Arango - Balkan Supreme
If you got that Latakia thing going...
This blend rides with the best (more expensive) tins I've sampled. First tried this a couple years back, but it got lost in a flurry of blends I hoarded. The 1 oz sample I bought turned to dust. Recently bought a couple ounces & packed a bowl tonight. Oh my. While the Lat is forward, it makes ample room for the rest of the voices. Quite smooth for a lat forward blend, Bought two ozs this time. Next time I'll check what a boxcar would cost from South Carolina to Michigan.

G. L. Pease - Sextant 2oz
Upon further review, the ruling on the field is reversed
Revisited Sextant this A.M. with the morning coffee. Stephen E nailed it above. The first half bowl was a perfect chorus of voices, a harmonious 'mp' (mezzo piano--- "moderately soft" volume) in the predawn. In the second half, the orientals swelled to 'mf' (mezzo forte---"moderately loud") to greet the sunrise; perhaps a bit too loud at that hour, but it will slide into the rotation for a later hour of the day. .

Cornell & Diehl - Rajah's Court 2oz
First bowl from the fresh tin didn't impress. The 'Ginnies & Turks seemed too forward. Revisited it today. Oh my, what a couple weeks did for it. A near perfect marriage of elements, with a slight edge to the Latakia. Mellow, easy on the palette. Put me in memory of a long gone fave, Sullivan's OO blend from some 50 years ago (back in the day when your local brick & mortar tobacconist was one's sole guide through the plethora of leaves; when Balkan Sobranie was as common as Captain Black).

Cornell & Diehl - Da Vinci 2oz
Mis-labeled tin? Burley bomb.
I don't give negative reviews as a rule. Exception to the rule follows. Popped the tin. No hint of Latakia in the note (75%, eh?). Nary a whiff of Latakia in the initial bowl. Revisited it a couple weeks later. No change. What is this, Captain Black? A burley bomb. Maybe the wrong label made it on the tin?

Sutliff - Sutliff 1849 1.5oz
Dancing with the VaPers
Came down from Latakia Mountain a few years back to see how the rest of the world puffs. Made some some wonderful discoveries like this blend. This is the perfect blend of Virginia to Perique. I wasn't thrown into a hay baler, I didn't choke on the bayou. It was a smooth journey from char to bottom; a glorious symphony of both strains. A distinct peppery Perique on the retro, but a velvety inhale. All in all smooth as silk for such a rocky marriage.

Sutliff - 707 Sweet Virginia
On a budget?
Not a huge fan of flake, but this Virginia is a clean, smooth experience. Not overly sweet to my mind. Nice balance.

Low Country - Waccamaw 2oz
Me Again...Mr English maven
Huh. Had a bottle of Provance Esprit Rebelle Rosé to sip on. A Latakia heavy blend would never do between the sips. This blend is wonderful! Solid Virginia with a nice peppery retro-hale. Sips so nice. Stays nice in the saddle throughout the bowl. These Low Country folk got it nailed

Cornell & Diehl - Pirate Kake 2oz
Dis is it
Latakia heaven on earth. Can't speak to heaven. God might be in the Va/Per or aromatic camp. As Devil's advocate, this is the best contemporary Latakia based English I've smoked barring my ancient faves: Sullivan's 00 & XX blends from 50 years ago.

Sutliff - Blend No. 5 1.5oz
Mild, but tasty
...for an English blend. Qualifies as an all day smoke. Not a beast Latakia blend, but it satisfies a lat-bomb aficionado like me when I don't want thermo-nuclear latakia. From tin-note to end of bowl, it's a nice ride. If you're an Aro/VA/VAper looking to dabble on the English side of the divide, I'd recommend it as a cheap entry. If you're a Lat fan on a low budget (raises hand), it's worth a try.

Sutliff - 507C Virginia Slices
Pleasurable Virginie
First time I tried it, I did the fold & stuff. Meh. Went to the break it up technique, which worked much better for me. Low & slow, it smoked smooth with the classic VA profile you'd expect. Mind you I am not a expert in the Virginia realm, so YMMV; but I found it quite satisfying; my first & steadfast love being Lat-bomb English blends. Price point makes it a keeper for a change of pace.

Samuel Gawith - Commonwealth Mixture 50g
Full Strength Mixture?
Mmm, no; but it is an excellent 'middling' strength mixture, compared to, say, C&D's Pirate Kake. Still, it's a very satisfying blend. My only complaint, which applies to all SG tins, is they don't re-seal well. Love the aesthetic of the tins, the functionality leaves something to be desired.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
Satisfying medium English
I like how the Turks ride above the Latakia current with the undercurrent of the Virginies. Overall a satisfying middling English blend. Still search for the replacement of my ancient middling fave: Sullivan's 00.

Brigham - Aurora Borealis 50g
Alas, poor Yorick...
Had I known Brigham would go t*ts up, I would've bought a boxcar of this blend. :::sigh:::

Peterson - Hyde Park 50g
that my first review here would be for a Lakeland blend (I am devoted to Latakia blends---the heavier the better). It's quite easy, a delight on the palette. A wonderful contrast to the usual dense, deep campfire. This is divine. Floral to the nines; light, airy, easy, delightful; compared to Lat bombs I prefer. It's the perfect complement to a tongue jaded by an overload of heavy English/Balkan blends. Contra-intuitive as it would seem, I would recommend it heartily to my fellow deep Latakia brotherhood.

Samuel Gawith
Squadron Leader 50g

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Chelsea Morning 2oz

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707 Sweet Virginia

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