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Retired. From Ohio now living in Florida and addicted to pipe smoking.

Comoy's - Cask No.4
Aroma out of bag is enough , but is best to wait untill sufficient drying , then it's Katy hold the door. This as smooth as it gets, balance is a good word to describe Sweet lemon grass, citrus with a touch of spice, I could use just a touch more spice, lights well and we'll behaved. Few a few cents more you get a world of difference over PS LF. To me it satisfy's better than LF , which I smoke on a regular basis, if you burned a bowl do so and enjoy.

Grand Croupier - Double Down
For those of us who enjoy Burley's we know there are pricey tobac's different cuts,names, region's ,but honestly this is one good tobacco to satisfy your craving for a VA/ Bur. I don't buy ryo/pipe Tobacco they tasteless . Double Down not in the same class mucho much better. If you haven't smoked this tobac you are missing a solid Burley smoke .

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Balkan Mixture
Old time
I purchased two tins two years ago, smoked one and stashed the other for future pleasure, just as tasty but smoother . To me and my taste it's the best English on the market today maybe since the beginning. After aging could be a all day smoke . Next up flakes and twist...,enjoy

Peter Stokkebye - PS301 Natural Dutch Cavendish
I enjoy P Stokkebye tobacco . This blend is as advertised. It is straight forward make no mistake,natural tasting tobacco. I tried this blend expect something else,a sweet tasting tobacco, like black Cavendish. Virginia and Burley's are forward with the Cavendish shows the sweetness of the blend. Very mild , no bite, little dottle, maybe a relight . Simply said, delightful and satisfing, and very relaxing.

Peter Stokkebye - PS201 Black Cavendish
And the winner is
Can't believe I enjoy more than BCA, but I do. This one tobacco is the one I would choose if I was marooned. Some how the bottom third of bowl is better than the first. Thanks Pete another job well done

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
This blend better with age. Fresh can be a little harsh,latakia some what overbearing. After a year it mellowed out ,well worth the wait. Latakia is still first at bat,the support from Orientals and VA make this a memorial smoke. Will buy again and again

Peter Stokkebye - PS41 Cube Cut
Never knew I liked burley, have ordered 3 times now plan to order more. Not once have I suffered tongue bite,it is a sipping tobacco show respect and the rewards are all yours my friends. It is nice to look upon,easy to load , aroma out of bag is pleasant, you will notice chocolate ,and grassy Virginia in back round while smoking Don't get discouraged with the # of relights it's nature of cut, dry time will help, you know like over night. The bowl that works best for me is a 673 size Savinelli , I am sure you will find one that suits you best. All in all just a wonderful smoking experience, simple and enjoyable.

Lane Limited - Dark Red
First Cherry blend I have smoked without any tongue burn. Moist but not to much so smoked straight from bag with little problem. Drying out would help. makes a great desert smoke. Yes sir Lane Limited has done it again, BCA and now Dark Red are the only aro's I smoke. Enjoy

Rattray's - Black Mallory 100g
Funny how I allowed myself to influence by the "name and art work '. Both are exotic, which lead me to order. I was fooled. I expected something strong and robust. It wasn't even close. After three bowls it dawn on me that I was looking for something that wasn't there. When opened, the smoker is greeted by a beautiful colors and aroma's . There seems to be just a bit of sweetness I believe from the red Virginia's. or the playfulness of the Orientals. The Latakia is by no means over whelming but more that enough to pleases us "Lat. Heads" It is a smooth and silky never harsh. I would recommend if a soft evening blend is to your liking, I lucked out, this a fine tobacco will order again without hesitation,

Rattray's - 3 Noggins 100g
All of us hunt or the perfect tobacco rather to bring back old fond memories or just to satisfy a craving for something familiar. This is my first experience with the Rattray's blend and I am happy. A very unique taste fills my pallet with every draw, don't think I will ever put this blend down. Without Perique and a black Cavendish added makes this blend stand alone. To me this combo could be timeless. Smoke slow, try if you can not to search for flavors but just enjoy the entire blend as it is meant to be. GREAT late night smoke, just before bed time You'll sleep like Mr. Van Winkle himself.

Lane Limited - 1-Q
Recently started to explore some Aro's. BCA was a favorite of mine when Tinder Box was around but most are gone now.1-Q is my second stab with aromatics, I am pleased with results. Read some post here found some negatives each his own, aromatics will not give much in the nicotine department, I think that's the cause of some disappointment, 1-Q is truly a relaxing, soothing smoke, not meant to be heavy. If smoking a pipe isn't relaxing then I say you are doing something wrong like looking for something that is not meant to be, 1-Q is the mildest I have ever smoked the aroma is the prize here not complexity sometimes we get lost trying to find hints of flavors instead of enjoying tobacco for what it is. It is no wonder it is #1 in the world. That being said I will still smoke my English and Balkans and now 1-Q.

