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A shade over a dollar an ounce? Yes please... super fast delivery. upon opening my half pound i was greeted with sweet virginia, some latakia and a hint of spiciness. Honestly, somewhat reminiscent of the last tin of SPC Potlatch I opened. moisture content was OK to good. the cut is all over the place, as one would expect. A vast majority being chopped pieces in random size and quantity. Mostly golden through dark brown and black, with smatterings of lighter pieces. Surprisingly i did find a number of flake pieces and some crumble cake style chunks. a couple were of significant size. "This is fun!" I thought. I took the time to sift it and pull out the larger cakes and flakes, which I stored separately. Why not, right? The first bowl was pleasant. The virginias in my sample were superb. the latakia is a minor player. i got a lot of pepper from it though. Perique... Sipping gently produced sweetness from the virginias with a bit of the smokey, incense-like latakia and a bit of something buttery coming through here and there. But boy, it was spicy and peppery! Decent nicotine level. Wasn't a horribly cool smoke, but i can fix that. I have no expectations for any level of consistency flavor/strength as i make my way through my 8oz purchase due to what it is. a mulligan stew of sorts. As others have also said, I have paid way more for blends that were not nearly as pleasing. I cant see how someone could go wrong throwing this on wit their next order. With a little bit of everything, you're sure to find at least one quality you'll enjoy. At worst, your out very little for something to help pad your cellar...

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