Cornell & Diehl - Folklore 16oz
Jealous but not upset
Sad to see so many people bummed out about missing another limited release. To SP and CD, no matter of preordering or spreading out the release will help those guys. You release it when you release it and whoever gets to if first gets it. I've had SP emails relegated to "promotions" on Gmail, so I never see them when they come in. Oh well, I've changed my email settings and will be ready next time. No need to gripe or whine; get your self involved in the various pipe smoking communities on Facebook and see if someone would be willing to trade a bit for a bit of something YOU have. Regardless of how good this stuff is......16oz should last those guys a fair bit of time. Let's all keep faithfully smoking C&Ds blends and get ready for another the next one! Congrats to the guys who got the brick. I hope it's as good as that earlier email made it out to be....my mouth was watering! -Wes Greer (Hit me up on FB messenger if you got any, I'd love to purchase some from you if anyone's willing (I'm in Littleton, CO)