've been looking for? Yeah, that. A nice, sweet milk chocolate flavour with that cocoa edge in the background. Add hazelnut and it's Nutella.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Sweet Virginia
As per the title, this stuff is sweet. It does have a bite which is to be expected, but it's good. Smooth, relaxing, sweet and smells pleasant. Might just order me some more!

Lane Limited - LL-7
That's good
This is good stuff. Not strong, not plastered with an overkill of chocolate - just a good all-round chocolatey smooth smoke. I really enjoy this mix, they really made it well and it was definitely thought through. Don't smoke it too fast or heavy as it will begin to taste like hot air. Take your time with this stuff and sip it - that's where the real flavour is. It's either a great tobacco blend or it's infused with black magic and the tears of mermaids, but either way, it's good stuff and I'll continue to smoke it.

Lane Limited - TK-6
Cherries in a bag
Cherry. Not very cherry, but cherry. Though it is bitey if packed too tightly, drawn impolitely or smoked without drying. Not berry, but cherry and in no way overbaring. Yes, I like this stuff. I personally like to mix my cherry tobaccos with Amphora (good stuff for anyone that likes Danish tobaccos). I find that it flattens that sharp bite that seems to be common across cherry tobaccos and adds a nice, round background to it with its citrus and floral tones. Don't get me wrong, this stuff is nice and definitely tastes of cherries when smoke on its own, but I just prefer to use it as a mixing tobacco with either chocolate flavours or, as I mentioned above, with Amphora. Give it a shot, you might like it!

Vauen - Auenland 50g
VERY good aromatic!
The title describes this well enough I think. The tin note is amazing. I was tempted to have a bite - which I did try a little. Don't do it, I've learned my lesson there. In my defense, I wasn't alone in that act. But more to the point, this stuff smokes beautifully and tastes amazing. The room note is so good you'd wish the sold it as a bottled fragrance. Compliments from everybody around me. It does remind me of the LOTR trilogy (and the Hobbit). If I could afford one of the Auenland churchwardens, my life would be complete. Just kidding, there's more important things than that, but it would help. But seriously, this is a VERY good aromatic mix for the aromatic lover. I'd put this right up there with Russ Oulette's Snow Drift tobacco. It's not sold on here, but it's good...really good. Hopefully, we might see that on here someday!

Missouri Meerschaum - Missouri Pride 1.5oz
Very enjoyable
Now this is a great mix. Missouri Meerschaum, I thought you peaked at Great Dane, but I was wrong. You've made something just as good, if not, better. Be careful of anyone who would kill for this recipe because I think they would do it. The pouch note is beautiful and the flavour is rich and delightful. That subtle hint of chocolate and the palatable but not overbaring sweetness of the virginias is incredibly relaxing. Doesn't burn hot nor does it bite unless you really force it to. I've tried it through a cob, but I dare say that I like it more through my briar. In case it matters, the cob I have is a Missouri Meerschaum and the briar is a meerschaum lined Vauen Dr Perl billiard with a 9mm charcoal filter used. At the end of the day, it's all up to your personal preferences, but I must say that I really enjoyed this blend. Thank you, good blenders at Missouri Meerschaum!

Villiger - Mini Espresso Flavour
Tastes surprisingly good
I'm not an avid cigar smoker, but I do like to try new things. I'm glad I tried these. The blend of tobaccos is quite nice, though a bit on the bitey side. However, the taste of the coffee and little bit of caramel are definitely noticeable. These leave a floral after taste in your mouth and the room note isn't as harsh or as "sticky" as your standard cigar. Great with a good coffee or hot chocolate on those cold winter nights while with a bunch of mates. We don't get to buy these types of cigars or pipe tobaccos in Australia, so to be able to purchase them from this site is truly a privelege and worth the taxes incurred by Customs (when they fail to slip through!). Thanks you very much my good friends at :)

Vauen - Italian Blend 50g
There's some coffe in it
I'll get right to the point. There is a coffee taste, and it is good, however I personally think it needs a bit more of a tobacco taste. That is why I choose to mix it with a little Six Pence and Peter Stokkebye's Luxury Twist - not a lot, but just enough to give it that fuller tobacco-y taste and kick some of the esspresso flavour into the background. But no word of a lie, this stuff goes GREAT with a good esspresso. They definitely got the mix right to complement a good cup of coffee when smoked on its own. Good stuff, but only with a good cup of coffee or mixed with a little of the above :)

G. L. Pease - Sixpence 2oz
Great mix
I'm more of an aromatic lover, but I do love to try other tobaccos, and am I glad I tried this. The tin note is beautiful and the sliced flakes are perfectly humidified - no drying required. I'm not a fan of harsher smoke so when I tried a bowl of this on its own I didn't enjoy it too much. Granted I could taste the flavour and it was GOOD, the harshness of the smoke it more what I am referring to. However, I found that when I mixed a small amount of this with Amphora and Lane Limited's TK-6 Cherry, it was amazing. A great tobacco, if only I could tolerate a little harshness to smoke a full bowl of this on its own!

McClelland - Premium Aromatic: Pal O' Mine 50g
Tastes like its name
What the title says, this tobacco does, and it does it well. No bite. Tastes like peaches. Smooth and cool. Tin note is so amazing I wish I could bottle it as cologne. If you're the kind of smoker who refuses to try aromatics, this one is DEFINITELY worth a try. Very, very good high quality tobacco with a great taste and very pleasant room note.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
Surprisingly good
I was interested in trying flake tobacco so I bought 4oz of this stuff based on its reviews by others. I love my aromatics, so this was a leap out of the proverbial box for me. Granted I've only been smoking a pipe for the past 2 years on and off, and am by no means a connosieur, I can tell when a tobacco/blend is good. This stuff is good. Smooth, easy to pack, sweet and not harsh with very little bite. It does take a few lights to get it going, but when it gets going it just keeps giving. It did get a bit stronger than I like toward the bottom of the bowl, but the flavour was definitely still there amidst that slightly harsher smoke. In all honesty, this is in my humble opinion a great blend that I really enjoy - more than most aromatics I've tried.

Modigliani (5 Pack)

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