About Me:
Longtime Cigar smoker but have dabbled in pipes off and on over the years. Been smoking pipes allot more lately and I think I'm going to be switching my preference to pipes. Pipes are Cheaper, once you have some to smoke that is and provided you don't get hooked collecting them and tobacco, which looks easy to do.

Peterson - Nutty Cut 50g
Nice aromatic, relaxing smoke
If you tend to like the Danish style of aromatics like I do then you will probably like Peterson's Nutty Cut. What greets you when you first pop the seal is a nice tin note. Slightly sweet, almond with a pronounced rum presence. The room note is very pleasant also and wife approved. I noticed the room smelled pretty good myself after coming back in from outside. I bit of tongue bite if your a fast puffer like me but I suspect this is to be expected from an aromatic. The moisture level on my tin was a tad on the wet side but I let a pipefull sit out for a half hour and it was about right. The taste when smoking is light but complex. You get a variety of flavors as the bowl progresses. All and all a very enjoyable smoke and a nice break from the stronger english blends.

Tampers & Tools - Brigham Stainless Steel Pipe Tool
Fell apart
Bought the Brigham tool with hopes that it would be better quality than similar tools for 1/3rd the price available on ebay. It wasn't. In fact these tools all look to be made by the same Chinese manufacturer and are very cheaply made. The round tamper face is just pressed onto the end of the shaft and fell off after just a short period of use. Of course it rolled someplace I cannot reach. Going to see it I can return whats left of it and get something nicer. I'm thinking the Rogers tool made in England.

Lolita Rusticated (01) (6mm)

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