Kam D.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Simply Marvelous!
This was the very first time I bought a tin of this uknown tobacco and boy, was I pleasantly surprised!!! I bought it becuase it was on sale, however, what I found is a very smooth, cool, and flavorful tobacco. I am mostly an aromatic smoker, yet I truly enjoyed this balanced English blend. The spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness lingered deliciously in my mouth. I enjoyed it with a cup of black java which hit the spot. SIMPLY MARVELOUS!

NUB - Cameroon 460
Darn Great
This cigar has everything a smoker wish for. It has great flavour from start to finish. Good strength, and it burns evenly and slowly. Good quality cigar. RECOMMENDED!

Sutliff - Frosty Mint
Good for mixing only (smoker be aware)
This tobacco is so different from all the other tobaccos I have tried. It has a very strong taste of the mint and cannot be smoked straight. However, it is a perfect mixer with your regular daily tobacco to give it a cool refreshing kick. My recommended mix ratio would be 1 to 3. Also a word of advise is, not to store it close to your other tobaccos as your tobaccos may pick up the minty scent from this one.

Lane Limited - Ready Rubbed 1.5oz
Mildly Aromatic
This is a mild aromatic blend with virtually no tongue bite. It is not something I write home about. Just an average all day smoke. Don't have anything bad against it, just wish it was more complex, like BCA.

Low Country - Natural Virginia
Very basic Virgina - Good for the price
I picked up the package after hard day at work from the post office. I rushed home and lighted a bowl of this tobacco expecting to be rewarded with the complex taste of Virginia. However, what I tasted was a bland smoke. The fruity and sweetness of natural Virginia were nowhere to be found. It easily packed and burned well but other than that I was bored with it. May be cellaring will improve it, who knows! Good for the price I guess, that's all I can say.

Newminster - No.9 Creamy Vanilla
Could not detect much vanilla !!!
When the tobacco arrived and I filled a bowl of it in my good old Peterson Standard pipe, I expected a sweet, creamy vanilla taste. No matter how much I tried, I could not detect much vanilla! Even the pouch note was not vanilla! While smoking, I detected a bit of caramel and citrus and it was a good smoke overall. Just not what I expected.

Low Country - Peach
Good tobacco for the price.
I love the pouch aroma and also the smoke. Simple enjoyable smoke without bites, however, it lacks the complexity and character.

Low Country - Cherry
A good mixing tobacco!
It is good for the price. Very mild tobacco with fake cherry aroma. Great for mixing but I would not recommend it to be smoked straight.

Newminster - No.80 Norway Pipe Cut
Very Mild BUT Flavorful
I was at my pipe smoking club and someone brought this tobacco to share. The pouch note was really nice so I filled up my Peterson Standard pipe with this tobacco and lit it up. I was rewarded with cool, flavorful and mild smoke. I tried to order it as soon I got home but it was sold out on this site. Sure hope they will re-stock soon.

Cornell & Diehl - London Squire
A Natural, Flavorful Luxury English Mix
The notes are spicy, smokey with a hint of sweetness. The taste of Latakia is very dominant in the mix. I am not an English connoisseur, however, this tobacco is a joy to smoke! Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

Lane Limited - BCA
Aromatic Lovers Dream
Yup! If you like aromatics then this is the tobacco for you. It is guaranteed to please you and the people around you while smoking it. Smooth, sweet, mild, low maintenance with great room note. What else do you need in an aromatic? it's got it all :)

Planta - Anno MMVI (Sweet Pear Mixture)
Sweet Pear, IT IS!
Pouch note has a scent of sweet ripened delicious pear. The moisture level was perfect for smoking, so I filled up my old bulldog Savinelli with this tobacco and I was in for a sweet and fragrant smoke. It burns a little hot so you have to smoke it slow. But overall a good tobacco. I really liked the taste of mild, flavorful smoke.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Pleasantly rewarded after aging!
On this sunny afternoon, I filled up my favorite Castello pipe with some 1-year aged #400 Superior Navy Flakes. First few puffs and I was amazed as to how wonderful this tobacco benefited from aging. The full taste and great flavors of quality Virginas tickled my taste buds. A truly 5-Star tobacco after aging.

