Charles S.

Books - The Pipeman's Daily Fare
Love this Book
Spent timeless hours looking through this book and seeing what use to be available to pipe smokers of yesterday. Would love to go back in time for the experience.

Books - The Peterson Pipe: The Story of Kapp & Peterson
Great Book!
Purchased this book when it first became available and have referred to it often. Great thumbing through the pages while smoking one of my many Peterson pipes.

Tobacco Jars - Peterson Avoca Medium Tobacco Jar
Great little Tobacco container
Had this little leather jar for quite some time and fill it with whatever I am smoking at home during the week. It's usually on my side table next to my ashtray and what ever book I'm reading at the time. Great for holding small amounts of tobacco for drying out time as well.

Sutliff - 526 - Old Professor
My Everyday Smoke in the Fall and Early Winter
Very enjoyable and flavorful. Pairs well with a morning coffee while outdoors in the crisp morning air.

Stands & Pouches - Grafton Leather Pipe Stand
Perfect Little Accessory
Great to carry about on your belt and is there when needed. Always there when you need a place to put down your pipe.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Very English
Great smoking experience and very pleasing. This is a balanced and flavorful smoke but not overwhelming and certainly not a tobacco to be rushed. Great for lunting about or on a lazy day by the water fishing.

Carter Hall - Carter Hall 14oz
An all time favorite and staple
I began smoking CH about 45 years ago and no matter how many different brands I've smoked, CH has been an old time favorite and a staple in my tobacco cellar.

Captain Earle's - Mystic Blend 2oz
This has become one of the few new tobaccos I am keeping in my rotation. Great relaxing smoke and very reminiscent of the good ole times in the past. Brings back very pleasant memories.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #25 Mixture
Great all around smoke and very relaxing. Great flavor if sipped and kept cool.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - #20 Latakia Mixture
Great all day smoke that's not overpowering or harsh. Did not experience tongue bite. smokes great if let to dry out some before smoking.

Smokingpipes Coffee Mug (Black)

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