Chris C.

Dan Tobacco - Black Velvet 50g
Fine tobacco
Seems there'd be more reviews for this. It's really what I call a fine smoke. It's what I call a stunt blend, and I'm always skeptical about them. But it made me curious and I tried it. It's very successful and what I'd call flavored rather than aromatic. The latakia holds the show together without taking over as it usually does. It's not about latakia. I do taste Guinness and the hint of fruity vinegary wine all the way through the smoke. It's a mellow even smoke all the way to the bottom. My tin arrived at just the right moisture level and the broken flake is easy to fill. Just take a pinch, roll it a little in your fingers to line the bits up, and poke it into the pipe. Slow sips seem best but it doesn't get get hot or harsh if the pace picks up. Tongue burn seems almost impossible. Whoever came up with this blend pulled off a fine stunt. I'd say try it.

Cornell & Diehl - Stovepipe 2oz
Surprising all around.
Seems there'd be more reviews for this. It's good stuff. I'd buy it by the pound as a tin doesn't last me long. It all works, the perique, the toppings, the straw color too. I'm a guy who wants to like aromatics but usually finds they smell like the candle section in Ben Franklin. In this the toppings take the backstage and complement the very pleasant blend. A long term addition to my rotation. A fifth star if it becomes available by the pound!

G. L. Pease - Barbary Coast 2oz
Don't like the cube cut
This one just isn't a success. The cube cut is very inconvenient for a guy who moves around. It falls out of the pipe every time I move. Never found a way to keep it from settling and expanding in the bottom of the bowl and becoming harsh about half way through. Also leaves a oddly sour aftertaste. Hope others can enjoy it but getting through a tin was a chore that took me a year.

G. L. Pease - Sextant 8oz
I'd hate to be without this.
That about says it.

G. L. Pease - JackKnife Plug 8oz
Really good.
Bought 8 oz. on the hunch I'd like it. My hunch was correct. I shave off slices with a butcher knife, break some, cube some, and rub out some. Jumbled all together it's a texture kind of like Ratray's 40. A long, slow, really good evening smoke.

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