Daughters & Ryan - Two Timer Gold 3.5oz
Two Timer Gold! Meh ...
This tobacco is very similar to its brother, D&R Rowland. A very low moisture content tobacco with a faint cocoa scent when I opened the lid. When smoking, I detect more flavor from the Burley than Virginia. However, mid-bowl the taste changes more to a cigarette-like. it burns fast and based on my wife the room note is not pleasant. Nicotine level is medium. For the price, you can give it a try and see if it is something you like. For me, I can live without it. Happy Smoking!

Daughters & Ryan - Rowland 3.5oz
A SO SO Smoke
Upon opening the container, my nose detected regular smell of tobacco with a faint scent of chocolate. The moisture level of the tobacco was more towards dry but just right for smoking, so I filled up my Camoy straight pipe and lit it up. I can sort of taste the Burley and orientals with a very faint sweetness. The strength is mild and gets to medium towards the end of the bowl. It burns fast and a bit hot due to the dryness of the tobacco. I was not put off or impressed by the smoke. A so so smoke.

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
Quality Virginia For Cheap
I do not think that you can get a better quality Virginia for this price point. But aside from the price, this tobacco smokes flavorful and enjoyable all the way to the end of the bowl. Smoke it slow and you will be rewarded by awesome tastes of Virgina and Perique. I rate this tobacco as a STRONG BUY!

CAO - Cherrybomb 50g
I like aromatics but not this one!
Smells a bit of fake cherry and vanilla out of the tin, but when lit, it tasted like plain tobacco. I could may be detect very faint cherry and vanilla mid bowl. It is a light tobacco and it burns quick to the end. Not one of my go to tobaccos and I donated it to my pipe club.

Dunhill - Flake 50g
A Classic Gentleman's Choice
This tobacco is by far one of the best Virginia flakes with an incredible tastes of lemon and a hint of honey. It is a very smooth and relaxing smoke filled with flavor. In my opinion has a medium strength which I prefer. An all day smoke for sure. With this tobacco, Dunhill has set a new benchmark for all other Virginias brands. Happy Smoking!

Peterson - St. Patrick's Day 2018 50g
Fruity, Pleasant & Wonderful !!!
Yes, all the words in the title of my review are true. Strong tastes of fresh blackberries and a hint of mango make this medium strength aromatic a delicious afternoon smoke. The room note is absolutely wonderful. I could not put my pipe down. However, if you smoke this blend slow, it is much more pleasurable and flavorful as it tends to burn a bit hot. Overall 5 out of 5 in my opinion. Well done Peterson!

Super Value - English Mixture 1.5oz
English first timers
I would recommend this blend if you are trying English tobacco for the first time. It is subtle in every note and will not disappoint a beginner. For seasoned English smokers it just does not stand to par in terms of taste and complexity.

Super Value - Bourbon Whiskey 1.5oz
Best of the Super Values
I have tried all the SV brand tobaccos and Bourbon Whiskey is by far the best of the bunch. Easy to handle and smoke so it is great for beginners with a great taste of Bourbon.

Super Value - Vanilla 1.5oz
You get what you pay for.
This is a basic tobacco with no feature that stands out. Burns evenly with no fuss. A beginner tobacco which lacks character, taste and nicotine.

Peterson - Wild Atlantic 40g
A not so "WILD" English blend
Here is my opinion on the tobacco as I am smoking it right now: The blend is a medium strength and comes in ribbon cut which packs and burns easy. I can definitely taste the Latakia and spicy Orientals but it lacks the Virginia flavor for me. Room note is tolerable. I would categorize it as a good all day smoke but again nothing to stand out from other English blends. Happy Smoking!

