Jason G.

Cornell & Diehl - Bayou Morning
One of my favorite blends
This stuff is great! After reading about the perique content I was expecting it to bash me over the head but it didn't. Instead I got a blend I can smoke all day that is well behaved and tasty from start to finish

Sutliff - Sutliff 1849 1.5oz
Had to double check the label....
Ordered this stuff for the hell of it after hearing an ad for it. After the first bowl I had to check the label again to make sure it was sutliff product. I usually associate the brand with bulk or tinned arros of (sometimes at least) dubious quality. Thus stuff surprised me. A solid vaper offering is what this is. The perique spice is a little heavy at first but it mellows out after bit and you're left with a quality smoke.

Cornell & Diehl - Jamaican Rum
Not great but not bad either
Ordered this after reading the description and having my curiosity piqued. Overall not a bad blend. The note from the bag (I ordered the bulk version) is delicious. And that flavor is present for the first quarter of the bowl or so. But like many arro blends it burns off after a time. However unlike many other aero blends once the flavoring is gone you're left with a decent tobacco flavor. C&D must use a decent leaf as the basis for this blend. It's nothing special but it anint bad either.

Sutliff - Barbados Plantation 1.5oz
Didn't know an arro could be this good.....
This is hands down one of the tastiest blends I've ever had. I happen this like rum so I'm probably a little biased there however. The taste is a combination of rum qkr vanilla and that translates to Tue room note as well. A word of caution tho, this one will bite if rushed so take your time!

Cornell & Diehl - Three Friars
Decent smoke
This blend piqued my curiosity based on the description so I ordered a couple of ounces to try. Over all not bad. A well balanced and well behaved blend, tho the spice of the perique did bleed thru heavily here and there.

Grand Croupier - Jack Pot
Good baccy at a great price!
This baccy has become a staple for me. There is some variance from batch to batch, but for the most part its a mild aromatic blend that I can smoke all day.

Dunhill - Ye Olde Signe 50g
Good but not great
This is a solid tobacco. It starts off with rich, almost cigar like notes and as bowl progress those tone down into a mild sweet smoke. This is billed as a Virginia blend and while sweet it doesn't have much in the way of the grassy or citrius notes I associate with other VA blends. I can't detect any topping either. If you're looking for a good mild VA blend this might be your thing. It's worth noting that this is a re release of an older Dunhill blend and I've never sampled the original. Taking this as it sits, it a decent blend imho, but nothing stellar.

Grand Croupier
Jack Pot

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