Cornell & Diehl - Crooner 2oz
I'll let you know when my face heals.
Picked up an ounce today just so I could try the deer tongue. Glad it was only an ounce. Upon first light I never wanted to get away from something so fast. The smoke was very harsh and acrid. My eyes started to burn and my nostrils started stinging like crazy. Just a really unpleasant first experience. But in the name of fair play I soldiered on. After the initial torching of my face this did settle down some.I can't say whether it was the deer tongue that caused it it to be so acrid or the burly. But in my experience Burly is usually pretty smooth. I could taste the faintly taste the vanilla of the deer tongue and I liked it, along with another herbal quality I couldn't put my finger on. My pipe went out so I lit up again. Same torching of the face and nostrils. I tried getting through it but called it quits. I've never done that with a pipe tobacco before. Besides the acrid smoke it actually smoked really cool. I've never been a cigarette smoker but I have smoked cigarettes on occasion. This was like finding a dried up crispy cigarette in your jacket and trying to smoke it. Just did not bring anything to the party. No complexity at all for me. Just tasted like burning. If Bing smoked this regularly he was The Man because I couldn't get through one bowl. Pipe used: Savinelli Bulldog Blend: Bulk Crooner from local tobacconist

Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed
WAY too strong for me
I've been smoking a pipe for a while now. Tried a lot of different types and strengths of tobacco. Aromatics, Sam Gawith flakes, McClelland, Butera, Lane, Dan, etc. Smoke on average a bowl a day. Scenario: Ate a big meal. Smoked a bowl of this stuff. 30 minutes later after being dizzy and sweating profusely my head was in the toilet barfing like crazy. Way huge nic hit. Taste wise it was pretty one dimensional. Had a kind of strong cigar thing going. I like a little sweetness, none detected here. Smoke was strong and stung my eyes and nostrils. This is big boy tobacco for sure. No tongue bite though. So it's got that going for it. Glad I only ordered an ounce.

Lane Limited - 1-Q 1.75oz
Excellent aromatic
Smoked this tonight for the first time in a corn cob. This is delightful. Packs great, burns great, smells amazing. Kind of a one dimensional sweetness. Hits you in the back of the throat kind of sweetness. This could definitely be an all day smoke. Very smooth with little to no bite.

Dan Tobacco - Sweet Vanilla Honeydew 500g
Many better aromatics
I am mainly a smoker of aromatics. Not matter what I try with this I cannot enjoy it. Vanilla? Where? Honeydew? Where? All I taste is burning. I try and smoke it slow but this just torches my mouth. The tobacco is high quality but the experience is not. Room note is the peasant but the mouth feel is thin and tasteless. Like smoking hot air. Got a lot of gurgling and a sour taste at the end and I still have a third of the bowl left. Even when I try and back off and let it cool down a bit the bowl of my pipe remains hot to the touch.

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