Newminster - No.47 Danish Black 2 oz
A Mild, Smooth & Silky Smoke
To be honest, I ordered this tobacco because it was on sale and when I received it and smoked a bowl of it, I was OK with my choice. Everything about this tobacco is mild. I mean mild nicotine, mild flavor and mild room note. It is a good late night smoke, I hoped for more taste and flavor. Good beginner tobacco.

McClelland - 2030 - No. 1 Grade Balkan
The tobacco made a nice first impression!
I must say that I am not a frequent smoker of English or Balkan blends. But on a rainy early morning winter day, I packed up my Petersen with #1 Grade Balkan and I was impressed by its smoky and woodsy, yet sweet taste. It has a medium amount of nicotine, very similar to English blends. The only thing is that the flavors become faint mid bowl. It is a recommended tobacco overall.

Cornell & Diehl - Smooth English
A Pleasent and Light English
The reason I don't smoke English tobacco more often is because of the high amount of nicotine. But every once in a while, especially during winter months, I crave it. So I recently ordered this blend and I was pleasantly surprised as this tobacco stood up to its name. The smoke was filled with flavor and aroma of English tobacco and it was really smooth and mild . I really enjoyed it.

Cornell & Diehl - Green River Vanilla
Smells like vanilla pastry & tastes like burley
This blend has a nice vanilla aroma that fills the room when smoked. I can definitely taste the Burley . The tobacco was too wet for my taste and I needed to re-light several times. However, it burns evenly.

Cornell & Diehl - Autumn Evening
My wife approved it.
This blend is one of the rare tobaccos that my wife approved to be smoked inside the house as it has chocolate and maple sweet aromas. As a smoker, it is a nice and mild dessert smoke after dinner. Recommended for aromatic lovers.

Cornell & Diehl - Apples & Cream
Apple & Cream? Yes, baby!!!
This coarse cut sweet aromatic tobacco smokes cool with virtually no tongue bites. I tasted strong apple and subtle hint of brandy and also hint of cream. It is a great after dinner "go to" tobacco. Enjoy it with a cup of your favorite tea after a meal.

Mac Baren - Vanilla Cream Loose Cut
Faint vanilla taste
The tobacco just arrived and I packed my pipe for an after dinner sweet smoke. To be honest I expected a lot more vanilla and sweet cream taste which this tobacco did not produce. It is an ok tobacco but definitely not what I expected.

Sutliff - Z92 Vanilla Custard
A sweet dessert Tobacco
This is a wonderful sweet tobacco with creamy vanilla taste. The whole family loved the aroma and I enjoyed the silky smooth smoke.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Brown Irish Twist
Good for people with high nicotine tolerance
After receiving this tobacco, I cut 3 or 4 thin round pieces with my cigar cutter. As the tobacco was still wet, I let it dry a bit and filled my Peterson pipe. Boy! it was a very strong tobacco. I was dizzy after smoking almost half a bowl and I had to stop.. The taste is woody and spicy for the first quarter of the bowl and then it becomes harsher after that. I have not been able to finish a bowl yet. This tobacco is for people with high nicotine tolerance.

Peter Stokkebye - PS402 Luxury Twist Flake
MD&S: Mild, Delicious and Sweet :)
First off, I like this tobacco's presentation, with beautifully pressed rectangular flakes and sweet fruit aroma. The tobacco smokes similar to Escudo Navy Deluxe, with mildly sweet taste of Virginia and spices from the Perique. Rubbing the tobacco enhances the flavor and makes it is easy to light and burn evenly. I LIKE IT!

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 1.5oz Pouch
Simple yet enjoyable blend!
If you are looking for a complex taste then this is not a tobacco for you. However, this is a simple, no fuss, yet enjoyable tobacco that burns cool to the bottom of the bowl and it is easy on your pocket and your tongue! A perfect choice for new pipe smokers too! I am enjoying a bowl in my old Peterson pipe as I write this review. Happy Smoking!

