Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
Like Warm Leather
I was a big fan of McClelland Dark English Full and was saddened when it was no more. In search of a substitute, I eventually tried this blend. Although not as full bodied as the McClelland blend, this is a very nice substitute. Think of it as a milder Dark English Full. Nice balance between the Virginias and Latakia leaning towards the smokey sweet side.

Sutliff - Revelation Match
E=Einstein's smoke; m=matching approximation; c=components: If we multiply the matching approximation by the square of the components, we equal Einstein's favorite smoke. Overall, this is a fairly mild smoke. The pouch note is very slightly smokey with some faint sweet citrus underneath. The smell is very pleasant and what you think a good tobacco should smell like. I was not very impressed with the cut and that really held the enjoyment back. It's listed as a ribbon cut, but that is fairly misleading. There is a little bit of everything in there. I found ribbon, cubes, big leafy rough cuts, stems, pieces pressed together, etc.. I had to pick some apart and rub some pieces out in order to get a bit that was easy to pack. Otherwise a stem would get sideways and create a gap in the packing. Once you get everything fairly uniform, it will pack better and burn more evenly. As for the taste, it is mildly nutty, sweet, and floral. No component really dominates but you can pick each one out if you are looking for them. There is a little bit of latakia smokey, a little bit of floral, a little bit of virginia sweet, a little bit of burley nuttyness...you get the picture. Personally, it's not a go to for me, but I'll probably always have an ounce or so laying around.

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Cornell & Diehl - Exclusive
Perique Center Stage
This is definitely one for perique lovers. It is in the VaPer family, but at 50% perique, I think it should be more aptly classified as a "PerVa". The perique is front and center in both the tin note and the taste. There is not a lot of complexity here as the red virginia only seems to support and round out the perique. As for the cavendish, I didn't get much of that throughout the bowl. The cavendish seems to only sweeten and cool the virginia. So you have a pronounced perique, supported by red virginia, that is in turn supported by some burley based cavendish. Again, it's not too complicated. But if you are looking for a heavy hit of perique, it fits the bill. It is spicy as you would expect (especially on the retrohale). This is a medium to strong blend, so I prefer to smoke in a smaller sized chamber and go slow as to not get overpowered. Your preference may vary according to your nicotine tolerance. This would be a good blend for cigarette smokers looking for a good pipe blend to try. The ribbon cut is typical of a C&D ribbon cut in that the ribbons aren't very uniform or very long. That seems to be a purely cosmetic thing as it doesn't seem to affect the way it burns too much compared to prettier presentations of other blenders. I ordered a couple of ounces of this in bulk and let it cellar for over a year, and it did mellow nicely a little bit. I would expect that it will continue to do so over time and will get better with age as the perique mellows and the virginia ferments some. Looking forward to what the future holds and revisiting this year after year as it ages.

Prince Albert - Prince Albert 14oz
Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
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Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Very Nice VaPer Flake
This is a very nice Virginia/Perique flake. The Virginias obviously take the main stage as they should. The Perique, however, is not very pronounced. This could be a good introductory flake for anybody new to Perique. You’ll get some spice, but not a ton if your palette is not ready for that. Because of the sugars in the Virginias, it can burn hot, so go slow. Out of the bag, the note is slightly grassy with some citrus scents. The grassy notes indicate that the Virginias are not as high quality as they could be. Cellering this tobacco will only make it better as it ages, however the grassiness will probably never completely mellow away. Personally I find much success with smoking this in either a traditional billiard or pot. Additionally, I usually fold the flake and rub slightly before stuffing. This helps provide more pockets of air and helps the Virgina not burn as hot. If your take the time and smoke slow, there are plenty of subtleties that can come out - particularly if paired with a nice rich coffee or black English tea. Overall, it’s pretty uncomplicated in the way decently nice steak is.

McClelland - 5110 - Dark English Full
Fare thee well...
This is one of my favorite English blends. Dark, smokey, and sweet. It is Latakia rich and bitter poor. R.I.P. Dark English Full...you will be missed.

Erinmore - Erinmore Flake 50g
Nice Classic Blend
First off, the tin note is great. There are hints of tropical fruits (think Juicy Fruit gum). The cut is a nice flake that rubs out easily. I am not a huge fan of Burley, but this has just the right amount for my taste. I barely know it there, so the overall flavoring seems to come more from the Virginias and the topping to me. The bottom half of the bowl gets pretty wet no matter how long I dry before smoking. The topping seems to collect as the bowl burns down until you get a wet bitter puddle. I find that I either need to take a break and let it dry up a bit or abandon the bottom 1/4 altogether. This is definitely a medium to light strength and can be smoked at any time. It burns cool and stays lit with no issues. Overall, it is a nice mildly aromatic Virginia that is worth keeping around for a change of pace.

Peterson - Wild Atlantic 40g
An English With A Touch Of Spice
The pouch note is quite pleasant and not too smoky. It has a leathery aroma like an old book. It is a little moist straight out of the pouch, but can be smoked straight away. However, a little drying time would help. It lights well and smokes evenly. The Latakia isn't as pronounced as many other popular English blends, but it is still present. It is not as sweet as others either. There is a spicy note that comes through with the Orientals (almost as if there is a bit of Perique, but of course there is not). Overall, this is a nice medium blend. A touch more sweetness would have given this another half star or so in the rating for my palette. In summary, a very nicely balanced English blend with a touch of spice that is worth consideration.

Savinelli - Doblone d'Oro 100g
Earthy Tones
Earthy...very earthy. The burley is very prominent in this smoke and gives off notes of hay and grass. The tin came dry enough and burned well throughout the bowl straightaway with no drying. However, there is not a lot of other flavor to make the tobacco more than one dimensional in taste. The coins are loose enough to either rub out easily or pack in straight from the tin.

Mac Baren - Modern Virginia Loose Cut 100g
Light and Pleasant
The tin note is a light blend of apricot and sweet Virginia. From the looks of it, it would appear that there would be a lot more Burley flavor than there is. Very little of the Burley and the Cavendish come through on their own. Periodically, elements of the tin note come through, but for the most part, this smokes like a light Virginia. The room note is also light and pleasing. This is probably most agreeable in the warmer months.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton 50g
Wonderfully Mild English
This is a wonderfully mild English blend. A great "go to" smoke. That is of course, if you like English blends, Latakia in particular, and are looking for something on the the lighter side. If you are, then this is the quitesential criteria satisfier. It's full on the Latakia...so you should know that going in. It is a full on Lataka heavy English blend, but still a mild smoke. It is a great entry tobacco for those new to pipe smoking and and nice refreshment choice for veteran smokers (again, provided that you like English, Latakia, et al). You are not going to get bowled over by this one (no pun intended), but you will get a highly satisfying mild English. The tin note is fantastic, but a little misleading as you would expect something stronger in the smoke. All in all, if you are an English smoker, this is one that should always be in the rotation.

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