Grand Croupier - Boneyard
worth a try
I have been eyeing this blend for over a year, just could make up my mind. I smoke a lot of English but far from expert. The cost of less than a dollar per ounce made hesitate. I purchased a lb., well it has certainly satisfied my love for English tobacco. I have paid more and gotten less satisfaction then some well known names. I find a lot of flake "parts" in the mixture which is a favorite cut, lot's of orientals, latakia, just a dream come true for English smokers.

Cornell & Diehl - Super Balkan
Very please
With Virginia I would not call it a Balkan regardless this is a very cool smoke. Taste is mild to strong, DO NOT take on honeymoon, room note is heavy. Can be used as all day, it is that rewarding, no bite no dottle and fine grey ash left in bottom of bowl. It could be my favorite "Balkan" or English. Use Savinelli Noce 320 bowl and Peterson "Prince" bowl either size is same result ....A good time

Mac Baren - HH Vintage Syrian 1.75oz
I bought 2 tins back June, open one right away. Not to moist so I thought this would be enjoyable, wrong. It was hot full of tongue bite, so I save the other tin until today. What a difference 8-9 months can make on a tobacco blend, no bite taste is like nothing I had smoke before just a hint of fruit .. not from casing natural flavor If you purchase stow it away for least a year. When I order more and I will it sit for a least a year if I can resist. Enjoy

Lane Limited - Crown Achievement
For sure
Sasieni has lost it's #1 go to position. Lane's C.A. is more satisfying, relaxing never a bite, stays lit with creamy attitude with each draw, in a word just perfect for my taste, it will not be the last sample of Lane's to age in my cellar.

Savinelli - Giubileo d'Oro 50g
I had forgotten it was flake style , how nice for me, I enjoy flake cut tobacco. Can say this isn't any better than run of the mill English just a bit of a bite. More Latakia would have been welcomed. Tin was 3 months old which tells me this will better with age. It is worth a try, but I believe I paid for the name rather than full tobacco enjoyment.

Cornell & Diehl - Red Odessa
Triple A
I have enjoyed all C & D blends, but this one took several bowls to understand and to enjoy. Now it is always in reach. It has a soft approach to entice, maybe it's just me but it seems to slowly evolve into a soft ad pleasant smoke. Can be use as a all day smoke or use as a relaxing stimulant when needed. Just a great English tobacco. Enoy

Gawith Hoggarth & Co. - Balkan Mixture 50g
Get Some
I love Balkan style tobacco, read some reviews and decide to get some. Just opening the tin made comfortable with my decision to purchase. Creamy would be a good description for the whole bowl, sort'a like a comfort food I couldn't leave it alone. The Lakeland is very noticeable, as is the Lakatia if your not a big fan or you don't crave Latakia don't buy. I find this to be vey enjoyable, it is within my top five tobaccos.

Hearth & Home - AJ's VaPer 1.5oz
very nice
you don't have to look for the Perique in this blend it is up front and heavy. The Virginia sweeten just a might and the Cavendish is just a after thought. Great price for a smooth smoke, get some.

G. L. Pease - Gaslight 2oz
Caught off gaurd
This is a serious blend not an all day every smoke for me rather one to be enjoyed AS NEEDED after a stress full day. A very complex blend that will take several tins to enjoy each flavor as it develops while smoking. I wouldn't puff this blend rather sip, like 25yr old Scotch Everything about this blend is really about the one who created this mixture, Any way it is for filling, relaxing worth stashing away in you cellar, Make no mistake this is a keeper. Enjoy

G. L. Pease - The Virginia Cream 2oz
Nice Try
Being interested in Virginia's for several months I was excited to try this tobacco, all for not. I did notice the cream soda aroma but nothing else, could not get pass to enjoy the Virginia. Way to mild for me This one you know right off you like or you don't won't buy again

Peter Stokkebye - PS400 Luxury Navy Flake
This simply a great tobacco on many different levels. Can't say why I tried this blend as I have read of bite problems with VaPar. I really notice just a bit of bite not enough to worry about, certainly not enough to keep me from buying again This is a great smoke with morning coffee the aroma of fresh cut hay and the taste of coffee brings childhood mornings on the farm. Smokes to fine ash little dottle and always a pleasure in any bowl size

Newminster - No.400 Superior Navy Flake
The First
I got a .05 sample and order 8 oz. the next day. Plus a Peter Stokkebye 8oz. navy flake to compare. The Newminster navy flake is a 180 degrees from the Balkan/ English I normally smoke, and let me tell you this blend is smooth earthy and straight forward. There is a bit of bite but that could be my fault. I cellar to tobacco like so many others rest assured there will be plenty of Newminster Navy Flake in my inventory just waiting to satisfy all over again. .

