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    Spring Showdown 2015: All Hail The Champ
  • ► Adam,Thanks for the response.At the moment I'm torn. Guess I'll have to purchase a bit more Navigator and give it another go. If I had to pick this moment, without sampling some more Navigator, I'd go with Dunhill Flake (mainly because it is good directly from the tin). While I LOVE all things G. L. Pease, I find that cellaring his tobaccos makes them better by bringing out their subtle nuances (and the genius of the specific blend at hand). Should this count against them? Not sure. However, with no Navigator in the house, I'll abstain from a final comment until I give them another go at it. At any rate, I'm looking forward to your future showdowns (is there a summer or fall bracket in the works?)!Salvatore
    Spring Showdown 2016: Final Four Spring Va-Per Tobaccos
  • ► Adam,Yet another tasty tournament you've curated for us! Gotta go with 1. St. James Flake, 2. Bayou Morning Flake, 3. Elizabethan Mixture, and Marlin Flake.Thanks for the ride!M
  • ► Actually, after a nice bowl of Bayou Morning Flake, I'm making a quick change: 1. Bayou Morning Flake, 2. St. James Flake, 3. Elizabethan Mixture, and 4. Marlin Flake.So, that is my order, and I'm sticking to it!M
  • ► Adam,Well, I figured you call me out on that. I do love me some Marlin Flake. But to be honest, and this is just my opinion, I find that it takes some age and a deep chamber to fully appreciate the subtle nuances of Marlin Flake, whereas some of the others, are great from the tin and work in almost any size bowl.Now, back at you, why Fillmore as opposed to Stratford?Thanks again,M
    Spring Showdown 2016: The Va-Per Championship
  • ► So, I was wrong on my pics (mainly due to bias). However, in looking at this matchup, I have to say that Marlin Flake should win out. Adam, correct me if I'm wrong, but St. James Flake utilizes a topping, whereas Marlin Flake does not? This being the case, again I say, Marlin Flake takes the title.