Balkan Sobranie - Balkan Sobranie 50g
I know this is it usual but… Years ago I was an occasional cigarette smoker and I really enjoyed the cigarettes made from this brand. Is the cigarette tobacco anything like the pipe tobacco?

Lighters - Zippo Brush Chrome Pipe Lighter w/Pipe Emblem
Great lighter
I'm new to pipe smoking and of course still on the learning curve of keeping my pipe lit. I was using kitchen matches but was going through a forest of matches. I decided to get this lighter and glad I did. The flame is remarketly pinpoint almost butane like when the flame is drawn into the bowl by the inhale of breath. With a match I was worried about charing the rim on my narrow bowl churchwarden. Not so with this lighter. I think I can say due to the accuracy of the flame that it has helped my learning curve as far as igniting the tobacco and keeping it lit.

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