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
A pleasant smoke all the way through
A simple and yet satisfying smoke all the way through the bowl. I find this tobacco benefits a lot from proper aging. It is now one of my favorites.

Cornell & Diehl - Izmir Turkish
Spicy and Exotic
I am having a bowl of Izmir Turkish on this beautiful autumn day as I am writing this review. The exotic spicy and flavorful taste of this tobacco goes well with the yellow and orange scenery of the trees and the crisp chilly air of the fall. Best tobacco for the season for sure. Happy smoking!

Cornell & Diehl - Founding Fathers
Smooth, Sweet, Delicious!
I guess the three words in the title of my post covers it all. Love every bowl of it.

Cornell & Diehl - Cap's Blend
I did not like it.
This blend for some reason was too harsh tasting for me. Tried a few bowls and still could not develop a taste for it. I am surprised there are no other reviews on this blend. I would love to find out what other fellow pipe-smokers think.

A & C Petersen - Escudo Navy Deluxe 50g
Recommended for both new and seasoned smokers.
I filled a bowl of this tobacco after a long day at work on Friday evening, relaxing on my porch. I gotta tell you it was a great surprise. Medium strength and full falvour of this wonderful smoke made me totally relaxed and satisfied. ESQUDO ranks on top of my chart now as, so far it has never disappointed me :) I definately recommend this blend to both new and seasoned smokers.

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
Oh man, oh man, I love this one!
Totally satisfying smoke for a real pipe smoker. Everything is there, the taste, the richness and aroma of a great virginia smoke. I particularly love the subtle sweet and spicy flavour.

McClelland - M27 - Three Cherry Blend
Good smoke if you pay attention :)
The first bowl I smoked was not great as the tobacco was wet and smoked very hot and I ended up with tongue bite. However, I learned my lesson for my second bowl. I let the tobacco dry out and smoked it very slowly and paired it with some nice glass of sweetened iced tea. Everyone in the family loved the smell of it while I enjoyed the taste. Update: As of August 8, 2016: I aged this tobacco for a year and it is fantastic now. Burns well with beautiful taste and aroma. I am placing another order.

McClelland - 700 - Baklava
Smelled and tasted moldy to me!
I see two wonderful reviews below. But when my package arrived and I smelled the tobacco it smelled really moldy. I could not see any white mold on the tobacco but surely it smelled bad. I hesitantly filled a bowl up and started smoking and my wife said that she could smell something musky. I threw the rest of the pouch away.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Cherry Cavendish
Recommended for seasoned smokers!
This is a mild flavourful tobacco which burned evenly. I paired it with a glass of red Merlot wine and smoked it on a slow Sunday evening on my porch. It gave me a great pleasure to smoke this wonderful tobacco. However, in my opinion, you have to be a seasoned smoker to appreciate the bold taste of this tobacco.

Newminster - No.403 Superior Round Slices
It is nice!
This tobacco smoked smoothly to the end. It is medium strength with a subtle grassy aroma. Overall a nice quality tobacco.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Bob's Chocolate Flake
I expected more ...
I expected more chocolate taste from this tobacco but all I got was a soapy taste smoke that burned really hot.The aroma for bystanders is pleaseant though. I got compliments on the aroma but for me the taste just was not there.

Cornell & Diehl - Bailey's Front Porch
What a delight ...
I smoked a bowl of this wonderful tobacco on my front porch and I must say I quite enjoyed it. The tobacco produced a light spicy smoke and burned cool and evenly to the buttom. I like it a lot.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Great Tobacco!
Excellent pouch aroma room note. Needs a bit of drying before smoking. Silky smooth smoke with a low nicotine content. Flavorful and even burning tobacco. This tobacco is a joy to smoke. One of my favorites now for summer time smoking pleasures.

Peterson - Connoisseur's Choice 50g
A pleasure to smoke
Wonderfully mild and smooth and quite enjoyable to smoke. Burns well and smells awesome. Love it.

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