Esoterica - And So To Bed 2oz
'And so to bed'
From Phill C. I shamefully confess that with the provocative moniker ‘And so to bed’ I could barely resist trying this offering from UK tobacco brand Esoterica Tobacciana. ‘And so to bed’ arrives in a gold, flat finished tin topped with a label that, to be frank, appears as if it was run off at the ink jet printer in the office. The script on the label, while a bit busy, is in keeping with the provocative title. Crack open the tin and find a simple fan-fold wrap with a plain tissue disk covering the tobacco. Tightly packed, ribbon cut. Pleasantly clean, almost crisp aroma with the slightest impression of liquor and, perhaps, pepper? It loaded easily into my flat-bottomed stovepipe briar and I fired it up. It lit quickly but to be frank, I work a bit initially to keep the fire going. It was a cool, very pleasant draw. So cool, in fact, I had to check that I was actually smoking. The gentle white smoke that curled reassuringly out of my bowl surrounded us with a fine aromatic that most non-smokers would find appealing. It settled into a good regular burn and my smooth briar began to warm up. About halfway into the bowl I felt the first gentle bite on my tongue. Not unpleasant at all. This would be the place to set the pipe aside if your night was not to be spent alone. Full flavor bloom as the bowl burns to a clean finish with no ashy taste, no bitterness and only the slightest reflux from the bowl. ‘And so to bed” was well received by all club members that day. 8 out of 10. Always store beer in dark places.

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