F & K - Sterling Balkan
can't believe
I really can't believe how they get so much flavor in three types of tobacco plus the fact that most pipes hold about 3 grams of tobacco. It is to me very satisfying just can't stop with one bowl

Sutliff - Balkan II
My Goodness
Like a trusted friend it's always the same smooth and steady, and always ready to share good times. I like to smoke in a Stanwell saucer bowl. I guess it doesn't matter on the bowl and pipe what matters is the constant pleasure this blend brings to the smoker. Please try you won't be disappointed.

Captain Earle's - Ten Russians 2oz
Great Smoke
If there was a acre of stones , I would turn each one over until I found Ten Russians, this is truly a latakia lover's tobacco. I read a lot of reviews and the word creamy is always used with latakia, with this blend I rather say chewy it is heavy and to be handled with care if with not use to high nicotine content, it will sit you down, not in a bad way but rather to enjoy . It may take me a while to get through 2.oz, Oh but what a time I'll have. Buy some and enjoy.

G. L. Pease - Chelsea Morning 2oz
I marvel at the thought process that achieved this recipe. When I opened the tin it didn't feel or look like English tobacco that I am accustom to, more of a blondish red color, and thick ribbons. Even the charring light caught my attention, true light grab it. It is the first tobacco I would consider complex, because of the taste of each tobacco through out each draw. and the bottom is real when it sinks in the Chelsea Morning is in a class of it's own. Treat it as such and reframe from comparing to other tobaccos and you might find yourself loss in the land of G.L. Pease Thank you to the blender at GL Pease

Sutliff - Bosphorus Cruise 1.5oz
Very pleasant
I have a pipe burning day long, and 9 out of ten times it's English or Balkan. Bosphorus Cruise will be in the line up form now on. I really like a little more latakia in my blends , this is a pleasant change in strength and very satisfying . It could very well be used as a all day smoke, the cost is low for English/Balkan, no bite, burns well and compares to any English blend. This is my second tin of Sutliff, the other is Balkan Luxury blend. Reward yourself and try both if you haven't all ready. Enjoy

G. L. Pease - Charing Cross 2oz
Easy dose it
This my first GLP, product and very thankful I tried this blend, it has lead me to other GLP products for sure. I find this to be balanced, and very relaxing. Perfect on a rainy afternoon. Can't wait to take this smoke on my next fishing evening, wouldn't give a dam if I caught narry a fish, enjoy a bowl today.

Presbyterian - Presbyterian 50g
Not for me, found this to be hot and full of bite the price is steep when you consider tongue damage. I have better for less money, maybe a year or two will knock some of the "rough" off. We'll see

Newminster - No.17 English Luxus
Good smoke
Very user friendly, straight forward honest taste. I would consider this a basic English, surprised it's not more expensive. Burns even and slow stay's lit well and each draw has the same flavor.. worth the buck try some

Balkan Sobranie - Balkan Sobranie 50g
I was lucky enough to snag a couple of tins when the past shipment arrived. I am puzzled about availability. Anyway I am basically a English/ Balkan smoker Very few other satisfy. I find this blend to be smooth, gentle on the tongue and glorious when rolled thru my nose. I always try new tobacco with completely dry pipe 3 or 4 days without being smoked, and then I dedicate that pipe to that tin for the duration of said tobacco. I can find nothing wrong with any aspect of this blend, if in stock constantly it would be my every day/ all day smoke. Do your self a favor and try at least one tin... you won't be sorry.

McClelland - Ashton Revival: Old Dog 50g
This tobacco is lacking two things ... a bowl and a match! this will be a favorite of mine from now on. A Arthur 320 is just the right size to satisfy. Draw slow and enjoy the creamy flavor of latakia, and beloved Virginias.

McClelland - Balkan Blue 50g
mmm good
This stuff will make your tongue slap your brains out.. Like a lovers touch, it leave you wanting more. Make your pipe(s) and yourself happy, smoke often. Simply beautiful aroma, taste, never harsh, just plain refreshing. I only pray that there is Balkan Blue in Heaven.

Balkan Sasieni - Balkan Sasieni 50g
In a word ..Treasure, something found worth the effort to find.

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