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Savinelli - Brunello Flake 100g
All Virginia Lovers Take Heed
If you are a Virginia lover and you haven't tried this, you have a treat in store. I just recently got a hold of a tin and it's an impressive smoke to say the least. Reminds me somewhat of 4th Generation 1855, but richer, darker, and with more flavor. I was very surprised by how good this was and for the price an excellent value.

Balkan Sasieni - Balkan Sasieni 50g
Hits The Mark
I've tried many English blends with the intention of putting one of them into my evening rotation. It took a while but here it is! The strength is right in the middle and the flavor is what makes it great. It can be an all day smoke, but I reserve that for the VaPers. Until I find a better English blend I'm sticking with this one.

Cornell & Diehl - Dark Chocolate
Yes, it tastes like chocolate!
I'm still searching for a tobacco that compares favorably to C & D Mocha and this one comes pretty close. If you haven't tried the Mocha you are missing something. It's the first thing I smoke in the morning with my coffee. It made an impression on my boss after I offered him some . . . now we have it in our rotations. But back to Dark Chocolate- it actually tastes like dark chocolate and is a contender for the morning smoke. I enjoyed it. The only it doesn't have that Mocha does is that creamy flavor which sends me over the top. Still, it's a good tobacco with rich flavor, good burning qualities, just the right amount of moisture and a kick-in-the-pants flavor.

Cornell & Diehl - Mocha
Smooth and Creamy
This blend makes it to my morning am rotation. Here's how to best enjoy it- brew your coffee and pack a bowl. Add cream to your coffee and light up. I've shared this with my friends and they swear by it like I do. It REALLY goes well with your favorite brew. The critique below is probably by a soda drinker.

McClelland - Craftsbury: Frog Morton on the Bayou 50g
Hits All The Marks
Frog Morton on the Bayou grows on you the more you smoke it. Without question it's one of my favorites due to its subtle smoky, sweet, mellowness. I reserve this for the evening smoke on my porch. They got this one right.

Dunhill - Durbar 50g
Durbar Does It
Great taste and flavor. A nice blend that tickles your olfactory senses (smoking it as I'm writing this review.) It doesn't overpower making it seductive in its own way. A keeper and part of my rotation. Hard to go wrong with this Dunhill mixture.

Mac Baren - Virginia No. 1
To those experimenting with various tobaccos this is a no-brainer. The quality of the tobacco is top notch. I love the sweetness it delivers which is what the Virginias are known for. A great change of pace compared to the English blends I usually smoke that are much heavier due to their Latikia content. Mac Baren's Virgina No. 1 will not disappoint.

Dunhill - Nightcap
Night Cap- Well Earned Reputation
Go to YouTube and look up "Stuff and Things" by Bradley and you'll see a great review on Night Cap. Night Cap was my first smoke and I wasn't disappointed. The tin note is seductive. Full and flavorful. The smoke is just as pleasant. Night Cap is a classic worth trying by any aspiring pipe smoker.

Lane Limited - BS-005
A Pleasant Surprise
I tried this tobacco on a whim and was pleasantly surprised how it stood up to the other English tobaccos . . . tall I would say, and not because of its top hat. Has no bite, burns well, and stays lit once lit. I have made it my "after 5:00pm smoke" as far as the rotation goes. It's a damn good smoke.

Sutliff - 705 - Kentucky Blizzard
Better Than Night Cap
Those who enjoy Dunhill's Night Cap will love this blend. The tin note is not as full as Night Cap but it smokes with a stronger flavor than Night Cap . . . don't ask me how, it just does. Paradoxical, yes? The funny thing is I like this blend better than Night Cap. Smokes extremely well. Once lit it stays lit and burns down to a fine powder. Bottom line- it makes my rotation for the evening smoke. Sorry Night Cap. It was nice knowing you.

Lane Limited - BS-005 1.75oz
Beats All the Other Lane Limited tobaccos hands down
Confession- I'm a Latakia lover and this tobacco has more in it than all the other blends that Lane makes. It's smooth richness brings out the bliss in me. Earned a spot in my rotation with top honors.

Orlik - Golden Sliced 50g
Excellent for a change of pace
The more I smoke this the more I like it. At first I wasn't sure, but now that I've smoked the tin down I find it a good, honest clean smoking tobacco. I gravitate to the Balkens and tobaccos with Latakia, but there's something about the sweet grassy hay-like aroma that makes this more than a worth while smoke. Going to buy more and make it part of my rotation.

Mac Baren - 7 Seas Gold
Mellow and Creamy
This is a nice blend- soft and mellow defines this one. I'm putting this one in my rotation not because you get a lot of bang for the buck (100 gram tin for the price of a 50 gram tin) but because my taste buds don't lie- it likes what it likes. Hard to go wrong with this one. Won't break your wallet either.

Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation - 1931 Flake 3.5oz
Makes the Grade
I am not an experienced pipe smoker, but getting more experienced by the day, week, and month. A very nice gentleman at a pipe smoking club recommended 1931 to me- I tried it and was not too impressed at first. I went on and tried different tobaccos and then came back to it, sitting on the porch with a full bowl of 1931. It became clear that this is a GREAT tobacco! It has the "IT" factor. I wish I could describe it better but don't have the vocabulary to put it in words. Proof is in the pudding . . . it's worth trying.

Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader 50g
This might be the ONE
I've tried many of the English tobaccos but I keep coming back to this one. I started out with Night Cap, along with several others, but Squadron Leader is my new favorite. It's very tame. Never bites the tongue. Has just the right mixture of Virginias and Latakia- I love its gentle sweetness. This is the one I sit on the front porch with to ponder life.

Peter Stokkebye
Black Majesty

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