Orlik - Dark Strong Kentucky 50g
A well balanced blend
Smells wonderful; molasses, brown sugar, hay, and a little prune on the nose. Good balance between dark and light flavors. Leather, mild spiciness, hay, and dark fruit on the palate. Raisiny-sweetness on the finish when smoked slowly. Burns well when rubbed out. Occasionally get a little bit of licorice. Not bad! Edit: I dont usually smoke the last 3rd of the bowl, but when I do I get booming hot chocolate notes!

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
Durbar smells wonderful in the tin and tastes wonderful in the pipe. Slightly floral, slightly sour, and subtly sweet, with just a touch of smokiness in the background. Great smoke overall. Gotta snag some tins for the cellar before this goes away for good!

Dunhill - Early Morning Pipe
Great first pipe
I've only recently started smoking EMP, and sad it's going away soon, because I have found I really enjoy it. There is a nice sweetness from the Virginia, met by a slight tang from the orientals. To top it all off, there is just enough Latakia to give a touch of smokiness. Came only slightly moist in the bag. Once dried for a couple minutes, smoking mechanics were great, and the Dunhill ribbon cut refused to go out. Overall great, light English with a good amount of sweetness. Smoked in various briars and a meerschaum.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Best aromatic
I'm generally not a fan at all of aromatics, most I've tried just taste like hot air. However, Lane 1-Q is something different. When I am in the mood for a relaxing, mild, sweet smoke that I don't have to think about, this is it. Get good flavor from a retrohale. Not extremely wet, stays lit well and only gives me tongue bite when I'm puffing much too fast. Smells wonderful, perhaps a vanilla topping? Definitely worth a try for anyone that wants something mild and sweet.

Peter Stokkebye - PS403 Luxury Bullseye Flake
Great blend
Great tasting tobacco. Sweet, fruity notes are met by undertones of earth and pepper. Fairly rich and creamy. Even leaves a great aftertaste. Packs really well too. Considering the price, one of my favorites.

Tampers & Tools - 8deco Bamboo Tamper
Great, sweet looking tamper
Just as all the other reviews said, the quality and aesthetic of this tamper outweighs the price tenfold. Favorite tamper.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
A bit deceiving...
The pouch note warmed my heart... very strong and sweet, reminiscent to me of pancakes and bacon with some Aunt Jemima syrup. However, this is a bit deceiving. I didn't get much flavor, just slightly sweet, for the first half, then more ashy and bitter the second half of the bowl. The room note was very pleasant though, and it stayed lit well - better than most aromatics I've tried. In a nutshell, smells wonderful in and out of the pipe, stays lit, but loses its flavor fast!

Lane Limited

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Golden Sliced 50g

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