Charles A.

Cornell & Diehl - Old Grove 2oz
Straight outta the Old Grove!!
Okay…this smelled like no other tobaccy I've experienced. First open it's really unique…the pomegranate is noticeable but it doesn't dominate…there's mustiness & an earthy quality…natural sweetness almost like the smell of wine barrels aging in the warehouse. Yet, after 4 weeks open the tin has completely changed…the pomegranate casing is gone…now the sweet cavendish comes up & the mustiness lightens. Moisture level required 10 minutes drying…smokes great. Flavor profile is cream, nuttiness, richness as the bowl progresses…full flavored. I would buy again!!

Cornell & Diehl - Luigi Radice 2oz
My 1st Va/Per is excellente!!
Upon open and even now 3 weeks later (a little richer) the tin aroma is of a bready sweetness with slight spice underneath and real dense musty earthiness...very pleasant! Perfect moisture ready to pipe. Seemingly light in flavor (from an English smoker) but as the bowl progresses its rich and creamy, soft spices and sweetness thats still along the lines of sweet bread. The aroma of smoke is in the air is what I imagine Mr Radice's shop smells like :) oh...and I smoke this fittingly in my Rind Radice Poker!!

Comoy's - Cask No.1 3.5oz
Great English w/a Great TIN!!
The tin design earns 5 stars along with the tobacco! Love this blend all around…great value for the dollar. Tin aromatics are nice and smokey, woodsy, & if left open the room begins to smell of toasted nuts. Smokes cool, rich, never needs a re-light. Smoke is creamy and soft every time I smoke this in my Radice Rind Poker!!

Rattray's - Westminster Abbey 100g
Great Aromatic Good Taste
Tin aromatics are full and sweet…palate flavor is about 60% of the aromatics…which is a good thing. Even though it is a sweet satisfying blend it still smokes like tobacco should…good nuttiness, good cream, great all day blend. This coming from a guy who mainly smokes English.

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